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Rumor WDW Rumor and Timeline Tracker v.2


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Do you have any knowledge or some info on the Epcot overhaul that will start shortly and fully finish after the WDW 50th?
If you click on some of the links in the first post of this thread it will take you to details about specific info.

But also, there is a sub-forum devoted to the Epcot development.

Here’s one thread, specifically about the up-coming closures:

Or there’s this about the park entrance:

But as I say, there is a whole sub-forum to explore. If you come out of this thread, look to the top and you’ll see “Evolving Epcot”. Happy reading!


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Do you have any knowledge or some info on the Epcot overhaul that will start shortly and fully finish after the WDW 50th?
There are some updates that haven't been catalogued yet, but the overhaul has already started with the removal of the Leave a Legacy monoliths at the entrance and the gutting of Wonders of Life for the new play area. Insiders everywhere have been pointing to this September as the major launch for the central plaza, backed up by Disney's own announcement of the venues facing the plaza and everything housed in Innoventions West being closed or relocated happening this August and September.

It will take at the least two full years to complete, maybe a year longer.

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This thread is a summary of rumors from our insiders (a from a few outside insiders). Please do not start discussing the content of the rumor (e.g., whether you like it or not). However questions or discussion about the status of the rumors (e.g., is that source reliable?) are fine. For discussions about the rumor, just follow the links to the source and discuss there. Thanks! This thread is an update of the previous rumor tracking thread found here. It was moved here to break up the info into separate posts since the forum software was choking on the one, big post.

Jump to...

Magic Kingdom

Disney Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom

In General / Park Wide
Disney Springs

Timeline of Rumored and Major Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Schedule of Events for 2019
Video of Google Earth Pro with rumored and expected changes
Congrats on almost getting 200K views on this post
What happened to that possible frontier land expansion at Magic Kingdom is that not going to happen anymore? It was supposed to be a new eTicket attraction along with the expansion as well. Not sure if they’re still considering this expansion. It would be nice if They added another e ticket attraction at MK.


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What happened to that possible frontier land expansion at Magic Kingdom is that not going to happen anymore? It was supposed to be a new eTicket attraction along with the expansion as well. Not sure if they’re still considering this expansion. It would be nice if They added another e ticket attraction at MK.
Please ask and discuss that in the appropriate thread for that rumor. Thanks!


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[Thanks to the powers that be for trimming off discussion of rumors (as has been done many times in the past). If you don't want your comments to disappear in the internet's black hole, follow the links to where the rumor is discussed and add your questions/comments there, but please, not here.]

Magic Kingdom

  • Tiki Room: a possible contender of multiple plans is to replace Tiki Room with something else. Multiple sources say such a plan, along with others, exists [strong]
    • Moana is front runner to join the birds, possibly [here]
    • timeframe: by the end of 2021 [here] {added}
    • 'Some Other Site' reported confusingly in the same blog post that the Tiki Birds were going away (implying completely gone) and being overlaid. Disney Parks Blog has been publicly disputing This Site's recent rumors by saying that the birds and Tiki room are staying... but also possibly hinting at changes (e.g., adding in Moana as some of our insiders have been saying). [here] {added}
    • but some sort of change is still expected [here] {added}
Liberty to Frontier
  • Country Bears: Maybe new songs [here]
    • Maybe a show update [here]
    • Or maybe going away [here] [here]
      • replaced by a Toy Story (presumably a Woody's Roundup) attraction [here]
    • Rumors from A Certain Site said CBR was going away completely. Disney Park Blogs publicly dissed that rumor and unequivocally stated the bears are staying [here] (tho, that doesn't preclude overlays like a Christmas show [here]). {added}
  • Added in 2018: Live actors on Pirates (Gunpowder Pete non-plot); Mad Tea Party Halloween lighting package; Space Mountain lack of lighting package; Storybook Circus Disney Jr. dance party; costume 'contest' [here]
  • Added in 2019: New fireworks show with updated projection mapping hosted by Jack Skellington; two Tomorrowland floats (the parade is each land celebrating Halloween/Fall) of Incredibles and Buzz; new show at Monsters Inc., different live-pirate show at PotC [here] {added}
  • Added in 2019: New fireworks show with updated projection mapping hosted by Minnie Mouse; new show at Monsters, Inc; trippy lights added to Space Mountain, Christmas lights added to Speedway, Christmas lights and songs added to Teacups [here] {added}
Removed for being old news:
  • Splash Mountain refurb: August 28th-November 16th, 2017. [official]
  • Main Street Theater: A new theater "off of Main Street"
    • now, most likely canceled [here] and [here] likely due to reassignment of the budget to beef up some other unknown project in the MK [here] and [here]
    • to be added. Likely to be in the employee parking lot next to Main Street bypass [here] (which is likely to make the bypass fully themed and open all or most of the time) [announced at D23 2017]
    • potential map of theater placement [here]
    • opening summer/fall of 2020 [here]
    • not sure if theater bypass will be regularly accessible or just for the theater [here]
    • may be that access will be (only?) through Center Street [here]
    • will hold 2,000 people (500 in balcony), have restrooms inside and out, similar to Big Band Theater in Tokyo [here]

  • Japan
    • new restaurant currently being built (started in Sep 2018), little details, no official announcements [here]
    • signature restaurant will be called "Takumi-Tei" and will open the Summer of 2019 [here] Now open [here] {added}
  • The U.K., Other: a Pooh M&G is coming to Christopher Robin's room [here]
  • Illuminations: a major update, or complete replacement of Illuminations [strong]
    • timeline:
    • Interim show is back on (code name: Spark) and called Epcot Forever, fall 2019
      • a tribute to Epcot features Epcot tunes, a 'spark of imagination' that grows into fireworks, lights, lasers, & choreographed SFX and kites [official]
      • will include a Holiday Tag during International Festival of the Holidays [here]
      • will debut Oct 1, 2019 [official]
      • rumored by Another Site to only go to May 2020. [here] {added}
  • Canada
    • O Canada! will get an update (film or projectors or both?) [official]
    • will be seamless [here] {added}
    • O Canada! pavilion to close Aug 1 for upgrades. Will be used for Food & Wine until it reopens with new film. [here] {added}
  • Impressions de France:
    • new film will be seamless [here] {added}
Old news removed:
the fate of the Wonders Pavilion is up in the air: either more Guardians, or something else, or demolished [likely] [dead]
  • if Guardians, there's a potential Knowhere based proposal [here] [dead]
  • Nothing to be done there until 2021 [here] or much longer [here] [dead]
  • And things change: The WoL received refurbed roofing and wasn't used as a Festival Center for F&G18. Additionally, Chapek and parks execs were seen casing it and Imagination pavilions. So, normal maintenance or, now, something more?
    • Doctor Strange rumor [here] [dead]
    • No longer talk of being demolished. Not likely to be repurposed in 2018. [here] and [here] [accomplished]

Star Wars Land
  • Officially announced that DL's SWL will open May 31, and DHS's SWL will open Aug 29. [official]
    • Everything will be open except... [here]
      • Rise of the Resistance will open at a later time: Dec 5 2019 in Orlando and Jan 17, 2020 in Anaheim. [official]
      • Table Service Restaurant
        • which is not even being constructed at this time [here]
        • seems to have been put on indefinite hold, but, may be coming soon to both lands [here] and [here], it is already designed [here] {added}
  • March of the First Order stopped marching on July 6 to prepare to move the march to SWL when it opens. [here] {added}
Toy Story Land
  • not likely to be a Phase 2 for TSL [here]
    • However, they have already started building a TS Restaurant [official] {added}
Old news removed:
Star Wars Lands

  • Timeline:
    • it was officially announced on Feb 7, 2017 that both SWLs will open in 2019
    • Anaheim's SWL is likely to open early 2019 and Orlando's mid to end of the year. [likely]
      • Anaheim's will open first. [confirmed at D23 2017]
        • Anaheim's will open in "the summer"
        • Iger mentioned June. Press previews and blackout dates suggest late June.
      • Orlando's in "late fall." [official]
        • Disney has stopped announcing "Late Fall" is now announcing "Fall 2019"
        • Looking for an October-November window for Orlando. [here]
  • RotR may open at the time originally planned, i.e., Summer/Late Fall, or maybe later. Reports of major problems with RotR is disputed [here]
  • And now, the RotR in both parks may miss their original seasonal announced date, so, DL's Summer may be Fall and DHS's Fall may be Winter. [here] [here] [here]
  • Another source says: Sept for DL, and Dec for WDW [here]
  • Timeline
  • Some of the big props in Pixar Place are being removed and will reappear in TSL [very likely] [confirmed]

Rafiki's Planet Watch... DRAMA!​

  • Word was RPW was going seasonal [here] and [here] then closing [here] but maybe back in an altered form [here] and [here] and [here]
  • RPW will indeed reopen the Summer of 2019 with Lion King tie-ins [here]
  • RPW has indeed opened Jul 11 2019 [here] {added}
  • Flights of Wonder: Might be having its last show Dec 31, 2017 according to cast members [here] and cryptically confirmed by an insider [here]
    • Confirmed that it will go into refurb to become a new bird show featuring Up characters. [here]
    • New show opened in April 2018 - - UP! A Great Bird Adventure
      • Show was revised due to poor reception
      • Show will be revised again on Nov 8 2018 for Diwali celebration [here]
      • Show will be revised again because of poor reviews [here] and [here] {added}

  • Gondola Lift!
    • Timeline:
      • Even though WDW is till saying "Fall 2019", the DCP collegians got notices for Skyliners positions to start in August [here]
      • Disney announced Skyliner will open Sept 29 2019. [official] {added}
        • however, insiders are still saying that opening the Pop-CBR-DHS line earlier still likely [here] {added}
  • Monorail
    • Silver monorail was just refurbished, which is a sign that WDW isn't getting new monorails soon and in time for the 50th. So, they're getting refurbed in the meantime. [here] [here] [here] {added}
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