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Rumor WDW Rumor and Timeline Tracker v.2


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This thread is a summary of rumors from our insiders (a from a few outside insiders). Please do not start discussing the content of the rumor (e.g., whether you like it or not). However questions or discussion about the status of the rumors (e.g., is that source reliable?) are fine. For discussions about the rumor, just follow the links to the source and discuss there. Thanks!

This thread is an update of the previous rumor tracking thread found here. It was moved here to break up the info into separate posts since the forum software was choking on the one, big post.

Jump to...

Magic Kingdom

Disney Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom

In General / Park Wide
Disney Springs

Timeline of Rumored and Major Events
Video of Google Earth Pro with rumored and expected changes
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Magic Kingdom
  • Night Time Parade status
    • Get a new night time parade back eventually... a slim possibility of a borrowed parade, or, the one meant for the 50th rushed into production for 2017 or 2018
    • Festival of Fantasy didn't turn out to work well at night, so, not used. Though, an iteration of Move It Shake It was moved to early evening.
    • But there will definitely be a new night time parade for the 50th in 2021. [likely] [and now even more likely none until the 50th]
    • Definitely planned for the 50th. Big budget. Some Paint the Night tech and some new tech. [here]
  • Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary (Oct 1, 2021)
    • there will be an eventual replacement for "Happily Ever After" (which replaced "Wishes")
      • although... there may be rumblings that since HEA was so well received, they might just update and upgrade it instead of a brand new show. [here]
    • Timeline: May 2021 to the end of 2022. [here]
    • Have something new in each park by the 50th other than the stuff already publicly announced
      • to include all the announced projects (minus Main Street Theater) as of March 2018, plus one more at Epcot (UK ride?), impressive entertainment package at all 4 parks, and a lot of ride refurbs. [here]
    • "50 Things" marketing campaign will take place to list 50 new things added to the parks in celebration of the 50th
      • though, it will mostly be a marketing gimmick [here]
  • Mickey's 90th Birthday in 2019
    • A whole bunch of temporary and 'pop up' stuff happens in the MK to celebrate Mickey's 90th staring Jan 18, 2019 and ending Sep 30 (including merch and special food). [official]
    • Move It Shake It parade/party ends Dec 1, 2018 to make way for a Mickey-centric parade/party, Jan 18, 2019 - ongoing. [official]
  • Adventureland
    • Tiki Room: a possible contender of multiple plans is to replace Tiki Room with something else. Multiple sources say such a plan, along with others, exists [strong]
      • no new builds expected [weak], the Tiki Exterior will remain even if the interior changes [weak], it won't be Club 33
      • Moana is front runner to join the birds, possibly [here]
    • wdwthemeparks on Moana coming to Adventureland
    • Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will star in a Jungle Cruise movie. He posted on instagram that "we'll partner with Disney's brilliant Imagineers to help re-engineer and re-design the #JungleCruise ride in all the Disney theme parks around the world." Orlando Sentinel says Disney says there is no plan to revamp the ride.
    • Maybe even the Swiss Family Treehouse will get some sort of change. [here]
    • Pirate street show changed to M&G with Captain Jack on 9/30/18 [here]
    • Fire Mountain Rumor: A volcano for Adventureland was once on the drawing board a long time ago, the rumor it's back on the table as a possibility has recently been revived.
  • Main Street
    • A new theater "off of Main Street"
      • now, most likely canceled [here] and [here] likely due to reassignment of the budget to beef up some other unknown project in the MK [here] and [here]
      • to be added. Likely to be in the employee parking lot next to Main Street bypass [here] (which is likely to make the bypass fully themed and open all or most of the time) [announced at D23 2017]
      • potential map of theater placement [here]
      • opening summer/fall of 2020 [here]
      • not sure if theater bypass will be regularly accessible or just for the theater [here]
      • may be that access will be (only?) through Center Street [here]
      • will hold 2,000 people (500 in balcony), have restrooms inside and out, similar to Big Band Theater in Tokyo [here]
    • Trolley Show: From now on three musical sets: 1. The standard set that will go from January to August; 2. Fall set; and, 3. Holiday set. However, costuming and times of transitions will follow Mickey's Royal Faire seasonal endings. [strong]
    • The Move It Shake It parade & dance party will close in November to be replaced by a new show to celebrate Mickey's 90th in 2019. [here]
  • Fantasyland
    • Mickey's PhilharMagic to get a content update [here]
      • Still on track, in 2019 or 2020. [here] and [here]
    • Nothing major is coming to FL [here]
  • Haunted Mansion restaurant. [one source, likely?]
  • Liberty to Frontier
    • Frontier was supposed to get an update for the 50th, but Tomorrowland edged it out. [here]
    • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was hoped to get the special effects ('splosions!) that the DL version had sooner than later, but, now probably later.. in 2020. [here]
    • Hall of Presidents refurb supposed to end Jun 29, 2017 [official], but now is later with an indefinite date [re-opened with new president on Dec 17, 2017]
    • Rivers of American and Tom Sawyer Island are potentially on the chopping block [here]
    • Maybe new songs for Country Bears [here]
    • Splash Mountain refurb: August 28th-November 16th, 2017. [official]
  • Tomorrowland
    • land refresh: while the full plan hasn't been announced, this is definitely happening since it has already started with paint jobs and the seasonal closure of Stitch. However, the plans have not been finalized and there are several contenders, and so, competing ideas keep getting leaked...
      • We've already seen the boulders and Carousel of Progress get a new paint job... so they're staying. And the paint job is a hint of what's to come, as well as the new Joffrey's. And rocks will be getting new lighting, like Space Mountain recently received.
      • Laugh Floor, Buzz, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter aren't part of the refresh. It'll be the look of the land with just a few attractions touched and TRON added. [here]
      • final theme should be clean lines with blue, white, and purple colors [here]
    • Stitch's Great Escape had gone into seasonal mode. It was going to be a Wreck It Ralph ride (like Minions/Simpson in Universal), but that is nixed. Some other IP is going there by mid 2020. [here]
      • Now, it will be a Stitch M&G. But will Stitch 'the ride' still come back seasonally? Unknown. [here]
      • There may be a semi-permanent attraction other than the M&G in there in time for the 50th. [here]
      • An unknown replacement is due to open with the next three years (from 2017) [here]
    • TRON Coaster has been announced at D23 Expo 2017
      • Expected to be completed Spring 2021 [here]
      • Expected to be completed Early Summer 2021 [here]
      • Tron is going behind the Speedway and not replacing it. [Here.] [Map.]
      • Artist rendering show Speedway staying and train going through TRON, however, that shouldn't be taken as exact. Speedway gets a new theme and train's path will be accounted for. [here] [artist rendering here]
      • Tron will get a small exit shop. [here]
      • internet rumors that TRON will lose it's covering thanks to accountant bean-counting probably aren't true. [here and here and here]
      • Most importantly, it seems the TL to Circus path will remain and be widened! [here]
    • Speedway is getting an overhaul. [Here.]
    • Space Mountain
      • As part of the TRON Coaster and Speedway work, Tomorrowland Power and Light (SM Gift Shop) will get a minor overhaul [here]
    • Carousel of Progress is getting a refurb, most likely updating final scene and reskinning the AAs [likely]
    • TTA: Peoplemover: scattered IP should be showing up [here]
    • other stuff: Insiders hint that there are several other significant changes coming, but won't say what so as to protect their sources.
    • There will be 2-3 new rides [likely]
    • Halloween
      • Added in 2018: Live actors on Pirates (Gunpowder Pete non-plot); Mad Tea Party Halloween lighting package; Space Mountain lack of lighting package; Storybook Circus Disney Jr. dance party; costume 'contest' [here]
    • the general look will revert to the 1975 aesthetic [here]
    • A name change for Tomorrowland? Discovery Land?
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  • Epcot is getting a major update that will have several phases that will run from 2017 to 2021+ [official]
    • more like running until 2023-2024
    • scope is more than $2 billion over more than 3 years [here]
  • There is a push to include more IPs (Intellectual Properties) into Epcot [very strong]
  • Epcot is likely to get a 'new name'... but not much different... probably going with all caps and maybe some sort of prefix or suffix, e.g., Disney EPCOT, or EPCOT Center
  • Entrance / Central Spine
    • was once a 'Phase I' project to start in 2017, but now the Spine update is pushed back in timeline.[Done by Oct 2021] and pushed back even further to 2022-23. [here]
    • Expected changes. [here] [here] [here]
      • New entrance plaza and look with lack of turnstiles
      • Removal of legacy monoliths [and here]
      • Removal of "a few other key structures"
      • More landscaping and greenery
      • New look to what is currently known as Innoventions, with part of it demo'd and some new builds
      • New performance space
      • New fountain
    • Security Entrance
      • As part of the effort to move the 'security bubble' out to include the monorail, the monorail resort guests wind up going through security twice. There is a plan to fix that as part of the front of park rebuild project. [here]
    • concept art is blue sky and shouldn't be taken for definite plans, but, it's not drastically different than what's planned. [here] [artist's concept]
    • as a 'phase I' project likely to happen first: there will be a major renovation of the entrance and the central hub of Future World and Innoventions (and maybe the phrase 'Future World' and 'Innoventions' won't survive) [maybe starting 2017]. And say good bye to the memorials out front.
  • Future World pavilions:
    • Energy - A replacement for Ellen's Energy Adventure will be a Guardian of the Galaxy coaster. [confirmed at D23 2017]
    • Imagination - something with Imagination... maybe... and if so, it's 5-6 years away (2022-3). [and again]
      • It's long range budget is less than Energy's [here]
      • Also as an option is no more Figment [far off possibility]
      • And another confirmation Figment might come back as a possibility [here], but might not... still several options on the table [here]
    • New Space Restaurant (restaurant in Earth orbit) between Space and Test Track pavilions [map] [will be attached to Space building, but separate entrance]
      • Space Restaurant to open in 2019 [here]
      • Cryptic: Entrance to Space Restaurant will be... fabulous. [here]
        • likely a space elevator simulator [here]
      • Large table service for close to 300 guests, a show, and other surprises [here]
      • A 250 ft curved projection window along the south and southwestern interior wall [here]
      • 16-seater bar, 188 seats upper tier (104 west / 84 east) and 188 seats lower tier [here]
      • could have some good ol' Disney IP showing up somehow [here]
    • Land Pavilion
      • Living with the Land refurb [likely]
      • now, not so likely [here]
      • but still planned [here]
      • Circle of Life replaced [likely]
      • additionally, a dining refresh [here]
    • Living Seas Pavilion refurb around 2021 [here]
    • Spaceship Earth - Siemens is ending sponsorship of Spaceship Earth and Illuminations. Confirmed by a Seimens' press release. Discussion of what that may mean here.
      • Spaceship Earth's scheduled refurb in 2019 is just a regular refurb. [here]
      • Spaceship Earth could see a new ride system, but way in the future [here], including a coaster though the less likely option [and here]
      • FALSE RUMOR: "Siemens lost their sponsorship of Spaceship Earth when they offered to provide a new fleet of monorails as long as the monorails had 'sponsored by Siemens' on them." Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
    • Coke's Club Cool gets a makeover [here]
    • and maybe one more new attraction
    • Wonders of Life - the fate of the Wonders Pavilion is up in the air: either more Guardians, or something else, or demolished [likely]
      • if Guardians, there's a potential Knowhere based proposal [here]
      • Nothing to be done there until 2021 [here] or much longer [here]
      • And things change: The WoL received refurbed roofing and wasn't used as a Festival Center for F&G18. Additionally, Chapek and parks execs were seen casing it and Imagination pavilions. So, normal maintenance or, now, something more?
        • Doctor Strange rumor [here]
        • No longer talk of being demolished. Not likely to be repurposed in 2018. [here] and [here]
        • Good chance for an attraction based on a IP. [here] [here] [here] [here]
          • and more [here] and a possibility of a green light [here]
          • and the plan for whatever is going there to open with Guardians in 2021 [here]
  • World Showcase
    • Agent P game might be replaced by a Ducktales version [here] ... and still in the works [here]
    • France:
      • the Ratatouille Ride as it exists in Paris has beat out the Beauty and the Beast ride as the new attraction for the French Pavilion. This is Greenlit. Its installation has been pushed sooner because GotG was pushed later. [confirmed at D23 2017] Opens in 2020, 1-2Q. Opens in 2020, Apr - Jun [here]
      • Impressions de France: the placement of the Rat ride would not necessitate any changes to IdF or any of France's restaurants or shops, however, that doesn't mean a separate decision could affect them, e.g, updated the IdF [here]
        • in fact, a "new" film is penciled in for 2020 [here]
          • IdF's projection system was just updated Spring of 2018 (no new film yet)
        • there is no demolition or connection through any of the existing France pavilion buildings... access is around the pavilion, not through it [here]
    • New National Pavilions
    • The UK: Unknown Ride:
      • a simple ride coming to UK
        • Opens 2021
        • make that early Spring of 2021 [here]
        • make that possibly opening closer with Ratatouille (fall of 2020) [here]
        • now a beefed up UK ride (probably at the expense of Coco) [here]
      • originally, could have been a D, C, or B level ride [here], but once Poppins was decided upon, only a B or C ride.
        • The B version is "carousel style" [here], the C is a small dark ride [here]
        • The B version is now looking more likely [here] [here] [here]
        • an outside site says it's a Poppins spinner [here]
      • the ride has been greenlit... whatever it is [here]
      • Actually, in development hell, but still projected for MK's 50th (2021). [here] [here]
      • The IP...
    • WS Attractions
      • at least one more (maybe two) new rides in the World Showcase [strong]
    • Mexico: maybe Coco (the new movie) will be overlaid unto the Gran Fiesta ride in Mexico [strong, mid 2020] [Gran Fiesta closing around late 2019] [overlaid like Gran Fiesta was overlaid] [cryptic: and maybe a Coco overlay to the interior of the pavilion?
      • timeline: now up in the air due to the overlay becoming less definite and more iffy [here] [and here]
        • project not dead, but drive to make it happen is diminished [here]
      • expect Coco overlay to happen regardless of how the movie's box office goes [here]
      • budget of $75 million [here]
      • another confirmation of the $75 million budget [here] but, might be old info and the overlay is still not happening [here]
      • to promote Coco, an El Día de los Mariachi band will be in the Mexico pavilion area singing songs and telling stories [here] [accomplished]
    • China's 360 Degree Theater will go digital and seamless [confirmed at D23 Expo 2017]. The new film will be live action and projected from a new central ring in the ceiling. [here]
      • timeline: end of 2019, beginning of 2020 [here]
      • if this isn't cut, expected in 2020. New camera rig should be built. Now, they have to shoot footage. [here]
        • and footage is in production. On track for 2020 [here]
      • to go digital [weak], still undecided [here]
      • an addition to Canada that was considered is now most likely off the table [likely] [and again]
      • could have some Disney IP showing up here, esp, in new 360 movie [here]
    • American Adventure
      • film to go digital with the unfortunate ending [Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods] being updated [likely]
        • digital update likely in Jan-Feb 2018 refurb [here] [completed]
      • Maybe an overhaul of Liberty Inn [weak]
    • Festivals:
      • There is an idea for a summer event... [here]
      • in 2018, Arts Festival went daily. In 2019 musical shows (Broadway for Arts, Garden Rocks for Garden) will also run daily. [here]
    • Illuminations: a major update, or complete replacement of Illuminations [strong]
      • timeline:
        • early summer 2019, in 2020 [here],
        • mid 2019 (for now) [here]
        • or even in 2021 because of HEA v.2 [here]
        • expect early 2020 [here]
        • we're back to 2019 or 2020 [here] and [here]
        • originally delayed because Happily Ever After got priority.
        • Hardware is currently being fabricated for the new show. (3/14/18) [here]
        • definitely not in 2018 [here]
        • and back to summer of 2019 [here]
        • and now... pushed back to 2020 [here]
        • and now... the possibility of an interim show
          • until the new 'permanent' Illuminations, there is an 'interim show' to come sooner than later [here] [here] [here] [here]
          • maybe in 2018, or, 2019 [here]
        • Interim show is cancelled. [here] New permanent show is now scheduled to start Oct 1, 2019. I:RoE will have last show the day before [here] and [here]
      • It will be like Rivers of Life and Reflections of Earth joined with a secret something else. [is it drones?, probably drones]
        • Well, whadya know? It's drones! [here]
        • and some Tokyo DisneySea harbor show, may or may not have IP [here]
        • Maybe to include movie/Disney IP [here]
          • likely to include movie/Disney IP [here]
        • which is down to two competing concepts [here]
        • Expect this to be a tad more lighthearted. Still breathtaking, but different. [here]
      • Name:
        • The new show will be called IllumiNations [plus something else] [here]
        • To be called "Windows on the World" [here]
        • Illuminations: Windows on the World sponsored by Intel [here]
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Disney Hollywood Studios
  • Both Star Wars Lands will open in 2019 [official]
    • it was officially announced on Feb 7, 2017 that both SWLs will open in 2019
    • Anaheim's SWL is likely to open early 2019 and Orlando's mid to end of the year. [likely]
      • Anaheim's will open first. [confirmed at D23 2017]
      • Anaheim's will open in "the summer" and Orlando's in "late fall." [official]
    • A small possibility of a third ride added to SWL [weak]
      • a third ride not happening with the opening of SWL, however, the thick bump in the berm next to Pixar Lane is the pad for a future ride if ever it comes [here]
    • The Millennium Falcon ride (code: Big Bird) will be a simulator ride. Riders can affect the course of their ship (fly cleanly or bang around). [here]
    • Battle Escape Ride: The code word for the battle escape LPS: Alcatraz
    • The code word for SWL: Delos (the company that built West World)
    • how about a do-it-yourself make-a-droid shop? For $100? [here]
    • a proposed "phase two" for SWL is roughly a decade away [here]
    • the connector between SWL and TSL will no longer be a tunnel, just a curvy path with berms on the sides [here]
    • wdwthemeparks on SWL
  • Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studio, currently being built
    • Opens "summer 2018" [confirmed at D23 2017]
    • The code word for TSL: Ascot (reference to Barbie's Ken's ascot)
    • wdwthemeparks on TSL
    • Some of the big props in Pixar Place are being removed and will reappear in TSL [very likely] [confirmed]
    • not likely to be a Phase 2 for TSL [here]
    • Slinky Dog Dash ride has two launches, with no wait at the first one and a short hold on the second. Without lifts, ride is short at about 50 seconds [here] [actually 1:40 with about a 7-10 second stoppage at the second launch, plus, there's 5-15 second AA show at the end]
    • WRT FPs... the three TSL rides will be Tier 1, and everything else in DHS will become/remain Tier 2. [here] [confirmed]
    • overlay for DHS for the holidays 2018 is seasonal songs in Swirling Saucers, and some decorations, and some couture. [here] and [here]
  • Pixar Places
    • As part of Mickey's 90th and Pixar's 30th, Pixar stuff added to DHS [here]
      • Municiberg: on Jan 19, 2018, old Pixar Place will be made into Incredible's Municiberg. Lots of Incredible M&Gs and interactivities.
      • M&G Mike and Sulley on Jan 19, 2018
      • Lightning McQueen show in Sunset Showcase, Spring 2019
  • Tower of Terror will not get the Guardians of the Galaxy overlay that the one in Anaheim is getting [confirmed by Bob Chapek]
    • Reaffirmed: ToT will remain untouched by GotG [strong]
  • Mickey's and Minnie's Runaway Railway replacing (not overlaying) the Great Movie Ride . Starting this August 13, 2017 [construction to start immediately]. Uses Mickey Shorts animation and 2 1/2D effects on an LPS vehicle. [confirmed at D23 2017]
    • Timeframe:
      • 2019, Apr - Sep [here] and [here]
      • just before DHS's Star Wars Land [here]
      • may have soft opening in August 2019 [here]
    • Projections will be on physical sets, not all flat screens [here]
    • About 85% physical sets; no multiple tracks, but, not exactly on the same route. [here]
    • There may even be animatronics [here] and [here]
      • But not the high-end AAs [here]
    • Will be rectangular LPS vehicles, four for guests and a fifth for something else {likely a train engine} [here]
    • Will be about 7-8 minutes long [here]
      • Maybe more like 5-6 minutes long [here] and [here]
    • There will be separate preshow rooms inside of what used to be the preshow theatre. [here]
    • The contract with TCM was ended early by TWDC [strong]
    • Why sooner than later? So it could open with SWL in 2019. [more specifically, fall 2019] [and again]
    • will likely have a direct external entrance into SWL [here]
    • wdwthemparks on the Mickey Ride
  • Star Tours
    • Star Tours will get a scene from Ep. 8, planet of Crait [official] [accomplished]
    • Star Tours will get a scene from Ep. 9 in 2019 and still be around for a year or two after that [strong]
    • Star Tours eventually reconfigured for some other IP after SWL opens [here]
    • Being considered: having ST exit into SWGEB with a long corridor. Current show has the 'tour' ending in Batuu. Sometime in the future, split ST so that half ends in Batuu and half show the old scenes. [here] [here] [here]
      • And now, not likely to happen [here] [confirmed, isn't happening]
  • Muppet Courtyard
    • Mama Melrose: Status unknown. Stay as is or get a Muppet theme?
    • Muppet Theater exterior and Muppet Square get a refresh [very strong] [accomplished]
    • Muppet Theater might be used in the future as a preview theater [here]
    • Muppet fountain to be restored as a fountain once off stage infrastructure is done. [likely][accomplished]
    • Muppets are staying for a while [here]
  • Grand Avenue
    • Maybe a streetmosphere show where the Muppets heckle the crowds waiting to get into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge [Jim Hill rumor] [and here and here]
      • or maybe not [here]
  • Echo Lake area is safe for now. [likely]
  • Drive-in and Commissary safe for now [likely]
  • Shows:
    • Fantasmic!
    • Night-time spectaculars should have major changes within three years from now [here], especially SWAGs [here]
    • Indy is safe for now. [likely]
    • Mermaid, Beauty... are all long running shows and plans were made for replacements but then delayed. Will they ever be updated with, e.g., the Aladdin show that was in Anaheim or the Tangled show that's on the cruise ships?
      • Both are due for some change [here] and [here]
      • But changing them, which was definitely on the table and one supposed to happen this year, but unknown why there doesn't seem to be any movement on this [here]
    • The Theater of the Stars where Beauty and the Best plays is also talked about as being changed: demo'd for something new or possibly enclosed [and here] and probably enclosed again [here]
    • Little Mermaid could be replaced when TSL opens in 2018. Launch Bay changed in 2019 or even sooner. Disney Jr. is safe. [likely]
    • Of these four: Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast Stage Show, Fantasmic, and Indiana Jones Stunt Show; expect 1 to be changed in 2018, another by 2019, and the other 2 refreshed by 2021. Also expect a new show in a new-ish location. [here]
    • Disney Jr. Dance Party (starting Dec 22, 2018) takes over for Disney Jr. - Live on Stage (ended Sep 1, 2018) [here]
  • The rumored "Phase 3" is not going to be another land, but instead, updates like the Mickey ride; however, there once was talk of "2 new areas" in the planning stages which are now off the table
  • A possible new boat ride
  • Hollywood Studios is still getting an unknown name change, but that seems to be held off until the new Lands are completed. What an adventure!
    • Name change may coincide with SWL and MMRR openings. [here]
    • Name change not happening -- official [here]
  • wdwthemeparks on DHS
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Animal Kingdom
  • Tree of Life Awakening vignettes will start to be shown on the back side of the ToL starting in May 2017. [orlandoparknews] [accomplished]
  • Pandora:
    • An extra attraction and a full sit-down restaurant a possible addition [here] [updated].
      • It does exist, but unlikely to be enacted [here]
      • Or, it's still in the cards [here]
    • a good portion of the interactive at-night lighting effects did not turn out as planned. [here]
  • Northern Project: Some long term proposal to make use of the land north of Kali and south of Conservation Station. [here]
    • Something within a decade [here]
    • a 'northern project' sometime mid next decade [here]
    • long-term goal to get to the Conservation Station on foot [here]
  • Dinoland USA Changes
    • This is all blue-sky at the moment [here]
    • Keeping Dinosaur Theme
      • whatever will replace Dinorama has a theme that befits Dinoland [here]
      • only thing planned is replacing Dinorama with a coaster [here]
    • Adding Indiana Jones and Getting Rid of Dinosaurs
      • Indiana Jones may be coming to AK, especially Dinoland, which would replace Dinosaur them [here]
        • a plan that is still very much on the table [here]
      • The Indy proposal wouldn't happen until after 2023, if at all, an Indy may yet go to some other place/park [here]
      • Or... it could be done by 2021 [here]
      • a full re-do of the land [here] and
        • Dinosaur rethemed to Indiana Jones, but not 100% same as the one in Disneyland
          • Indiana Jones ride in DL and Tokyo are the same ride with different settings, so, a new one for AK could be tweaked to fit in [here]
          • new(er) SFX for an Indy conversion [here]
        • Primeval Whirl and Triceratops Spin replaced by an E Ticket, potentially water ride
        • light retheming of dig site
        • potential 3rd attraction
          • maybe a coaster? [here]
          • is it the abandoned proposal "Excavator Coaster"? [thread here]
            • could be, but not necessarily [here]
            • but sounds like it [here] [here]
          • maybe this mini-Indy Land is meant for DHS? [here]
    • Getting Rid of Dinosaur Theme
      • Dinoland will be a thing of the past [here] [here]
    • Primeval Whirl may be gone in a year or two [here]
  • A new non-Gondola and non-bus way to link AKL with AK in in the works (years away)
    • Could also link in Disney Springs and elsewhere [here] [here]
  • Some unspecified AK changes expected before 2021 [here]
  • Flights of Wonder: Might be having its last show Dec 31, 2017 according to cast members [here] and cryptically confirmed by an insider [here]
    • Confirmed that it will go into refurb to become a new bird show featuring Up characters. [here]
    • New show opened in April 2018 - - UP! A Great Bird Adventure
      • Show was revised due to poor reception
      • Show will be revised again on Nov 8 for Diwali celebration [here]
  • Rivers of Light
  • Lion King Celebration: As part of Mickey's 90th and Lion King's 25th, special events from Jan 18 to Sep 30, 2018 [here]
    • Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party with Timon and Rafiki
    • Photo ops 3D scenery
    • more TBA
  • Rafiki's Planet Watch... DRAMA!
    • Word was RPW was going seasonal [here] and [here] then closing [here] but maybe back in an altered form [here] and [here] and [here]
  • Is Zootopia coming to DAK?
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In General / Park Wide
  • A Fifth Gate?
    • No. Not one trusted insider has indicated this is anywhere in the works. No.
  • The Great Capex Recession
    • It seems that some of the projects announced and unannounced are being cut or scaled back due to reduction in allotted capex (capital expenditure budget). [here]
      • The D23-announced Main Street Theater looks to be definitely cut (or put off to some indefinite future).
      • It may likely be cancelling or putting off to much later the Coco overlay of Gran Fiesta [here]
        • OR... Coco may be back on. [here] and [here]
  • The Great Park Fight: Indy/Dinosaurs/Shanghai PotC tech/DAK/DHS/Epcot
    • parks are vying (with the exception of MK) for ride systems (e.g., Shanghai Pirates or FoP Theater) and maybe over an IP (e.g., Indy) [here]
    • Indy for a big DAK version [Dino to Indy; Restarauntosaurus to Adventurer theme, wooden coaster in place of Dinoland, and a non-Indy boat ride replaces Nemo theater all in a Central/South America section of the park] or a cheaper DHS version (which isn't a coaster, but is an E-Ticket [boat ride, likely with Shanghai PotC mechanics] with store & restaurant) [here] and [here] and [here] and [here] and [here] and [here]
      • the boat ride IP replacing Nemo is one that isn't used in the parks yet [here]
      • contrary: there is no battle over a single IP (such as Indy), it's over mechanical systems [here] or, indeed there is 2 parks vying for one IP and 3 parks vying for a ride system [here]
    • the E-Ticket that may come to DHS wouldn't be in time for SWL's opening [here] and is likely, if it is greenlighted, to be the boat ride [here] and [here] and [here]
      • contrary: more Indy isn't greenlit for DHS (but may be later??) [here]
    • The Flight of Passage mechanics is in the mix for cloning at some time in the future [here] and [here]
      • but seemingly later rather than sooner [here]
      • And now... only a slight chance for Anaheim and no clones in WDW [here]
    • And now... the whole project may be scaled back (the The Great Capex Recession above). [here] and [here]
    • And now... the latest proposal is for Indy *and* Dinosaurs to co-exist! Indy with a Dino theme (e.g., Lost Word type of thing) would take over DINOSAUR and DinoRama would be an updated Excavator coasters. This means no South America Land for this area. [here] and [here]
      • A reskinned Shanghai PotC type of attraction is still up in the air, between DHS and Epcot for some IP other than Indy. [here] and [here] and [here]
      • Not likely to happen until after 2019 [here]
      • more like in 2021 [here]
      • the Shanghai PotC clone can wind up in Epcot or DHS or DAK and can have one of three possible IP overlays [here] and [here]
      • any "Excavator" coaster will not be the one planned in the mid-90s, just in name only [here]
    • And now... Dinoland gets updates without Indy added in. Indy possibly going to DHS [here] and [here]
      • Indy now definitely not coming to DAK [here]
  • Club 33 coming to WDW parks
    • Club 33 in DAK won't be taking over an existing space, but will be a new build. [here]
    • Called Harambe House, will be in Harambe section of DAK, somewhere between Sat'uli Canteen and Festival of the Lion King [here] and [here] and [here]
  • More S.E.A. (Society for Explorers and Adventurers) backstory to be added to new attractions. New rides/venues should be coming that incorporate the S.E.A. story more
    • a recent example: Miss Adventure Falls family raft flume that opened in spring of 2017
  • Transportation
    • Gondola Lift!
      • This is verified by around 5 insiders, permits, the beginning of construction, and documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. [confirmed at D23 2017]
      • To open March to October 2019 [here], or, closer to spring 2019 [here]
        • Operational early May 2019. Guests on it within 2-3 months of that timeframe. [here]
      • It will connect POP/AoA and Caribbean with DHS/Epcot. And likely raise the prices there.
      • Possible I.D. of the gondola make and model here.
      • Can gondolas handle wheelchairs, strollers, and EVC? Yes, here.
      • Will it be installed in other places? No plans right now, but, always a possibility if it works out well.
      • All the gondola stations will be ground level with a steep incline coming in/out [here]
      • gondolas stations will be themed to nearby architecture: International Gateway will be Parisian; DHS will be Art Deco; AoA/Pop will be a Wave (near Little Mermaid); CBR Stations will be regal and stoney (which is which isn't confirmed). [here]
      • The AoA station will be enclosed. CBR station will be ground level. Storage area at CBR will be west side of the station. [here]
      • The CBR station will be accessible by foot and internal bus loop at CBR [here]
      • gondolas will be 8 person cabins from Doppelmayr, have a through-put of 5,000 people per hour, have wi-fi, and ample passive ventilation [here]
      • the plan is to discontinue bus service from the Skyliner resorts (Riviera, CBR, Pop, AoA) to Epcot/DHS. [here]
      • wdwthemeparks on the Gondola Lift
      • gondola speed: 11.2 mph (18 kph) / 16.4 fps (5 mps) [here]
      • stringing rope: in December 2018 [here], announced ferry service disruption in December seems to jibe with this
    • Some Type of Transportation Other Than Gondolas!
    • AI driven buses, vans, cars?.... <silence>
    • Monorail
      • Now that the automation has been completed, expect upgrades to the vehicles [strong] which includes being flush to the loading platform for easier load of vehicles [strong]
      • Bob Gurr and Bombardier
        • Legendary and retired Imagineer, Bob Gurr, let loose that WDW was in the process of contracting with Bombardier for new monorail trains (thanks, in part, to several recent non-lethal but-could-have-been mishaps). Not a done deal... yet.
        • Option: Extending the stations to accommodate longer trains. [here]
  • Play Disney Park mobile app debuted end of June 2018
  • Disney live entertainment restructured for more local control.
  • Cryptic clue: Maybe there will be something built immediately behind World Showcase (American, Japan, France), or, the gondola system is set up for expansion, or, something... [here]
  • Almost everything that will open in time for MK's 50th (Oct 2021) has been officially announced. [here]
  • How WDW determines how late they'll be open to [here]
  • What does a SVP-Commercial Strategy and Chief Revenue Officer do? [here]
  • Joe Rohde and the mystery of Bali [here]
  • Other than minor things at DHS (e.g., incorporating songs from the Frozen short into the sing-along), no more Frozen additions expected in WDW. [here]
  • While "more Disney" is a company goal leading to incorporating established Disney IPs from movies into the parks, there still is the possibility of "non-IP" attractions being added. [here]
  • GotG coming to the Energy pavilion will be the only Marvel integration in WDW... that's the plan... for now. [here]
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Disney Springs
  • DisneyQuest is finally closing down on July 3, 2017 to be replaced with the NBA Experience. This will entail a complete demolition of DQ. [official] Done
    • City Works Eatery & Pour House: A section of the NBA Experience will be taken over by this venue. To open Summer of 2019. [here]
  • 3rd Parking Garage going up in employee lot across the street by the Speedway. Construction started. [official]
  • La Nouba the Cirque show at the Cirque 'tent' is ending at the end of 2017. A new Cirque show will take its place requiring the theater to go dark during its refurbishment and renovation. [official]
    • During this time, a big top tent may go up behind the Cirque theater for a temporary Cirque show. [here] [Didn't happen]
    • Cirque has just bought Blue Man Group and may be looking to open another Cirque show in Orlando, maybe in Universal, maybe a Cirque-themed resort. A Universal show may feature Universal/DreamWorks IPs like the Disney Springs one may feature Disney IPs. [here]
    • Then when done, a 4th garage go up in that site. [weak]
  • LED lights in the 'springs' will provide colored mood lighting [likely] and even put on a lite light show [weak] [Didn't happen]
  • Marketplace Makeover: Beginning fall 2017 or early 2018, Marketplace shops will be refurbed to bring them up to DS level (like Planet Hollywood and Fulton Crab House had to upgrade). [weak]
    • Or maybe not so weak. [here] In approval stages [here]
  • The Edison's opening is moved again, to Late 2017. It is unknown if "Walt's" or a rumored underground tunnel guest area (maybe a speakeasy) is still in the works. Thread here. ["Walt's" never happened. "Hideaway" instead with a converted speakeasy theme. Edison finally opened in Jan 2018]
  • Uniqlo hems. As does Levi's store.
  • New to 2018 holidays: New trees will be added in 2018 to the underwhelming Christmas Tree Trail [here]
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  • Designation of Value, Moderate, and Deluxe being done away with. Rooms priced as the market will bear. Multiple criteria will be considered in pricing: closeness to a park, size of room, theming, amenities, etc.... Computer searching for price range replaces cost tiers.
  • In progress:
    • A Star Wars theme hotel with a two-night interactive component [strong, corroborated by official survey about such a resort] [confirmed at D23 2017]
      • live, interactive, in-character CMs will likely be new characters and not known (e.g., no Han Solo). [here]
      • it may even open at the same time with the Land! [here]
        • and probably won't be able to in time [here]
      • early and rough guesses at cost: here.
      • will likely have a direct external entrance into SWL [here]
      • Likely Site is Project H in this permit [here]
        • Project H***** is the SW Resort [here]
        • And it stands for "Hubble" [here] and [here]
    • Tower being built in Coronado Springs. High end / business suites. Top story viewing-restaurant. Room refurbs, landscaping update. [official] [discussion thread]
      • to open in Summer of 2019 [here]
    • Caribbean Beach Resort Area
      • Centertown update with more retail and dining. [official]
        • Centertown completed with Old Port Royale; Sebatian's Bistro; Centertown Market; Banana Cabana Pool Bar [here]
      • DVC for Caribbean called "Riviera" (deluxe, not moderate). To open in fall of 2019. [info here] [confirmed at D23 2017]
      • Grainy overview of Riviera lay out here.
  • Area south of the CBR gondola station is a prime location for a new resort [here]
  • Epcot Main Entrance: Brand new resort complexes in the area of Epcot entrance (not Crescent Lake), four in the running [at least two somewhat likely]
    • Exploratory borings for a new Epcot retention pond seems likely to indicate new building in the area [here]
    • Perhaps even a park entrance resort like MiraCosta at DisneySea [here]
    • Expect one resort by 2021 or two resorts to be done by 2023 [here]
    • Narrowed down to three locations [here]
      • the inside the park option has been dropped; the three remaining are: Park Entrance; on the current bus site; west of the bus site. [here]
      • and the central one is the less likely one [here]
    • Any new resort in this area has become unlikely [here]
    • And now, no new hotels in the area of Epcot's entrance [here]
  • Swolphin tower on Fantasia Gardens tennis court with cabanas turned into more parking (but the miniature golf being more or less left alone) [see here and following]
    • it will be some brand of Marriott, a rumor of a Kessler Collection Tower is being denied by a Kessler spokesperson [here]
    • project moving forward, info [here]
  • Maybe 6 new boutique hotels 2018-2031 [here]
  • Maybe a super-deluxe [here]
  • Another tower for Contemporary [weak]
  • Artist's Point restaurant going down for refurb
    • character meal being added, likely Snow White & company [here]
  • Wilderness Area
    • a land use permit shows a "Project 89" (1889?) on Bay Lake over the old water park in between Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness. [here]
      • good chance to be DVC
      • Mickey's BBQ will end Dec 31, 2018 [confirmed] [here]
      • rumor that Hoop Dee Doo is also closing was reported by mistake and then retracted, BUT.... it may be in danger [here]
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  • EP: August: Mission Space update [accomplished]
  • EP: August: Universe of Energy closes for GotG ride [accomplished]
  • EP: Sum of All Thrills Reopens (?) Nope, and it won't. [accomplished]
  • EP: Coco appearance in Mexico's pyramid (not the ride yet), perhaps Los Muertos mariachis [accomplished]
  • HS: August: TGMR closes for Mickey's and Minnie's Runaway Railroad
  • HS: December: Star Tours gets new scene from Ep. 8 [accomplished]
  • MK: will Hall of Presidents ever reopen? [accomplished]
  • MK: Aug 28 - Nov 16: Splash Mountain refurb (back of stage infrastructure stuff) [accomplished]
  • DS: December: La Nouba closes / Edison opens? [accomplished]

  • MK: Stitch in perpetual seasonal mode awaiting for a decision for a replacement
  • MK: Dec 1 - Move It Shake It dance/parade ends (new Mickey dance/parade starts following Jan)
  • EP: January: American Adventure film to go digital [accomplished]
  • EP: Arts Festival goes daily [accomplished]
  • HS: June 30: Toy Story Land opens [accomplished]
  • HS: Little Mermaid show replaced... maybe
  • EP: Interim Illuminations replacement, or, in 2019 Interim idea killed. Going with the new permanent replacement in 2019
  • AK: UP! A Great Bird Adventure [accomplished]
  • AK: Pandora Utility Suit walker streetmosphere added [accomplished]
  • DS: Openings: The Edison; Maria & Enzo's; Enzo's Hideaway; Wine Bar George; Pizze Ponte; Terralina Crafted Italian; Jaleo; Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill
  • ESPN: New multi-use complex opens [accomplished]

  • MK: Jan 18 starts Mickey's 90th celebration with temporary pop up entertainment until Sep 30
  • MK: Jan 18 Mickey's new dance/parade (no end date)
  • EP: Space Restaurant opens
  • EP: Spaceship Earth gets a regular refurb
  • EP: late in year: Gran Fiesta closes for a Coco overhaul [now very iffy]
  • EP: fall: Riviera DVC opens
  • EP: interim Illuminations replacement, or, in 2018
  • HS: fall: SW:GE opens
  • HS: fall: Mickey's and Minnie's Runaway Railroad opens (maybe August soft opening)
  • HS: December: Star Tours gets new scene from Ep. 9
  • HS: one of these likely to be replaced: Beauty and the Beast Stage Show, or, Indiana Jones Stunt Show
  • WDW: Early May: Skyline (gondola lift) opens

  • EP: Coco overhaul opens at Mexico pavilion [now very iffy]
  • EP: Innoventions overhaul (most likely demo'd)
  • EP: New film for Impressions de France
  • EP: new China 360 film and seamless tech
  • EP: Apr - Jun: Rat Ride
  • EP: fall: some sort of UK Ride, likely Poppins dark ride [moved from 2021]
  • EP: Illuminations next version [moved from 2019 to 2020 to 2019 now back in 2020]
  • MK: new theater behind Main Street opens [likely cancelled]
  • MK: Big Thunder Mountain finally gets the SFX that the DL version has

  • EP: Spring: Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinite Universe coaster opens
  • EP: Nothing happening in Wonders of Life until maybe at this time or later
  • EP: a new resort by (or on) front gate
  • HS: two of these likely to be refreshed: Beauty and the Beast Stage Show, Indiana Jones Stunt Show
  • MK: 50th Anniversary: May 2021 to end of 2022
  • MK: New Night Time Parade
  • MK: spring: Early Summer: new TRON Cycle coaster
  • MK: Speedway overhaul done (likely a TRON theme)
  • MK: A replacement for Stitch's GE finally is decided and opens in time for the 50th?
  • MK: For the 50th, Tomorrowland gets refurbed to the 1975 aesthetic
  • AK: DINOSAUR gets Indy added. DinoRama becomes an updated Excavator Coaster

  • EP: 40th Anniversary
  • EP: Brazil pavilion opens
  • EP: Maybe an Imagination renovation, or 2023
  • EP: Spine renovation, or 2023

  • EP: a second (or the first) new resort by (or on) the front gate

  • EP: thee new national pavilions by then... maybe

  • maybe 6 new boutique resorts 2018-2031
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Latest updates:


New Space Restaurant
  • Large table service for close to 300 guests, a show, and other surprises [here] {added}

  • The UK: a simple ride coming to UK
  • A ride based on Brave seems to be the strongly hinted finalist, or the interpretation of such hint could be completely off [here] {added}
Removed since completed: Space - Mission:Space will get updated screens by ILM for the orange mission and a new mission more child friendly for the green side (a space tour of earth). It is going into refurb this summer for two months and the update will take place then
  • This project's announced refurb dates may be a month ahead of reality and not be done until the end of August [here]
  • Or... it will be done by August 1st [citation needed]


Grand Avenue
  • Maybe a streetmosphere show where the Muppets heckle the crowds waiting to get into Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge [Jim Hill rumor] [and here and here] {updated}

Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studio, currently being built
  • Slinky Dog Dash ride has two launches, with no wait at the first one and a short hold on the second. Without lifts, ride is short at about 50 seconds [here] {added}

  • Pandora:
  • a good portion of the interactive at-night lighting effects did not turn out as planned. [here] {added}
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Under Disney Hollywood Studios you have a “Possible new boat ride” u got any more info on that?
Sorry, that's all. It was said by one of our insiders, but I haven't had time to go back through all their posts to find it to link to it. That's all they said, "possible boat ride" with no other details on IP, timing, or placement.
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