WDW Picture of the Day (Part 4)

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Here is mine for today... not necessarily the best fireworks picture I have ever taken but the location is unusual so thought you all might like it :)

Clicking on the pic will take you to its flickr page where others are available :)

Great picture as always! Very interesting, I love that it's not a usual firework shot!


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That loud bang you just heard can mean only one thing*... it's time for this weeks edition of Freaky Friday's Fireworks Fantastical Festival
*or maybe you're just hearing things.



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You are more than welcome. That's a great story too. I look forward to more of your pictures.

Wow! Thank you! Yea I was dressed as Indy for NSS so that's exactly what I was going for. We took one with the flash and it looked pretty bad, we turned it off an presto! probably my favorite picture of me ever.:D

It almost didn't happen, too. The wall/painting wasn't roped off, but they wanted people to exit the area after going to the treat station. I had to prove I worked at the Jungle to let me take a picture! But I'm glad I did, because it turned out so well.


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JMM, that's a great picture of the Castle & fireworks. Like that you got the whole Castle & Walt & Mickey all in the frame.


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WTBAD, great shot of Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. What I love about the photo is that you can't see the context in which the photo was taken. Therefore, you can make up your own story as to what they were doing. It is as if you caught them in a candid moment when guests weren't around and they weren't posing.
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