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  • Hey you! Hope you are doing well. We love the pics from the Fairy Garden. Abby loves her wings, hee hee. :kiss:
    Well actually all these photos are from my last trip, because I can tell by the photos. What happend was on one card I have my 900 photos and on another card I had my 900 photos. Just to be sure that I would get everything I added both cards, so that is why I have 2 copies of each photos lol

    I wish there was a way that the photo could be coded so when I entered the second card in to make sure I had everything there, that it would not give me 2 of the same photos of all my photos, if you see what I mean.

    Well I have until march 10th and I have lots of free time when I am not working, so I should have enough time to do everything.
    I have 900 photopass photos taken during my birthday trip. Anyways I used more then one photopass card and one card was one that I had before my trip. So I think all the ones on that card allready got put in my account while I was having them taken (since the code was allready in my account before my trip) > The other cards I got after the trip and all my birthday photos were put in one card and another card as a backup. Anyways when I got home I entered the code for one of the cards that has all of my photos and instead of having 900 photos I have like over 1,000. I think some of my photos are in there twice. Is there a way that all the photos can be entered in once online even if some of those photos are on 2 more cards?
    I meant to tell you that Epcot AOD's AC sometimes does not work. We call it in almost every hot day to maitenance. So we are standing in a non-ac store with long black pants and a long sleeved collared shirt (that is supposed to be buttoned right to the top) and tie. It get's toasty. :D Anyway, I will be working Christmas through New Years somewhere in Future World South. See ya around!
    It was nice to see you aswell. I am sure we will cross paths again with the busy holiday seasons coming up. :wave:
    I am number one today and forever :sohappy: My goal was to be the first one ever in DisneyWorld to see TinkerBell and Friends on the day that they opened the line. I know that other people have seen TinkerBell and friends at DisneyWorld before little me, but I was the first one on the day that they opened the line :sohappy: Today it was what they called a soft opening. Tuesday will be like the grand opening. So someone else will have the honor of being the first one ever to see TinkerBell and friends on the grand opening and I have the honor of being the first one ever to see TinkerBell and friends on the soft opening :king:

    I am so proud of myself :) I made up my mind weeks ago that I would do what I could to be the first guest ever in DisneyWorld to see TinkerBell and friends on the day that they opened the line :) I am very happy about being the first one ever to see TinkerBell and friends on the day that they opened the line :sohappy::king:
    I'm still working in the South/West deployment since I still don't have character training yet. If you ever picked up any Not So Scary Halloween party shifts I probably have seen you around since I work the majority of them. I did get the opportunity to work at AK and it was great to experience another park. My name badge says Joe (Northfield, NJ), what does yours say? My name badge still has “Earning my Ears” so that might help a bit. :lookaroun
    I am really big on sports on the radio. Just something about it that I like. So like if I am watching the Dallas Cowboys play on tv I will still listen to it on the radio a little bit. When I am at my house the radio has the game like 12 or so seconds behind the tv, but when I am at the ESPN club in DisneyWorld the radio has the game a couple of seconds before. So if I listen to the game on the radio I know what will take place on those tvs a couple of seconds early.

    I will be in DisneyWorld in October and if you see me in October I might be wearing my new TinkerBell Hoody. DisneyWorld has (or had) a really nice TinkerBell Hoody with silver skulls on it for like Pirate and Princess party I think. The only thing was the shirt was shape for a lady to wear. But Zazzle does Custom made Disney shirt, so I can get a TinkerBell Hoody that I can wear :) I like the Custom made TinkerBell Hoody that I plan to get from Zazzle even better than the one In DisneyWorld and I really liked the one in DisneyWorld. Now if I can also find TinkerBell flip flops that fit my little feet :eek: DisneyWorld has TinkerBell flip flops that go up to a shoe size 12, but my shoe size is 13.

    When I was a little boy, I used to have a crush on TinkerBell :eek: Disney's Peter Pan is one of my favorite movies and I also love the live action version of Peter Pan that Universal made a couple of years ago. I went to see it on Christmas day when it came out. What is interesting is that movie is a Universal movie but it has the same music that Disney uses from time to time when they have previews about their parks.

    Anyways I am happy about my new TinkerBell Hoody :king::sohappy:
    You are online right now. What about the playoffs? I would have thought that you might be watching it on tv and/or hearing it on the radio at this time :) Maybe you can listen to the game on the radio and/or watch it on tv while you are on your computer.

    I can listen to the radio in my computer room. I don't have a tv in my computer room. My computer works better without a tv on my computer room.
    My time days off have been changing quite a bit lately since I am not completely trained yet. I still have to be trained in Night time shooting and working the vue stations next week. I let you know if I ever pick up a shift up in Epcot.

    Yea you were right about the knickers. They are quite nice to work in since you don't get sunburn on the back of the calf while working the train station or partners statue. :hammer:
    Hello. My husband and I love your pictures and you have a great eye for detail. We will be down in Disney Sat, Sept 6 through Friday Sept 12. We would love to keep an eye out for you to take out pictures. Do your normally work in the same area or do you know what parks you will be working that week so that we could keep an eye out for you?
    I'll be working Frontside. It seems pretty good so far. Everyone I met was friendly except for the coordinators. I would really prefer to work in a merchandise management position since I already have experience in something similar. I can't remember who my homeroom manager is. I was trained with Christopher for two days at DHS and then Richard at MK for day three. Luiz (not really sure if that's how you spell it) was shadowing all three days as well. I was wondering what park do you work at?
    I now start Traditions next Tuesday.

    Can you answer my final question for me? Can Photopass CMs can wear black non contrasting athletic footwear.

    Thank You :wave:
    Since I am not accustomed to seeing woman eating in her underwear I would imagine that it would be difficult for me not to occasionally gaze. I can only imagine some of the creepy tales that some of the bizarre tales that some of the princesses receive from the first day cast members. I heard of some of the horror stories earlier about the quality of food served at the Mouseketeria. I really appreciate the tips that you send me!

    I have a quick question for you, is there opportunity for over-time for the Photopass position?

    Thank You
    I was not informed on my location yet.

    I will be attending Traditions on August 9th, that's only if I can find a place to rent first. As soon as I find out my location I will let you know.
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