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WDW Permits 2015


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South Florida Water Management District Permits

This post will hold any permits filed with the South Florida Water Management District. These permits are filed for project that will have and impact on storm water runoff, which includes any time new hard surfaces (roads, concrete, buildings etc) are created.

To access these go to this link and enter the application number listed below.

141017-9: Golden Oak Phase 4 Mass Grading
150113-12: Epcot Frozen Meet And Greet
141118-4: Facility And Operation Services Parking Lot Improvement
141119-4: Saratoga Springs Safety Service Building
150304-11: Eastbound Epcot Center Drive Widening
150616-6: Magic Kingdom Guest Parking Lot Expansion (Plans)
150617-9: Animal Kingdom MASH Building (Plans)
150619-25: Buena Vista Palace Pool And Amenity Area (Plans)
150629-5: Epcot Center Drive Laydown Area Modification (Map)
150630-6: Exploratory Geotechnical Borings (Exhibits)

Solar farm just showed up, 150710-6 (page 8 of the plans shows the layout--there's a shape that may be recognized around here).


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I believe someone mentioned Colortopia recently.
Yep, I believe that is in Innoventions East, but what about the project going on over at Inno West? Do you guys think there will be some kind of "Star Wars Launch Bay" or whatever, similar to Shanghai?


Christian Fronckowiak

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In the Parks
Yeah I agree. But other than this SWB or a Marvel M&G attraction, I can't think of what they would be putting in there. Plus both of these are supposed to be a less expensive, short term attractions if I am not mistaken.
Yes, there is a rumor of Star Wars going into Innoventions as a temporary cross promotion with whatever films come out prior to the opening of Star Wars at DHS.

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