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Two random workers with plans at DHS


LOL normally when people say this they have a photo from about 100ft away for the workers - you have a photo of the actual plans! Salute to your Ninja skills!


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Amen to that.

I'm just speculating, but it seems to me they're either adding outlets or lights. The area marked with the red outline (the front of the GMR) may be where they want it brighter or need more outlets. :shrug:

The strange thing though is that it doesn't look like the hat is represented on the blueprints, only the pad that it sits on. I would think there'd be a dotted line or something showing its specific footprint. Maybe they're adding more light to the GMR in anticipation of the hat being removed?


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Your avatar has your photo - in my head I can see you perched over the workers hanging upside down snapping photos - definitely a hilarious visual!!!

Now TDO is using their CSI skills to identify the workers that had plans out in the open :lookaroun


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"Jay, we should have a current survey for this arch from a Food Cart job last year."

"Just go +-10 ft into the "something" area."



A naughty bit o' crumpet
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From the looks of the first shot, they're ready to destroy the evidence if captured....:)

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