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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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TRON Reality:

1. The ride is a beautifully art directed E ticket coaster that will deliver big time, while driving weight loss for many visitors.

2. Tomorowland is a visual disaster. With the lame new color scheme and partial rejection of Sci-fi update, the land looks more and more like an abandoned shopping center from a Brazilian Science Fair of 1972.

3. Space Mountain will now seem like a broken heap of track - desperately in need of a complete replacement of track and rockets.

4. Autopia will spoil the TRON exterior and add greatly to the visual and audible chaos.


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Except almost every child...Kids love that track.
Kids would love a completely overhauled futuristic expanded Speedway track even more...especially if it had sleek futuristic electric cars and wild and zany animated show sets... It is currently less than half the track length of the Disneyland version....which has newer vehicles and actual show sets. (though they are not amazing, they are something) WDW has the absolute worst iteration of this attraction in the world.


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Yup. And easier to press pedals. That was basically my son's biggest complaint.
I first rode the Speedway when I was in third grade, the year WDW year opened.
I had fun, but it felt ancient even back then.
My sons last drove it when they were 13, with my wife and I as respective passengers - and we all had a blast, but we would have had a great time if the track and cars updated.


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Legend has it there is a blue box. Very few people have ever seen it in Shanghai because it’s not clearly visible from any guest areas inside or outside of the park. However, I’ve enlisted the help of a secret spy to capture these certainly backstage photos!

View attachment 397787
View attachment 397789View attachment 397788View attachment 397790
I really hope instead of assuming the blue makes the box go away they decorate it with a pattern that matches the canopy.
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