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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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@bioreconstruct just can't let go that reinforcing the train's berm next to an expansion of the retention pond isn't a sign of 'something' new coming later (after being told the permits show no new buildings in that area)...

I suppose though, there may be room for new train-side scenery there albeit no actual buildings.
Either that or he knows something........


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Is it possible based on the bioreconstruct aerials showing the foundations for the track supports to determine if the layout is going to be a clone of Shanghai's? I feel like I've heard some say it's going to be a copy and others say it's going to be "based on" Shanghai's.


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Will they build the show building first or put track in place and build the show building around the track? I don't recall they process they used in Shanghai


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Is it me, or is this looking like a mirror image version of Shanghai? I'd expect the gravity building to be on the right, but here it looks like it will be on the left of the load/unload building. Amiright?


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Last year there was talk of this being scaled back compared to Shanghai in terms of the beautiful roof not happening? I don't think that was confirmed was it?
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