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Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris


Father, the sleeper has awakened !
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Marvel Show was def shown in the announcement, and I'm sure they said it was a stunt show.


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Last I heard there would be new props and new technical elements, but I can't confirm if it's totally re-themed to Marvel. It would make sense though.


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Does anyone know if DLP is still losing money?
I don't think so. Unfortunately we will never totally know moving forward as it's all just lumped into the great P&R bucket.

But the resort is no longer paying any royalty or management fees and overall has liquified its debt into the greater fold. Those were some of the big reasons the resort was always barely scraping by. Plus it is doing better in the last fiscal year than previously:

Operating income at our international parks and resorts was comparable to the prior-year quarter as growth at Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort was offset by a decrease at Shanghai Disney Resort. Operating income growth at Disneyland Paris was due to an increase in average ticket prices while growth at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort was due to higher occupied room nights and attendance growth, partially offset by cost inflation.


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Disney and more has found an interesting Forbes article about changes at the resort including adding solar power to the parking lot and the futre expansions


One point I found interesting:

Disney isn’t under pressure to develop the land as its agreement with the government runs until 2030. At that point Disney could sign the final development phase which would give it a further ten years of breathing room.

So it looks like the deadline for the third park opening could actually be 2040 not 2030.


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So they are more and more substance to the noise about a name change, interesting.

Also, regarding the deadline:
It's always been very ... "flexible" :)
Name change for Walt Disney Studios? I think the name still fits for a park about riding the movies. If they dare remove the ear tower like they did at DHS then I will be very angry. I love it.


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Cinemagic Kingdom was the front runner apparently, but research showed that guests (especially foreign speaking ones) would have a hard time discerning between that and Magic Kingdom.

But Paris’ castle park isn’t called the Magic Kingdom, so...


Yeah and lots of guests from neighboring countries aren’t really aware of the Studios as a separate park. Most of the people I know (casual visitors) see it as one park. People still call the resort Eurodisney. If they introduce a fitting name with this expansion, I suppose they won’t really have to deal with a lot of issues with the current names.


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Is there any chance of Tokyo’s new BatB ride coming to DLP with this expansion? I know a BatB ride was always planned in fantasyland and seeing the new behind the scenes video I really want it to come!
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