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Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Memorial Day Weekend 2018 is the internal projected Grand Opening.

Most are expecting a rather long AP Preview/Soft Opening prior to that. So by May 1st, people should be riding these rides.
Booooo. I'm going May 5 and now my Touring Plan will be a shambles. I'd rather 100% miss it than MAYBE miss it and have my plan go wonky.


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The pizza planet idea just needs to be dropped. Trying to armchair engineer an already weak "land" and an overused IP is like trying to put lipstick on a pig. Every time I go back to WDW I notice the decline in food quality and options. We only eat at Epcot for dinner because of their options, minus a few of the nicer restaurants in the other parks. But we also don't do the quick service meals like we used to. Why? Because the food is all starting to be the same options and taste the same everywhere. Pizza.....Burger.....Cupcakes......Nachos. I'm not expecting much from the quick service in Toy Story Land, but dreaming of a Pizza Planet when we could have something better seems like a waste of time to me. Dream Big kids!


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Has anyone actually seen it move? I've seen 4 or five photos from different angles (check out the ones posted here) with the exact same shortened car in the exact same location on the track. Could it maybe have just been anchored there?
They are probably doing "pull through testing" where manually pulled through the track instead of using the power of the launches.


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UGH, 50 seconds why bother building something with such a painfully low ride time.
To be totally fair, if the track is 3000 feet long (the current estimate), that makes it longer than Big Thunder Mountain, Mine Train, Barnstormer, and Primeval Whirl, so it's dead in the middle of WDW coasters as far as track length goes.

Launches just tend to make things zippier.
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