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Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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You're right. I forgot they were out.
2016: Epcot 11,712,000 per TEA
1997: Epcot I have 11,800,000. I can't find my source though.
If I remember correctly, @marni1971 said that the attendance in 1987 was actually the peak. Either way, it looks like Epcot hasn't recovered from the opening of Disney's Animal Kingdom and I'm guessing it will take a hit this year from Pandora.
Yes, 87 was the peak. Higher than these figures. Your 97 figure is correct.


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Is it just me or does all of these new aerial photos of Toy Story Land with the various cranes, high lifts, etc. gets me thinking that this could be an episode of Bob the Builder? LOL Guess it's the kids at home.....
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