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Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Has anyone actually seen it move? I've seen 4 or five photos from different angles (check out the ones posted here) with the exact same shortened car in the exact same location on the track. Could it maybe have just been anchored there?

They are probably doing "pull through testing" where manually pulled through the track instead of using the power of the launches.


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UGH, 50 seconds why bother building something with such a painfully low ride time.
To be totally fair, if the track is 3000 feet long (the current estimate), that makes it longer than Big Thunder Mountain, Mine Train, Barnstormer, and Primeval Whirl, so it's dead in the middle of WDW coasters as far as track length goes.

Launches just tend to make things zippier.
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Ever been on Rock n Roller Coaster?
Once and will not be going on it again, I don't do coasters generally, Thunder and space are as adventurous as I get coaster wise. Everest makes me queasy, I don't do that either. As for thrill rides the drop in Splash makes be dizzy (although I go on it for the AA's and music), I've been on ToT once, (I will walk through the queue if there is no line though), and while i adore Flights of passage I can't go on it again given how sick i was for the next hour.

To be fair I can't play screen video games on the xbox or playstation because I get dizzy and I can't look at my phone or a book in a moving vehicle. I get that rides aren't designed for me specifically but if I am going to go on a coaster I'd like a payoff beyond a launch. Cool music, great themeing, AA's, a great story are all reasons I would suck it up to ride it.


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Will the new Pizza Planet being built in TSL have air conditioning? Asking for a friend...
They tried to figure out a way to tether an A/C to the top of the building but someone didn't like the word tether so they dropped the whole idea. Besides, it will be a short building that is far enough away from the sun that A/C will not be necessary. Well that and then there is the issue that no Pizza Planet restaurant will be built there anyway. :happy:

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