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News Tomorrowland love

Mike S

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I'm so far liking some of the recent improvements. The Carousel of Progress' new paint job and sign looks fantastic, also like Space Mountain's new lighting as well. Heck I even think the new metallic silver/blue paint scheme for the rocks is looking decent.

Still a lot of work to do though. Space Mountain's lighting is nice yes, but the exterior still needs to be washed down and repainted properly as well. They also need to get Astro Orbiter's planets spinning again. Give Space Mountain a proper refurb, full track replacement and new effects as originally intended. And give CoP a new ending scene. While i'm not going to ever be a fan of Buzz Lightyear's ride, the interior needs a MASSIVE cleaning and repainting just to start with. The walls and ceilings are just caked with massive amounts of mold from what I assume to be prior roof leakage, it's incredibly disgusting and I can't believe it's allowed to run in such a state. This affects even the area of this building the Peoplemover travels through, there's an ugly square of ceiling ripped out with exposed wires and it has been that way for years now...

I also believe it was mentioned the lights for the Peoplmover were at some point supposed to be choreographed and/or change colors, but the effect was never implemented for some reason. Would be another nice new touch.

And I agree the stage needs to go, but I seriously doubt it will. Bleh...
You talking about this?


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You talking about this?
I would assume so. I read about it, but never saw that video. By this, it looks like the tech is already fully implemented (for over 7 years now in fact), but they never bothered to actually make the effect permanent...

I'd like to see them enable this effect. Though i'd say an improvement even over this video would be to make the colors cross-fade more smoothly instead of so abruptly. Perhaps that was already the plan anyways though, this video looks more like a basic test mode of sorts to cycle the lights instead of the final choreography.
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I think Tomorrowland has too much stainless steel, too much neon and too many tired 1990s facades.

I would love more bright and optimistic colours. More water. More Mary Blair inspired tile and mosaics.

More knods to the past WDW.

I think Disneys Tomorrowland worked better in the past than this alien Fantasyland future. It's cold and boring. 1975 was the best thing to ever happen to Tomorrowland.


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I'm very happy to mention this.

It seems Tomorrowland has a new boss. And this person cares.

Basically if it is meant to work, there is now a push to have it work again.

Notice again the spinning blue lights above SGE and TLF? The Lno2 and lasers in SGE? Even the choc chip cookies and comets in Space Mountain? It will be a long haul but there is a concerted effort to improve show quality across the land.

This also spreads to subtle improvements. The rock work. The Space Mountain exterior lighting. Even the CoP sign and paint work, and the area BGM being audible.

Moral is higher now that things can be done if reasonably possible. It will take time but it is a great start.

I see you finally got a pair of my patented rose colored glasses. Congrats. :cool:


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So you admit your lunacy. I think Martin welcomes positive change you take any change and believe it is wonderful.

Only because I have always understood the ship was being turned around. Big ships don't turn on a dime to butcher a metaphor.

My optimism has always been well reasoned and justified though. Some here will never understand that.

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