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You are massively underestimating the amount of real estate still available. They could fit the Haunted Mansion in the available space if they desired. I’d call that meaningful.

Which is exactly why they need to tear up the Speedway and use the land for something better. I said it elsewhere but there are hundreds if not thousands of better versions of that ride scattered all over the country. It's such a waste of space.


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The Speedway takes up about 4 acres. I think Martin is right on this one though, Disney is spending bookoo bucks on the TRON ride with it's large attention-grabbing light-show-having canopy. To then turn around and block it from an entire cardinal direction with something would be a surprise. It's far more likely that the Speedway gets chewed into bit by bit for other things until it's one loop.

I think the best use of the speedway is a smaller, windier two-lane car ride. Something more reminiscent of a drive in the country (like Autopia at DLR) than the current NASCAR-style grand prix. I always liked the Tin Lizzy at a lot of parks (including one in my hometown). To see Disney do something like that with modern electric cars would be nice.


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My reply is not appropriate for this forum... lol.
I reviewed my posts over the last few months, and I can track how brutally honest and critical I’ve become over the last year. It’s all just simply that bad. As a long-time fan and former CM, I hope it gets fixed soon.


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Another problem of Orlando's TL is that it wasn't really planned well. The original view from the hub was this:


which is just the two theaters and the Skyway Station. Doesn't bode well when your weenie is the thing that takes you to a better section of the park. The *Star Jets added verticality which was much-needed, and Space Mountain was the kind of blockbuster attraction that the land really lacked.

Sightlines end up being the bane of TL; I'm not sure what needs to be removed to resolve that but I think that removing a lot of the crap that was added in 94* will go a long way in cleaning the views up.
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