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News Tomorrowland love

oogie boogie man

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My grandma's living room is more exciting looking. It looks like Kennedy Space Center threw up.


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In 1994 (27 years ago) Tomorrowland looked fresh and colorful and vibrant. An exciting new addition...that unfortunately never went far enough and was never completed as the idea was envisioned... But the change at the time was exciting and new...Colorful and lots of night time lighting and eye candy.
Removing the color and painting everything white is a teeny tiny step into restoring the look and feel of the original Tomorrowland and not even slightly close enough to what needs to happen to reinvigorate the land... It desperately needs a giant statement piece at the entrance...Like the original towers and Gull-wing waterfalls... The rocks are tragic and completely underwhelming The TRON building is now visible...Should they not have used some of the same architectural elements of the new Tron building in the entry concourse to tie it into the land rather than leave it as something "dropped" in from another park? Architectural elements from Space Mountain used in the entry concourse? (The original attraction signs had the look of the Space Mountain spires)
I am glad for the return of the white paint... It was time for a change again...but they need to complete the job and tie all of Tomorrowland together...
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The Rocketeer

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I think (with nothing to actually back up my opinion) they were going to try to add lighting—projection mapping and LEDs—to do a sort of overlay “The Grid” from TRON on the stark white space-age look to tie it all together in some way.

Well, that would have been a pre-pandemic dream, anyway.
Cool idea, but during the day it would still be very bland unless they used those blues and oranges recently painted on the walls under the PeopleMover track on each side of the avenue of the planets on the supports, which would still probably look tacky and especially the orange. I would definitely not be opposed to a full Tron Legacy grid look if done right as I love that film, but it really wouldn't fit with any of the other attractions thematically and they wouldn't dare to change Space Mountain's color scheme after Disneyland's... interesting... bronze look that seemingly everyone detested.
I agree, I wish they would have just left it how it was. ‘94 tomorrowland kinda fizzled out by space mountain anyways, they could have just made a separate “neighborhood” back there with the tron look and leave the rest of the land alone. Would been nicer than the mess we have now.
Agreed. I was glad they spared the Speedway when they announced Tron, but honestly if they removed it they could've made it look a whole lot better with a straight on angle and even added another small attraction or Flynn's Arcade. Now its crammed in the back, yet still sticks out like a sore thumb in many places. Tron wasn't designed for this park and it shows.


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The art direction in Meet the Robinsons was perhaps the best attempt at a fun and futuristic world of Tomorrow. Given it's proximity to Fantasyland, this would have probably been the best aesthetic when transitioning between lands. Even Tron's canopy with it's bouncy vibe would have fit. The Meet the Robinsons' art direction seemed to incorporate both the '75 treatment (quintessential Tomorrowland) with the colors from the '94 overlay. I think a similar treatment would have worked here, if done properly. Anything that distances itself from Epcot and makes it uniquely a "Magic Kingdom" theme would be appropriate.

The trick would be making it futuristic without being too saccharine sweet or too "Space Race". Something in between. Groening's FUTURAMA would probably work as a good baseline color concept so long as Imagineering also kept the white '75 JFK airport architecture.

I think they're close to fleshing it out. They just need to drop the pastel paints and tangrams which doesn't work, IMO.
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I’m not a fan of Disney’s continued overuse and reliance on projections. I’m also not a fan of a sterile white and gray color scheme for TL. Something creative and in the middle of those two would do wonders. IMHO.
I don’t understand why Tomorrowland has to have a singular color scheme and style. Other lands are not as singular in their look.

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