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Tomorrowland got a refresh with the recent map update. Many (but not all) fins removed from Wedway track. Stitch sign removed. Colors added/updated everywhere. New Monster's sign added. Sizing of lots of items adjusted.

Tomorrowland 158.jpg

Previous version for reference:

Tomorrowland 157.jpg


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Interesting that Cosmic Rays/Starlight Cafe is painted in it's true-to-park coloring but unique in that it differs from the rest of Tomorrowland's park map color scheme, which is uniformly blue in color. Makes me wonder what the future has in store for Cosmic Ray's.
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Any updates? Ive seen peoplemover is running again and from vids ive seen it looks like most of the supports have been completed in reverting back to the basic white pillars instead of the fins along with the supports having been finished being painted white and having some of the detail removed.
Side question. A lil while ago they replaced the old Carousel of Progress Cog sign with the new one.

I am just curious if anyone knows what happend to it? Was it destroyed? Sold? Placed in storage? Just curious. Ik they kept the Tower of terror in storage after its conversion to Mission breakout.

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