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News Tomorrowland love


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I'm still upset about losing this:

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This will always epitomize Disney for me.
I've posted my story of seeing this for the first time, so I won't do it again - at least not now.
But, when I saw what we see here in this image - this ship, the water, rock work etc. - before even going on the ride, Disney transported me to a place like I had never been to before.
This is why Pandora, and Galaxy's Edge - capture the magic of Disney perfectly for me - even though I don't care for the movie Avatar and I wasn't much of a Star Wars fan growing up. (Though I have come to like Star Wars because of my sons.)
Pandora and GE do just what we see here.


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I'm still upset about losing this:

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Same on both accounts. Heck, they discontinued the swan boats before I was born and even that upsets me. It must've been so cool to see the castle, old hub, Tomorrowland, Main Street, and Adventureland from that attraction. I wish every land had a themed, passive transit ride that toured it.


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Well now that you mention it - what’s the rumor mill saying will be the next extended refurb? Seems like we haven’t had one since Splash a year or so ago. And I mean more than just seasonal - like a full refresh. POTC was a quick month or so, Speedway was an asphalt milling job (essentially). Anybody know what’s next for an extended clean up?


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That's what was supposed to happen with this land update.

Removing the 94 elements, and going back to the 71 / 75 Tomorrowland, which is an evolution of Disneyland's 67 Tomorrowland

But it seems a lot of 94 elements may be staying and just getting repainted instead. Shame
labor costs...this is disney there stock price is only up 50% this year cant afford to remove things that fresh paint will fix.


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Maybe go-away blue would have been better.

Personally, go away high powered cutting tools and crane would've been better choices for these.

Edit: Crap, I think the TTA fins are staying for good. Look at how integrated the top "upward" fins are with the TTA "vertical" fins:

But then again, they can still retheme the TTA fins to something more 70s and still keep them connected to the upward fins...
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