News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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Guardians Tower didn't change demand outside of the first half a year. Once the attraction has been open awhile, wait times returned to what they were with TOT.

Mission BO was just a way for them to sell more Marvel merch. And you feel it when you go through the attraction.
I do think DL trends are a bit different from WDW since that large, local AP fan base surges toward new rides for a few months and then excitement declines. WDW’s larger tourist presence tends to make new rides feel new to many guests for much longer since they aren’t riding all the time. 7DMT is still treated like its new even though it’s halfway to “classic” status.


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It's kind of crazy how close we are and have yet to see any of WDW's Animatronics or finished show scenes. We've seen a in progress shot of a wall and ceiling, and one little photo of frogs on a log, the ride is basically an entire mystery. I love it
I assume that WDW's Animatronics are the same as Disneyland's. So, while not technically the same physical objects, we have seen the animatronics which will be present in the WDW version.


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Is the stairs between levels of the barn now enclosed? The barn itself and the walkway to the cave are, but I’m wondering if the stairs is also climate controlled now?


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Just checking - is there still an idiotic water tower with a gigantic tiara on it in Frontierland?

What’s funny (or sad) is that if you would have told me when I first saw the concept art/ model that I would eventually get used to the tiara water tower but there would be things that are even more egregious like the yellow street art barn or food mural fence that are jarring every single time the images pop up I wouldn’t have believed you.


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Really looking forward to this now. Went from people saying there'd be no animatronics and just screens along with a coat of paint outside to what looks like a very well done set of animatronics and a very good looking exterior.

Obviously until I've experienced it I'm unable to say it's better, worse or equivalent of Splash as an overall attraction. However it does look great on the exterior and the animatronics revealed look brilliant too. I have high hopes for this.

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