News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress

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Prior to Frozen being greenlit, there were non-IP renovation concepts that at least kept more of the Norwegian legends foundation intact. It was to be more upbeat than the original, with some of the trolls being friendly from what it appears and the story taking on a musical tone. Though it still appeared to keep a few of the moodier elements intact.

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Some of these scenes have a more Marc Davis like approach with their gags and character designs. The replacement for the oil rig looked pretty cool. I think I may have seen more art for this concept than this, but I can't find them at the moment.
Omg for the longest time all I had was this that I believe was posted by @marni1971!


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I assume he means the ANIMATED characters. I doubt anybody cares much about any of the live action ones.
Johnny and Ginny are icons of American cinema. Miss Sally is one of the greatest villains in film history. And the live-action could you forget the bull!!??


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I can't discern what they're talking about with an extension of the former birdhouse location for a new show scene. Could someone label it on the image?
Former Birdhouse.jpg

I'm pretty sure this is the area they are talking about. It has a fresh concrete pour that seems to widen that lip a bit, and it still needs painting/theming.

Personally I'd love more atmosphere in that quiet little bend. All that was there previously was the random Elixir cart and the birdhouses, no? Happy to see them taking more advantage of this outdoor section of the ride.


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Having seen this in person, the coloring and foliage is already an improvement. My concern is more for California's Splash which was artfully executed at the outset.
Not concerned one bit. With a dry Mediterranean climate naturally occurring there , everything is from another biome.

Dear Prudence

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Dear Prudence

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You mean like when the built it originally?
ew. 😵‍💫

I don't know why asking for just a little bit more discretion and class is funny and respecting guests a little more is funny, but go off, I suppose.

Generally at Disneyland, projects, even larger scale ones, are more hidden from guests, but this just aligns with WDW having trash littered all over its parks I guess!

Dear Prudence

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And maybe for the layout of WDW's Frontierland, blocking the construction off is too difficult, but Disneyland has done a consistently better job with isolating projects from guests.
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i dont even get complaining about construction imo I like looking at it, its fascinating to me. I cant wait for SSE to gets its major refurb cause that is gonna look awesome when its all open and apart

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