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News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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Is this a spot for an an outdoor AA? Or maybe it's something like lighting (a footer for a lamppost or something)?

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Looking at what is marked for removal it looks like the whole vent/drain and brake will be removed so might be a different configuration once reassembled. Probably disconnected the piston to render it immobile as they demo the rock


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Isn't there one like that in Tokyo's SM?
There's a restaurant next door to Tokyo's Splash Mountain and it looks out into some of the outdoor portions of the ride, but it's not really "in" the ride the way The Blue Bayou is.

Imagine if after the drop on WDW's Splash the area after the turn in the River was lined with windows on the left, and in there was seating for a restaurant. It's more that the logs float by than float through.

I've said before and I'll say it again, I would be more than happy with a Tiana's Palace restaurant built back by the exit of the WDW ride. Move the restrooms and put a purpose-built restaurant where they currently are, have a live band playing jazz hits and diorama windows out back that overlook the Missisippi River.

I have to imagine Tiana's gonna end up with a dedicated Meet and Greet somewhere nearby, too - maybe The Briar Patch shop will turn into that? They've already got a gift shop at the end of the ride that's likely to move more merch than before.
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Some activity last night


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Not sure who you’re referring to with “they,” but I assure you WDI has some very bright people.
You can be a very creatively smart person, but like George Lucas, everyone needs someone to cut them down. The original Star Wars is a disaster without Marcia saving it.

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