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The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary


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Not sure if this was already reported, but the 50th clock has been removed from Main Street U.S.A.



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Last I heard the castle lights went to the farm to join their old friend Lights of Winter
That's kind of my expectation. Any time Disney can shake off a labor intensive guest expectation, they generally don't bring it back.

I hope the lights got some nice bunnies to chase on the farm.
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The lights are ancient and not painted to match the castle anymore. Then coming back will take the equivalent cost and time as something new, so it’s far less likely. Let’s hope enough people continue to complain so that WDW puts up the cash.

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I think projections are unfortunately the future regarding temporary castle decorations. The lights were awesome but very expensive and guests really hate those cranes.

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I doubt Disney will do much to the castle until it fades to the point where they have to make a choice whether they'll change it back to the old color scheme or keep it the same, either way they will have to buy paint at that point. I hope I'm wrong and they repaint it grey as soon as the decorations come off.
My guess is the spires and rock work are repainted and the pink stays. The former is really unavoidable (there will be tan lines and they cannot be touched up). The pink has no real reason to change other than people don't like it too much. Hopefully whoever is in charge if this project is able to convince whoever that it's would just be easiest to get it all done now.

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