The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

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Im hoping that the classic blue+white castle will come back especially since we just saw it on some new merch (forget where).
The only thing holding me back from thinking itll happen is that a good chunk of the painting happened when the parks were closed in 2020 and I dont feeel like they would want all those cranes and the moat drained for that long again.


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Surely they'll have to touch things up anyway. I doubt the paint underneath the decor faded evenly.
Indeed. Much like the "50" emblems in the grass still being visible, the spires will likely show an outline of the ribbons. I suspect similar, yet less noticeable, outlines will be evident from the bunting on the "bricks."


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They’ll need something to interact with the MB+…

Oh, haven’t you heard? Soon Disney will be releasing their Disney AR+ goggles. For only $39999.99/day (subject to availability, prices subject to change, park admission and park reservation not included). This revolutionary technology will immerse the guest in storytelling like never before, like only Disney can do! You’ll enjoy an even more magical storytelling experience when you wear your MB+, where stories will come to life when you approach buildings, characters, and more!

Rumored release date is Summer 2054. Apparently there are some bugs to work out.


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Dollywood decided to use Disneys 50th logo

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