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Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

Hello again, my friends.

For nearly a decade it has been such a joy for me to write about 50 (yes, 50!) different trips that I have taken to WDW - including one that was virtual. ;)

The reason? You, the reader.

I don’t do trip reports for my own documentation. I have journals for that. I write because I love interacting with y’all. Your encouragement, humor, curiosity and even snark (*ahem* @amjt660) assure me that I am not alone in my crazy affection for Disney parks. A big thanks to each of you!

I am very fortunate to be a frequent visitor to WDW (despite what @Mr Ferret 88 believes, I do not live there!) and am entering a season of monthly visits. Trip reporting is time consuming (as those of you who’ve written can attest) but I’m not ready to completely give it up - yet.

What I’d like to do is keep this as an ongoing TR for the rest of 2023. It will be highlights and moments, with live posting as the goal. My story coming alive, so to speak.

First up is spring break with my favorite girl.


Followed closely by a getaway with my favorite guy.


There will be Magician meets. New experiences. And (as always) the unexpected.

I hope you’ll join the fun!


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Attraction #3 was the right coaster, @Sr Cara de Papa, @lindawdw and @Swissmiss.


This ride however, unlike our first two, was not a walk-on.

To be fair the standby wait sign posted 40 minutes. But as we got closer, most of the switchbacks were closed off and there were not many guests in line. It was still early - just 9:25 am - and I thought 40 minutes was likely an over-estimate, so we joined the queue.

Had I known our actual wait would end up being 55 minutes, we never would have gotten in line.

Like Peter Pan from yesterday, Slinky was “stacking” by using only 2 of its 4 trains. I didn’t figure this out until we got deeper into the queue and I could watch the launch. There was a lot more time (exactly double 😉) in-between launches than usual. But by then we were committed to remain, as it would have been too difficult to exit through the crowd behind us.

It was a sweaty wait since there was no breeze and we stood still for long stretches at a time, not near any of the fans. By the time we reached the load zone, the missing two trains were added to the track. Too little, too late for us. :banghead:


When we got off, the standby sign had jumped to 90 minutes.

I visited one of the blue umbrella “Guest Experience Team” stations as we left Toy Story Land. The Cast Member brushed off my “stacking” complaint.



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I’d wanted to do Alien Swirling Saucers after Slinky Dog, but we were so hot from our long wait at Slinky that a/c was desperately needed. And wouldn’t you know it, attraction #4 was a walk on!

I had to hold up the guests behind me for a second to get this pic. Haven’t seen him in awhile and wouldn’t have minded to stop and listen to his schtick.


I should stayed back and let Woody go on ahead. Then I wouldn’t have experienced this humiliation. :cry:


And the salt in the wound….



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Arty Rizzo with Em last month.

Arty Rizzo with Woody today.


No banquet room. Woody likes the old-timey Italian crooning.

I checked wait times on the app and casually mentioned to Woody that RotR was only 30 minutes. He knows how much I enjoy Rise and said, “Let’s do it!”

Twenty minutes in the queue (most of it walking, not standing still) and we were here.


After Rey’s instructions, we all headed into the courtyard expecting to board the transport ship. Instead we were met by several CMs who announced that Rise was down and we had to exit and we would receive a “recovery pass” to return later.

Evac #2!!

I was so disappointed as up til now the experience had gone so smoothly and remarkably fast for mid-day. Rise was going to be our last attraction as it was becoming super hot and crowds had grown. We got the recovery pass though there was a good chance we wouldn’t get to use it.


This pass wasn’t as limiting as the one at MK. Included everything but Slinky, Fantasmic and meeting Mickey.


But we weren’t going to waste it. It was Rise or nothing.


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PSA: Beware of window shopping. You might be drawn inside to make a purchase
The music started immediately at the backwards launch. It was September, just as I’d said.

However contrary to my optimism I was not fine.

Because September is an easy time for teachers to catch up on TR's but here I am! :geek: ;)
Window shopping AT DISNEY is my biggest weakness. I can resist in the real world but Disney is a different temptation...even if I don't need anything lol.:banghead::bookworm::jawdrop::joyfull:

Tuesday, con’t

Em was excited to see I2I with a childhood fave.

View attachment 730788

View attachment 730790

View attachment 730791

And she didn’t have to shout out loud
To stand out above the crowd.
So glad she got to meet MAX!

Her favorite was the “light and refreshing” raspberry. She did not care for the cucumber melon which tasted like “the pickles at Ted’s Montana Grill.”
Going to have to put the "light and refreshing raspberry" on my must-try list!

When Matt came by to check on us he gazed at Woody’s sundae and said, “That’s not enough peanut butter!”

He returned with this.
Matt is right! So glad he gave Woody some extra PB! I can never finish a No Way Jose, maybe I just need a peanut butter and chocolate sundae....

First there were more people, thus more activity to watch and stories to overhear. Many guests were being impacted by Idalia with canceled flights and were scrambling to make arrangements for the unexpected delay. Some thought Disney should refund their partially-used tickets (what?) A DVC owner expected to stay another night or two without having to use their points. Yet another thought Disney should provide transportation to their just-booked off property hotel.
Ummmm no, to all that.:banghead::jawdrop:
Can you tell what it is? Upon close inspection we discover it’s a 🐢!! It was amusing to watch his tiny head and little legs pop out of his shell. He (or she) eventually made it into the brush area.
Ohhh so neat!

An older CM saw Woody taking my picture and yelled, “Give me your phone! You need to be in the picture with her. I’ll take a bunch and you’ll tell me if they’re good.”

They were all good.
Awwww, this is why we love Disney Cast members but....
I visited one of the blue umbrella “Guest Experience Team” stations as we left Toy Story Land. The Cast Member brushed off my “stacking” complaint.
It's annoying when the CM's are rude like that and/or brush us off. I get they deal with lots of complaints all day but if you're under the blue umbrella, you should try your best to be reasonable and understanding.

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