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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]

Tegan pilots a chicken

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Future generations of Imagineers will have so many questions.

We were THAT season.


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That and all the finale projects that offered to be in the SAU like ThemePark's will be included! Yours and Jokers were both in their own 'realms' but all finalists will be remembered if they would like to be in the SAU!

Digital Kingdom goes to OLS
The Dubai projects go to GMR
The USF projects go to the Imaginarium
Epcot pavilions go to SYWTBAI
And the Frontierland project was for 1986.
Finally just getting caught up. If you want to make my final project part of the SAU canon that's totally cool with me!

James G.

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I have come to the conclusion that nobody in the Sorcerer's Apprentice actually works for a living, that everyone is independently wealthy because there is no other way you all could have spent as much time, energy, work, etc. as is required to create such amazing presentations- and I have only skimmed over them so far. I feel absolutely terrible that I was asked to guest review and had to drop out, and I do apologize. Perhaps it's for the best. I couldn't have given the time to adequately review these presentations, and to be honest, I feel a bit out of my league when I do read them. This was a remarkable adventure that you all experienced, and you all should be proud of your accomplishments.

If anything good came out of my dropping out, I took an adventure that someday, perhaps, I'll share with you in detail. @D Hulk might someday learn of this. But for now, let me just say that I discovered something that only true Imagineers can appreciate.

I found the place where Ferris Wheels go to die.

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