The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]


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Archived google site #1 - Beneath Our Feet
What a fun "what if" project this was! I contributed to the 90's section, particularly the Storm Rescue roller-coaster. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves working on this one, which added to the fun factor. Rocky will forever be the unofficial mascot of Team Reality, I make the rules.
1982 (Beneath Our Feet | How Our World Formed | THE ROCK WORKS )
1998 ( Changes to the Pavilion for the '98 update! | Storm Rescue: An All NEW Indoor Coaster | ERS Labs and the Newly Renovated Interactive Exhibit Space )
Present Day
Gift Shops


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The Fast and The Furious: Streets of Tokyo
My absolute favorite google site I've worked on. I had one goal: make it look like what the site looked like in the past. Think I did pretty good even with the limitations of Google sites. The land itself is great as well, we all did a good job making it immersive.

Attractions ( Fast and the Furious: Wild Speed | Agent Hobbs: Club Chaos Stunt Spectacular | Koka Monorail | Hiko Buto's Apple Wheel | Holiday Theming )
Retail ( It Fell off a Truck | DT Precision Auto Shop | Amai Kawai | Torendi Boutique )
Dining ( The 1327 Izakaya | Kaiten Boru Sushi | Dotonbori Stands | Conclusion )

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