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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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Poe Dameron

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After many years of decreasing attendance at Universal's Volcano Bay, in 2024, the decision was made by Universal Creative to popularize the park with an established IP in Nintendo and Donkey Kong, making way for the water theme park being branded as Kongo Bongo Bay, featuring Sizzle Kong.

Sizzle Kong Backstory
Smart, strong, and courageous are all words that Sizzle Kong uses to describe himself, as a self-proclaimed hero of the Kongs who has more bark than he does bite.

Brother of the famous Donkey Kong, cool Funky Kong, and “classy” Swanky Kong, Sizzle has an arrogant, hot headed nature, and likes to take credit for all of his brothers’ successes, especially after Donkey Kong dispatched the Kremlings, Tikis, and SnowMads, and Sizzle jumped out of the shadows to hog the attention that was meant for Donkey Kong.

The wise elder of the group, Cranky Kong, called Sizzle out and kicked him off the Island, which led Sizzle out on the first adventure of his life, where he “discovered” another island, and thinking he was the first to find it, christened the island as “Kongo Bongo Bay”

Seeing that Kongo Bongo Bay was actually already a tourist destination, Volcano Bay, owned by entrepreneur Swanky Kong, Swanky decided to re-embrace his brother Sizzle, and take over the financial aspect of the island, allowing Sizzle to control the attractions on the Island and keep the name, which Sizzle accepted hoping that it would make his estranged Kong family proud.

Sizzle Kong's Purpose
Sizzle represents the adventurer in all of us, the rambunctious yet brave Kong not afraid of anything, and his presence at Kongo Bongo Bay has created a water theme park inviting for young children and adults as well, taking the exotic themes of Volcano Bay, and adapting them to more popular characters that promotes higher attendance.

His touch on Kongo Bongo Bay is seen throughout the park, with slides named after places on his home island, with updated effects in places like Crystal Caves, and the Chimp Caverns, including faster rapids like Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!, and the fun of Monkey Mines for children to be an adventurer of their own.

Sizzle made sure there would be enough to do for the whole family, making sure Kongo Bongo Bay had good food, quality seating, and of course, since he wants to take all the credit for himself, he even set up his own Meet and Greet location, right next to Kiddy Kong Reef

At the Meet and Greet, there are sometimes dance parties, where Sizzle sings and dances to popular tunes, and the onlookers can join in with him, even as he sings his own song made popular by the new Nintendo Switch 3D game that came out in 2023, Sizzle Kong Shuffle.

He’s the hero of the bunch...well...maybe not,
he delusion-ally thinks it was he alone the Kremlings fought,
his ego’s so big it isn’t funny,
he’ll make the tourists want to shower him with money,
he’s got a hot-temper and a swell grass skirt,
with his luau necklace, he’ll make the Kremlings hurt,
we love to bits, you may wonder WHY,
with his strength and his smile, he’s one chill guy...HUH!

Promotional Potential
Sizzle Kong, Donkey Kong, and Nintendo's popularity in the last few years have skyrocketed, and Universal Creative thought that a Nintendo spin on a water theme park with a traditional pacific island backstory could have the potential to reach a wider audience to compensate for the dwindling attendance.

Kongo Bongo Bay was promoted all over Universal Orlando Resort, on buses, billboards, and in the hotel pamphlets to make sure people understood that Super Nintendo World was not the only place you could find popular Nintendo characters on your Universal vacation.

There are also commercials advertising the new water theme park to people who might not be aware, making sure the word gets out about Universal's Kongo Bongo Bay and the popular Sizzle Kong, like the one below.


Long Term Plans
A connecting Mario Kart flying skyway idea from Kongo Bongo Bay to Super Nintendo World has been proposed based on the recent overlay, with some pointing to a more immersive Hogwarts Express connecting the two Nintendo locations within Universal Orlando Resort.

In the end, Sizzle Kong is the new mascot of the redefined water theme park of Universal, and gives Universal not only a better theme to promote for their water park, but also something that can build off of the ideas of Volcano Bay into something better for families to enjoy.​


Original Poster
Okay...well #VBB and Natty Light vs Hamilton style rapping and Sizzle Kong... @MonorailRed we have our work cut out for us:hilarious:

With the short turnaround this Stanza, I mentioned to the guest judges that they have the round off! They will be back for Stanza X, the final challenge of the Briar Patch Brawl (and final Stanza before the end of Act II!)

Since both teams were so proactive - we'll be sending Stanza X right now, followed by reviews and results later tonight - thanks again for an awesome round! This was one of my favorites yet no matter who wins:cool:


MonorailRed's Reviews


Team Brava

The Volcano Bay Teaser Trailer visually looked great, :D but I wish it had more purpose of giving more information on the new mascot, rather than using it as a hint.:bookworm:

The backstory sounds very similar to Moana, and I personally would have loved to see more originality :bored:…. But I think ripping off a backstory is exactly what Universal would and has done. :hilarious:

Adding unto the second rip-off of Disney Kingdoms for the comics, good job acting like Universal in this situation! :p

Your implementation of expanding the backstory in the park was great – but I do wish there was more promotion to get guests into the park, rather then it be just a bonus when you are in the park. :bookworm: I wish his appearance was more detailed, rather than a guy wearing a Tiki mask – I think that’s your Achilles heel this round.

Since this is a character challenge – Let’s talk about Akua. :cool: His purpose is to extend the lore of Volcano Bay – and I think he does that perfectly. :joyfull: I wish we dove into a better summary of his personality, more than just what he is. He’s a pirate of sorts – I understand that, but what is he like? In Frozen - Elsa’s a Queen with ice powers - but she’s also afraid, strict, and highly cautious – and also loves her sister and would do anything to protect her. :bookworm: I feel like I’m missing the “What makes this guy special” element.

Overrall, Amazing work with presentation. :D Including artwork, video, and written content – but the story seemed undeveloped.


Team Castle

I’ll just say it - I love what you did with Volcano Bay. :D

I personally would have never thought to mix Nintendo with Volcano Bay, let alone any IP, so this was a unique approach to see. :cool: The Backstory worked for me, I think it had enough depth to explain to guests what happened to Volcano Bay.

The artwork helped convey the idea, it definitely got the project concept across. The slide re-names weren’t necessary, but it seemed everything this round - Castle stepped up this round for one of my favorite characters of the season.:joyfull:

Absolutely brilliant idea to use Donkey Kong as an IP :D – and I love that you made it original by creating your own character. Long term promotions were a nice touch – I could see that realistically, similar to Harry Potter. Makes total sense to me!

But since this is about creating a main character(s) – Let’s talk about Sizzle Kong. I think he fits Volcano Bay’s already set atmosphere well. His attire, backstory, and personality all seem great for the area. :cool: Very chill, but also adventurous – and I think that fits Volcano Bay’s theming wonderfully. He also seems to have a little depth in character, being an attention hog. :p

The rap and the commercial made my day – that was great. :hilarious:

Overall, ya done good, Castle. Very, very, good. :D


Original Poster
spacemt354's Reviews

Starting off I don't think I've ever laughed more reading through your final hours of the team PM, one comment how he looks like a bro snowballs into a mascot who's a frat guy with beer looking to pick up a warrior princess. :hilarious:

To the backstory, I really appreciate the attention to detail in trying to incorporate the pre-existing backstory of Volcano Bay into the project! Really nice touch. That being said, aside from the final day where he received a college dude overlay, Akua seemed to blend in a bit too much into pre-established Polynesian lore. To me, it reminded me of Moana a bit, which I think you even mentioned in your PM that Universal would knock off Moana that way:p but still, rather than further enhancing the backstory, it felt like it blended in too seamlessly, as if the backstory really didn't change all that much, just some of the events leading up to TapuTapu and now the Romeo and Juliet couple of Akua and Tai Nui.

That being said, the comic angle was a terrific idea for promotion, along with the meet and greet and themed merchandise. The commercial was a nice touch too, very well produced, just it felt more like an advertisement of the pre-existing Volcano Bay moreso than the infusion of Akua and why new guests should now visit this further enhanced and immersive storyline tied in to the water park.

Another monumental plus for this team is your continued efforts to try new things! So amazing! The artwork all around, from Disney Dad to Pi, to Ace, to Kevin, and to one of my favorite art pieces I've seen from D Hindley -- all around just knocked it out of the park in the art department! Words really can't say how proud I am of everyone to see this team grow, to where D Hindley can coach DisneyFan through proofreading the backstory, and others can provide constructive commentary to help each other improve, without feeling any sort of embarrassment or shyness. It's great.

So while the character itself wasn't my favorite or most unique in terms of what he does to the story of Volcano Bay, I thought you continued to get back to the Bravo Brava days and always look forward to seeing what comes next! We'll see how you sizzle against Kong


Before even getting into it -- two things happened to this team that really define our intentions with this season - and that is being able to learn from the past and apply it to the future! This round, Castle -- you did this wonderfully!

Going back to Stanza II, since most of the members here are from the original Verde team, you all had an idea for a United Nations Pavilion that, while gutsy, we both were really interesting in possibly seeing that become a reality -- just to try something...hey the worst that happens, you go edgy and it doesn't work, but at least you tried! And you recognized Nintendo was your team's strong property to work with, going back to Stanza VII.

Now coming full circle you had the option of going a route more 'safe' in my mind, but then an idea to radically alter the entire park and set the project in an alternate timeline (because time-travel is allowed in the SAU) and re-theme the entire park with a new character from the Donkey Kong world that's "popular" in the time period.

Um, okay wow -- that is creative!

The backstory to "Sizzle Kong" was pretty good! I understood it at least, and my barometer when you go for something I don't really have a passion for, is if you can get me to understand it, you can get the average guest to understand it. I just really admired how you went the extra mile and had a purpose for this...attendance drops, so what does any theme park do these days? Slap an IP on it, and not just any IP -- Nintendo which by that time should be coming - and you even hinted at it being connected to Super Nintendo World -- (which, btw, I doubt that would realistic, but the idea is intriguing)

While not as visually impressive as Brava, I appreciate the effort by Brer, Magic, and Poe to come up with some art, Brer in particular for coming up with Sizzle Kong and the sketch!

And can we talk about the rap for a second...okay was not expecting that either:hilarious: Was something I didn't know I needed in my life.

If I had one thing negative to say, it's that Castle has become a 4 person band basically, and 1-3 people if it doesn't involve Nintendo. That's slightly disappointing, I understand things come up, but it would be nice to not have the same people taking a large workload each round. That being said I do think, the ones who make it to Act III, will benefit from being 'trained' so to speak to take on a larger workload, but then have the benefit of everyone involved being active in Act III.

But, maybe Stanza X will be better in that department - overall, great job "going for it" -- you took a risk...and to me...it paid off!​


Original Poster
Stanza IX Results

Thank you to both teams for an incredible round! This one was a lot of fun it seemed for everyone, and we hope that fun continues! That being said, we have #VBB vs Sizzle -- who wins this battle royale?

Team Castle
Another very tight round!
While Brava's artwork was incredible, it seemed like a majority of the focus was on the artwork itself, which is great in one respect, it's just the prompt's focus was on the character and the backstory to that character, and how to be able to promote it to new guests of the park.
We both felt like Castle excelled at setting up the 'narrative' and the 'why' for their character, as well as provided a backstory adaptable to the tropical environment of the newly named 'Kongo Bongo Bay'.

That doesn't dismiss or ignore the valiant efforts to try new things on Brava! Pi for the first time doing background art, Ace trying new forms of art, etc etc -- very great to see and this practice and effort will definitely pay off in Act III - trust me! (unintentional rhyme)

Congratulations everyone and let's continue on through Act II to Stanza X


Original Poster

Having just redesigned Volcano Bay from the ground up with brand new character mascots, the teams made their final trek back 'home' to the magic of Walt Disney World.

Having been briefed on the location and theme of the next project, the teams were excited for The Muppets, but wondering what exactly would be the challenge?
"Whatever it is I'm excited" @AceAstro said

As they approached the entrance gates to Disney's Hollywood Studios and went around to walk through the park towards the Courtyard, they saw a swinging Muppet Mobile Lab car out in front.

"Someone must have been here before" Ace determined "And The Great Muppet Ride? I've never heard of that." Soon they realized the larger SAU coming to fruition with this final Stanza of Act II.


Original Poster


In The Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe, there have been a few alterations in the past to Disney's Hollywood Studios, most notably the deferral of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to make room for a Muppets Courtyard expansion. The Great Muppet Ride takes guests on a whimsical journey through several of Disney's classic attractions, told using Muppet characters. Across the courtyard in Muppet*Vision 3D, the newfound life that The Great Muppet Ride has given to the area, has prompted the higher ups to consider a renovation to Muppet*Vision, but while keeping Jim Henson's touch on the actual show. With that said...

Your task is to design a new Pre-Show for Muppet*Vision 3D

- You may completely re-route and/or gut the queue itself to make way for a more elaborate Pre-Show experience, or you can use the pre-established area and simply re-theme it.
- In addition, if you would like, you may redo the queue before the pre-show as well, but the focus of this project should be on the Pre-Show.
- Essentially, the goal of this project is to allow you the opportunity in writing your own Muppets short sketch, without actually altering Muppet*Vision 3D. Make the Pre-Show more lively, up-to-date, and entertaining for the guests, so that in and of itself, it's a can't miss experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Project Managers
Castle - @TheOriginalTiki
Brava - @AceAstro

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, WowFactor, Sam4D23, gonzoWDW
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Saturday May 26th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Thank you, best of luck to everyone, have fun, and enjoy!​

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