The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition

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Knott’s Berry Farm – “America’s First Theme Park” – is a place filled with nostalgia and Americana. For decades it has been a respected rival to Disneyland just a few miles south, with themed attractions in years past often neck-and-neck with Disney for quality. With Knott’s eventual sale to Cedar Fair, much of its vintage charm was lost, and fan favorite rides like Kingdom of the Dinosaurs lost with it. Now, with Disney gaining control of all Cedar Fair's parks, that charm can return!

Knott’s fans might recall the old Wacky Soap Box Racers family steeplechase coaster. Set in the Roaring Twenties area, riders would race in one of four “homemade” soapbox derby cars through a cartoony 1920s cityscape. It’s the sort of chintzy outdated ride which lives on in memories, and now with a modern revitalized update thanks to Soapbox Demolition Derby.​


Under Disney’s park-wide revitalization, the Boardwalk area which replaced Roaring Twenties now reverts back to Roaring Twenties. All of Knott’s modifies (where needed) following plans for Disney’s America – a plan Imagineering has actually considered for Knott’s in the past. Lands represent the Old West, the Revolutionary area, pre-European Native America and – with Roaring Twenties – a swinging Gilded Age trolley park awash with Jazz music, flappers and more inter-war optimism.

Soapbox Demolition Derby takes the place of the underutilized Charles M. Schultz Theater and an adjacent empty plot. (Space is exceedingly tight in Knott’s, and this the only available attraction area is at a premium! Theater duties, which mostly concern Knott’s Scary Farm, relocate to outdoor venues in Ghost Town.) The ride takes up multiple stories, with a footprint roughly the same as Haunted Mansion, so there’s plenty of room here for a major ride!


The façade for Soapbox Demolition Derby resembles a series of 1920s storefronts, as might be found in a romanticized amalgamation of Capone’s Chicago and Gatsby’s New York. False fronts, like in Toon Town, provide “look ins” where guests can listen to gangsters plotting or hear old-timey radios. Attraction entry is through a vintage garage, where countless pieced-together soapbox derby racers are under construction. Guests pass through a kludged-together clubhouse, like something the Little Rascals might create. They smell fresh apple pie. Admire soapbox blueprints. Nearing stairs, the queue splits into four, each leading to a unique soapbox loading platform within the garage refueling bay.


Soapbox Demolition Derby, unlike its predecessor, is located entirely indoors. It is a racing dark ride, sort of a marriage between Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Radiator Springs Racers in terms of ride style and thrill. As before, guests race each other in one of four soapbox derby racers. Each racer sits 4 guests in rows of 2, like a classic Fantasyland dark ride. Like them, there is no height limit. But thrills are coming nonetheless, for the ride system is a modified slot car racer, like a scaled-down Test Track along 4 parallel, crisscrossing tracks. Adding to that, the racers can swivel atop their wheeled bases, creating an out-of-control drifting sensation as the ride nears its chaotic climax. (Hourly capacity: 1,920)

Initially riders pull out slowly (at dark ride pace) to the starting line, flanked by hay bales and grandstands filled with cartoonish onlookers (utilizing Runaway Railroad “2.5-D” tech). Characters are outrageous 1920s caricatures. Banner overhead: “BIG RACE TODAY!” All 4 racers stop, and once a flag drops they all race out together!


The race begins along daytime city streets. Cars speed at 15 mph – which feels faster thanks to up-close scenery and wind effects. Dodging traffic (chintzy jalopy animatronics), the 4 cars weave along their not-quite-parallel tracks down curves.

Ahead, there is a police roadblock. It’s not for us – a squad of gangsters is robbing the Downtown Bank. Even so, the soapbox cars swerve to avoid this zaniness, turning down a seedy back alley. Cats leap from our path. Trash cans topple. Fire escape ladders spin away.

Ahead is a solid fence. Cars crash through steel doors (which swing away at the last second) into the gangsters’ hideout. Cartoonish criminals give chase, rushing to grab their tommy guns. (Again, animatronics are simplistic and goofy, like this generation’s Mr. Toad.) Cars dodge gunfire – air blasts past riders’ heads – as they rampage up the spiral staircase of a crumbling apartment block.


Cars rush inside the gangsters’ stolen bank vault. All around are big overflowing “$” bags…and piles of dynamite! The dynamite explodes! The vault crumbles, cars spinning, fiery blasts projected against brick walls. The floor gives way!

Cars plummet into the city’s sewers. They continue to race, diving under pipes and around waterfalls of sludge. All four tracks part ways, hurtling down tight halls! Cars rush towards each other, and swerve away at the last second! Headlights suddenly reveal enornmous rats and alligators and sewer workers!


The cars burst out through a city park’s fountain! They reach a max speed of 25 mph. Two gangster sedans pursue, animatronics on parallel tracks on each side! Ahead is a solid stone prison wall. The soapbox cars dive below it, and the gangster cars crash. Soapbox cars spin away, back onto regular city streets, back onto their intended racetrack. And before the riders can even register it, they’ve crossed the finish line! With a final randomized burst of speed, one of the four cars wins, and their lane is bathed in lights and applause.

Guests unload and exit down brick hallways past trophy cases and an animatronic newsboy bearing a newspaper: “Extra! Extra! Soapbox derby racers foist gangsters’ bank heist!” A final fresh-painted sign asks “Wanna race again?” And why not? With 4 unique tracks, a new winner each time, and a panoply of insane visuals, Soapbox Demolition Derby is a ride families will want to experience repeatedly, a wonderfully thrilling yet accessible addition to Knott’s!


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The Fantastic World of Flintstones - Only at Calaway Park


My home park is Calaway Park. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, neither do half of the people who live in my city.

Calaway Park is located just outside of Calgary, Alberta Canada and is the Largest Outdoor Amusement Park in Western Canada.

Some other information if you want (Not necessary, just bonus):

Before going any further, it is important to know the history of the park. When the park was in early development, it’s name was the Flintstones Fun Park as they owned the theme park licensing for the Flintstones IP. Due to massive financial struggles, they dropped all licenses and naming rights before the park even opened.

Unfortunately, most of the park was already built so there was already a decent Flintstones feel in the area (that still exists to this day. Because this is a fairly local park, pictures are hard to find. Here are some examples.).



Because of this history with the Flintstones, I feel lit is time for them to make a comeback to the park.


The Rocky Mountain Railroad is an attraction that takes guests on a train ride with the highlight being a tunnel. It takes up a lot of space and isn’t very exciting (and yes, that is the highway behind the picture).


(The train track is outlined by the bright red line)

The Rocky Mountain Railroad will close and that area will be used for Calaway Park’s first IP-land, The Fantastic World of Flintstones.


Four attractions are featured in this Mini-land:



Guests can explore the town of Bedrock including the Flintstones’ house and the Rubble’s house. These houses also double as a meet and greet area for all Flintstones characters.

Dino Spinner


This classic spinner allows guests to hop on the back of their favourite Flintstones Dinosaur, Dino.

Flinstones Bowling Alley


Guests can play at a bowling alley themed just like the one you can see in the cartoons. Rock walls, “rock” bowling balls, and the classic rock entrance can all be seen.



Flintstones Drive-in


The most ambitious part of the land, Flinstones Drive-in will be Calaway Park’s attempt at Disney’s successful Sci-Fi Dine-In restaurant. This would be Calaway Park’s first real sit down restaurant.

Guests can sit in cars from the Flintstones (complete with no bottoms) and enjoy all sorts of great food.


The screen all the cars are facing will be playing constant Flintstone cartoon episodes.


All in all, this new addition to Calaway Park brings in 3 attractions and a restaurant to an area that is used for a train with no sightline while accepting the early history of the park.



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In The Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe, there have been a few alterations in the past to Disney's Hollywood Studios, most notably the deferral of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to make room for a Muppets Courtyard expansion. The Great Muppet Ride takes guests on a whimsical journey through several of Disney's classic attractions, told using Muppet characters. Across the courtyard in Muppet*Vision 3D, the newfound life that The Great Muppet Ride has given to the area, has prompted the higher ups to consider a renovation to Muppet*Vision, but while keeping Jim Henson's touch on the actual show. With that said...

Your task is to design a new Pre-Show for Muppet*Vision 3D

- You may completely re-route and/or gut the queue itself to make way for a more elaborate Pre-Show experience, or you can use the pre-established area and simply re-theme it.
- In addition, if you would like, you may redo the queue before the pre-show as well, but the focus of this project should be on the Pre-Show.
- Essentially, the goal of this project is to allow you the opportunity in writing your own Muppets short sketch, without actually altering Muppet*Vision 3D. Make the Pre-Show more lively, up-to-date, and entertaining for the guests, so that in and of itself, it's a can't miss experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Project Managers
Castle - @TheOriginalTiki
Brava - @AceAstro

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, WowFactor, Sam4D23, gonzoWDW
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Saturday May 26th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Thank you, best of luck to everyone, have fun, and enjoy!​

Hi ho! Team Brava here, and we invite you to read our proposal at the below link.


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Iron Dipper
Coming soon to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The time is November 2018. One year after the devastating Northern California wildfires, another batch of fires has broken out across the state. While these fires weren't as destructive on a large scale as the ones from last year, the flames managed to take out one of California's most beloved national historic landmarks...The Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Caught in a blaze that extended all the way from the forests of Santa Cruz, the Dipper never stood a chance. Naturally, this is the biggest tragedy the park has ever faced. In the wake of the untimely death of the Dipper, park officials have teamed with Fred Grubb and the Rocky Mountain Construction Company to rebuild the iconic coaster for a new generation, thus the Iron Dipper was born.

Maintaining much of the original Giant Dipper layout but using modern RMC i-box technology and state of the art inversions, the Iron Dipper promises to be a compact but thrilling new creation from the acclaimed coaster manufacturers. The ride rises 80 feet above the Santa Cruz skyline and features the world's shortest, most air-time filled 90 degree vertical drop, the world's first slanted loop on an RMC, two barrel rolls, two corkscrew transitions, and over 10 airtime moments. While nothing will ever fully replace the original Giant Dipper, the Iron Dipper promises to maintain the coaster's legendary commitment to delivering memorable thrills that will last for generations.


After dropping from the station into the coaster's iconic pre-lift hill shed, guests experience a barrel roll in pitch darkness before emerging in the Santa Cruz sunlight and climbing 80 feet to the top of the lift hill, taking in a breathtaking view of the beach and surrouding Boardwalk in the process. The 90 degree, airtime filled drop occurs, followed by a tiny five foot bunny hill right at the bottom of the drop giving the ride its most intense pop of airtime.

Next up is the mind-bending signature element of the ride, the slanted loop. Constructed in place of the original coaster's turn-around, this first of its kind inversion twists riders upside down at a 60 degree curved angle. It will be the most fully circular inversion RMC has yet devised and will include plenty of weightlessness and a unique view. The loop rises 75 feet and comes packed with hangtime, creating a stall upside down for riders to get seriously disorientated.
The coaster then goes into a double-up followed by a turn-around over the station before dropping down mere inches from the ride's iconic drop into a second barrel roll heading full speed ahead back towards the slanted loop, completing the original attraction's signature "out and back" layout. After the barrel roll guests head into a photogenic corkscrew directly under the slanted loop for an extreme "near miss" element ripe with head-chopping action.


Following a quick series of bunny hills, guests encounter one last corkscrew to get them into position to head back into the station, a final s-bend guides them towards the loading platform. With that, guests disembark and the Iron Dipper experience comes to a close. While memories of the legendary original coaster will always be in the hearts of Boardwalk visitors, the Iron Dipper promises to create a whole new set of thrilling memories for the next generation of park visitors.


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Team Castle Presents
A Brand New MuppetVision Pre-Show

MuppetVision has always been one of the fan-favorite attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios. While not overly crowded on any given day, it maintains a legacy about it that far exceeds the long lost California version. Because many fans have been left bitter by California Adventure's unexpected removal of their MuppetVision attraction, the good folks at WDW's Imagineering division have decided to double down on the legacy factor of the Florida version of the attraction with a new name as well as a brand new pre-show to go along with it. Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3D will be the same show that you've always loved, albiet with updated projections and a new Dolby Atmos sound system. To bring new attention to the attraction and celebrate the name change, an expansive pre-show has been created.

Guests start the pre-show in a newly constructed soundstage replacing the original open air courtyard. While timeless elements of the queue like the key under the mat and the dressing rooms will all remain intact, this new soundstage will create a better transition into the zany world of the Muppets. The whole gag with this soundstage is that it's not very big, and yet there's a lot going on. Three iconic Muppet Show sketches...the news room, Pigs in Space, and Veterinarian's Hospital, will be literally crammed up against each other. Spaceships from Pigs in Space will be poking out into the news desk. The hospital bed will be stuffed into the corner of the Pigs in Space set. While this queue room is not very big, it maintains a level of visual chaos and serves to get us into the spirit and act as a build-up to seeing Muppets live and in person as we'll be getting to soon with the new pre-show.

After heading down the famous dressing room hallway, we reach the 3D glasses distribution area. This has been redressed a security checkpoint, with Big Mean Carl acting as the main security guard. Big Mean Carl will be the first, and by far the most advanced AA you'll experience in the attraction, and will set a precedent for the new level of immersion guests will experience in the expanded pre-show. In the style of Roz from Mike and Sulley to the Rescue and Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story Mania, Carl is an interactive character controlled by an off-set castmember. The gag is that he's been given the role of security guard because he's the most intimidating of the Muppets, but at heart he's really just a big teddy bear. Therefore the gag of his interactions with the guests is that he tries to be tough but ends up coming across as the sweetest security guard ever.

After the security checkpoint, guests find themselves in the main pre-show room. The room features several AA characters including a stage with the full Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem lineup as well as a section roped off to the side with a series of C-list Muppet characters who have all be conned into being the stand-in audience. The thesis for the new pre-show is that the Electric Mayhem are trying to put on an opening act for the MuppetVision film and in true Muppet fashion everything keeps going wrong and constantly interrupts their performance. The pre-show will reuse the idea of the original and essentially be a non-linear script that guests can pop in and out of and not feel like they've missed anything. Essentially you can get just as much out of the pre-show by watching the entire 20 minute cycle as you would be if you just catch the last five minutes.

The screens from the original pre-show will remain intact, as well as the visual gag of the characters walking back and forth between all the screens. This will be used to showcase a variety of our A-list Muppet cast including people like Sam Eagle and Scooter who are pulling behind the scenes duties. Throughout the pre-show the AA crowd, Electric Mayhem, and characters on the screen all interact with each other in a totally seamless way.

Off to the side in the crowds is 80's Robot, Uncle Deadly, Beareguard, Wayne and Wanda, and Chip...The IT Guy. Gonzo and Camilla are on stage as physical AAs and act as stage managers for the band. Chip is the one legit fan of the Electric Mayhem and genuinely is excited for the show. Deadly is there to promote his own brands. 80's Robot is obviously programmed to generate robotic excited responses but in the most monotone way possible. Meanwhile Beauregard, News Man, and Wayne and Wanda are all genuinely irritated to varying degrees about having to be there in the first place. Wayne and Wanda as already established think they should be the opening act, Beauregard is just sad to not be included in the actual show, and News Man is very cynical in his impromptu reports with how the pre-show is literally falling apart before his eyes.

Sample dialogue

Deadly- My, My, Gonzo. That ensemble is absolutely tragic. I truly would take a few hits to the head for anyone to think that is in.

Muppet News Man- This just in. Gonzo’s Outfit is not in.
(In response to a technical mishap on stage) Chip- Oh no... that wasn’t supposed to happen. Oh well, better call The IT guy... oh wait, I am The IT guy... eh... It’ll fix itself.
(In response to the announcement of the Electric Mayhem Preshow)

Wayne- What? Electric Mayhem?

Wanda- Who would want to here those bozos instead of us.

Wayne- I have an idea! Sam... Introduce us!

Wanda- Sam, Sam Darling? Where are you?

Beauregard- Sam isn’t here. He went to go talk to that tour group outside about converting to become American.
Deadly- Pardon me, Chip? You run all these screens correct?

- Well, I, Uh, gee, Yeah...

Deadly- Perfect, can you queue up UBD.mup to play on the screens next. I would really appreciate.

Chip- Uh well, sure, just give me a second.

(Screens go to Static to reveal a video of Uncle Deadly dancing behind a glowing curtain. An mystical female voice begins talking)

Voice- Feeling Burdened by Everyday Fashion? Are you tired of the outdated stylings of Vera Wang? Are you tired of all of those horrid wardrobe malfunctions? Then, at your next visit to your local department store, try

Deadly- Uncle by Deadly. The ultimate style for the modern woman

(Cut to Footage of Piggy)

Deadly- Whether you are strutting the catwalk, dancing the night away, or curling up with your adopted, Argentinian penguin named after a Latina Pop Icon while pigging our with your favorite potato chips, Uncle by Deadly is the fab solution for you!
Miss Piggy- Hello my Pretties! Madame Piggy is here to take you on a tour of Walt Disney World’s best Instagram hotspots! Let’s see, first we are supposed to go to toothpaste wall!
What! This isn’t toothpaste! This is just paint! Hey Scooter! Run to the nearerest drug store...

(Cut to Piggy Squirting an Obnoxious amount of toothpaste on the wall)

Piggy: Ah! That's more like it! I'm ready for my close up!

(Photo Montage)

Piggy: Goodbye my lovelies! Stay Fabulous!
(Seasonal addition)
Gonzo - Ladies and Gentlemen. I would now proudly present, the Candlelight Processional! Now with extra chicken.

Camilla and the chickens in the shape of a Christmas tree rise from behind Gonzo and click Silent Night

Gonzo - It’s so beautiful.
=========================================================================================Essentially throughout the pre-show, right as the band is getting cued up to perform another interruption happens...rather it be Fozzie doing impromptu stand-up comedy or Sam Eagle stepping in for a political public service announcement. The interruptions will happen both in the form of different characters wanting their time in the spotlight as well as technical mishaps. As previously stated, the pre-show will have a non-linear flow to it and will be able to be enjoyed at any point you enter the room. The only reoccurring gag is Animal growing increasingly irritated over each interruption, eventually climaxing in an epic drum solo when the announcer says it's time to go into the theater as a last ditch effort to squeeze some performance out of the botched gig.


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Thank you to both teams for the Muppet Pre-Shows and congratulations on completing the regular season of The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4!

While I finish up reviews, (for both Stanza X and the optional challenges which I hope to get out tonight) as well as prepare for a special event upcoming tonight, if you'd like to have an opportunity to enter Act III (the post-season playoffs) now is a perfect time to submit your responses in The Haunted Board Room

Remember, the only guarantee to not make it into the playoffs is by not responding to these questions - so make sure you do that, and I'm even going to push the due date of it until 10:30 PM EST tomorrow night (instead of 8:30 PM EST) -- so please submit, we'd like to hear from everyone!

*And to those who have already submitted privately, I will post your replies toward the end tomorrow, don't worry I still have them:p Thank you!


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spacemt354's Reviews

I have two immediate thoughts - the first being how fantastic the teamwork on this project was, with several on the team either busy or unfamiliar with Muppets, others stepped up and followed the Project Manager Ace to another successful Brava entry. The second being -- 24 pages for a Pre-Show ahh!! Imagine if it was a full-ride it might have broken the 84 page record;) (it's funny you even mention that in the project haha)
*And I know most of it was pictures and spaced out script - just any opportunity to bring up 84 pages in a Google Doc I will take :p

Well the introduction certainly has my attention! One of the goals of this project was to create something that is worth seeing in and of itself at DHS - an authentic puppet style animatronic sounds like it will do just that! Really like the sketch of the queue too -- as I've said for now 10 Stanzas - visuals, especially custom visuals, add so much originality and authenticity to an imagineering project. Great job fitting this in, Disney Dad! And -- I very much enjoy the recreation of the backstage - Very cool setup!

The randomization of the show is something I think will keep bringing people back! That is the one thing about Muppets is, while a great show, when you can recite most of the show scenes by memory, and 3D being less of a fad now, it's a bit dated. Something fresh like this would definitely be a good substitute. That being said, the description of it could use a bit of editing or clarity -- like the term project manager just came out of left field, and the diamond to me is obsolete in explaining your show because I don't know where any of the points are in space - overlaying it with the map on one of the previous pages, not only would have cut down length, but also made it a bit clearer. For transparency though, crude sketches are better than no sketches - so props for the effort at least!

Overall the scripts were very funny and classic Muppets - if you don't mind, to not go through and nitpick 18+ pages of text and images, I'll just touch on some of the one-liners that made me 'lol' along with some simple constructive comments.

Electric Mayhem Pitch
"You can't rush art" - I'm assuming a reference to Toy Story 2
"I can do an interview show with some of the greatest stars of Hollywood" - Superstar Limo?
"Hmmm... Galaxy's Edge, this is not" - random Yoda appearance

Rizzo and Company's Pitch
The live-action remake riff by Rizzo
Swedish Chef making a Dole Whip - I mean is there anything else that needs to be said? :hilarious:

Rowlf's Vaudeville Pitch
"To make sure you don't chicken out in front of the guests" - Fozzie, can't go wrong with a good pun
Kermit saying "I don't think we're allowed to make that type of joke" regarding the GotG coaster

Sesame Street Pitch
"Excuse me Mr. the Grouch?" - Kermit, reminded me of Mr. Manager :p
"Thank you Kermit, that is very American of you to do" - Sam the Eagle, I could see him saying this

Some minor criticisms come from grammar, think this could have used a classic Disney Dad spell-check and grammar run-through, however I know he's traveling this weekend. Some of the lines dragged on a little bit, but I mean nobody here is a professional comedian, the fact that you were able to step out of your comfort zones with this, together as one, and develop this pre-show speaks volumes for several of you who really shined this round! Bravo, Brava!


While not the productive team outing that this team has been blessed with since essentially the start of Act II - I still think the players involved were able to salvage what they could out of this project, and rallied together for an entertaining pre-show! From the top, the idea to go with characters that aren't in the show I thought was a risky move to general audiences, but I think over time could play very well as people get to know the characters as the 'outsiders' of the main group. Despite it being a linear pre-show, I still think it has more re-watchability due to the animatronics and show set-up itself.

I just want to give a special shout-out to @Magic Feather because I always knew you were a talented imagineer, but to me these past few Briar Patch Stanzas you have truly rounded out your imagineering game with some amazing stuff. First, consistent concept art each project (huge plus in my book), added with a custom song Journey On in Stanza VIII, and now a comedic side I've never read before:

Really all your lines in this project were top notch, but this section had me rolling with laughter -- it was so great:hilarious:
Voice- Feeling Burdened by Everyday Fashion? Are you tired of the outdated stylings of Vera Wang? Are you tired of all of those horrid wardrobe malfunctions? Then, at your next visit to your local department store, try

Deadly- Uncle by Deadly. The ultimate style for the modern woman

(Cut to Footage of Piggy)

Back to the project - overall there's a lot to like about the pitch itself (which to be honest is essentially what this is) I don't like to use the word blame, and it's not the leadership's fault...really I'm just a bit disappoint that aside from real life things going on, I mean you lost a player before the project was even due, without a warning or farewell offering. That's kinda unfortunate, so the team as a whole gets some slack for that. With that said, there's much to enjoy from the security guard entrance which I thought was hilarious, to the C-list Muppet character lineups, though all in all this could have benefited from some more images, and really not even custom, just a lay of the land basically for the queue and how this is all working out.

So in the end, while this Team, I feel, has grown - and while the brainstorming embodied the Muppets craziness, it's even self-acknowledged that this wasn't the best effort, but one that given the circumstances I say you should still hold your head high on!​


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spacemt354 Reviews - Fantasmic! 2000 Challenges
(Part 1)

@DisneyFan18 - Disney's Reino Aventura
Six Flags México

Really like the introduction! While a bit long winded - it is very immersive and gets me into Six Flags Mexico (something I think most if not all of us have little to no experience with - but that is the point of this challenge! To educate us all with new parks!:D)

The Woody's Roundup Whip Ride sounds like a perfect entry into that land (and love how you brought back your infamous ticket info slides!)

Aquaman Water Coaster on the scale of Pirates - hmm will be interesting to see how this film does next year - but if it is successful and really packs a punch I think that could go a long way to selling this attraction! Even with it on its own, it sounds pretty neat, feels like a personal passion of an attraction, which is good! Now's the time to do that!

Jungle Jeep Expedition Co - Feels like a mix of the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones Adventure - what could go wrong with that? Excellent!

Coco: Una Aventura Musical - A Pooh's Hunny Hunt style Coco attraction! Very neat - and of course another passion of yours!

El Templo de Quetzalcoatl - This one out of all the attractions actually intrigued me the most, slightly because it took me three cracks to try and pronounce it lol, but also because it felt like the most immersive out of the bunch - love the map and the small visuals to accompany it! Overall it just seems like a truly immersive attraction that delves not only into Mexican culture and history, but into a bit of story-telling and fancifulness as well!

And can't go wrong with a billion dollar budget custom chart at the end - ultimately, very happy you got to do your home park and add a bit of Disney touch to it -- that's now a part of The SAU forever!
(yes, the surprise twist of this optional challenge is, for all future seasons, these attractions you designed are a part of them:))

@D Hindley - Soapbox Demolition Derby
Knott's Berry Farm, California

At first I was wondering how you would do Knott's as well, because the space is really an issue and one that deterred us from going that route with Stanza V (instead picking Magic Mountain as an option) - that being said you did the best you possibly could with the availability!

An indoor Soapbox Derby as a combination of Mr. Toad and Radiator Springs sounds so exhilarating! Combining that with the tech of M&MRR along with the capacity of an E-Ticket of 1,920 per hour, and this is really a neat addition! I think the re-ridability factor will play a huge role in the enjoyment of this attraction, with the four different tracks and four different winners. While 15 mph seems slow, there are a ton of illusion effects that around you as you mention that could resemble moving faster. And the bank robber twist is a nice tie in with the 1920s and a bit of a darker Disney attraction - something I think would fit in well with the area and Knott's as a whole. Awesome job!

@AceAstro - The Fantastic World of Flinstones
Calaway Park, Canada

First I really appreciate the backstory given to this relatively unknown park - gives the reader a way of assimilating with the surroundings instead of just reading text and assuming things fit into place.

As a huge fan of the Flinstones and The Honeymooners (if anyone even knows what the latter show is) I would love to experience a Flinstones area - used to watch this show all the time as a kid. I really like the Drive-In area and the bowling alley - though, while I don't know if this is in the budget for this park - it would be neat to have a footpowered car:cool: sort of like a footpowered Indy Speedway.

Overall, exciting to see something way out of the box like this!​


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spacemt354 Reviews - Fantasmic! 2000 Challenges
(Part 2)

@kmbmw777 - Sakaar
Six Flags: Great America

You had me at Thor: Ragnarok haha -- I think it's no shock to anyone who has talked with me since last November that Ragnarok was one of my favorite MCU films of all-time. And Sakaar was just as wacky as the director who envisioned it. Having that in a park west of the Mississippi (which technically would be allowed here) is a fantastic choice! Also while minor I do like how you kept the Man of Steel attraction in GA - ha! I'm flattered.

Love the mathematical detail that went into spacing the area out! For the Contest of Champions E-Ticket - a FoP and EE combo -- I don't even know how that is possible but sign me up for that trippy adventure. Really like the detail and design that went into the queue itself, as well as the scene descriptions (even including a bit of custom design for what looks like part of the ride-through)

In the end - the last line made me laugh...why is it next to Metropolis? The park's already screwed up :hilarious: Well done and well put.

@TheOriginalTiki - Iron Dipper
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Ah finally the SC Boardwalk! Interesting backstory to this attraction - I wasn't expecting something that in-depth for an intro, but great job nonetheless, it then makes sense why the park ultimately went in this direction. As a huge RMC fan - especially of the i-box tech, love everything that you did here with it - including the awesome RCT3!

Overall, the descriptions of the coaster along with the visuals were the perfect blend for an iconic coaster for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - which will now live on forever, along with the 4 other submissions, as part of the SAU forever!


Thank you to everyone for the Fantasmic 2000! challenges....

and now -- onto the

Homecoming Awards Ceremony!


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Regular Season Finale Event

After completing Stanza X, and as players filed into The Haunted Board Room, everyone was offered an invitation to take a stroll towards the Walt Disney World Swan, Dolphin, and Pelican convention hall for what would be known as the...

Homecoming Awards Ceremony

Taking place in the same location as the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings, the awards took on a baseball theme, something that has been teased from the early previews of the competition, tying back in the baseball cards distributed to the early FastPass+ contestants. The awards were specifically aimed to celebrate the conclusion of the regular season, and a look back at the past accomplishments of the players before moving on to the post-season.

Regular Season Awards
Silver Sorcerer
Gold Ink Award
Reliever of the Year
Project Manager of the Year
Yen Sid Award
Cy Young Award

Rookie of the Year


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The most valuable player to a team throughout the regular season

Winner - @D Hindley

2nd Place - @DisneyFan18
3rd Place - @Magic Feather

Throughout the first 10 Stanzas, Douglas has been a core member of Brava, setting the tone early in the competition with the Sleeping Beauty Mine Train concept (and artwork) followed up by pushing others on the team to be the best they can be. He has been vital at keeping Brava together, especially when others are busy, making sure the brainstorming train rolls on throughout each Stanza. Even going so far as to recover from injury in time to assist in Stanza VIII to help the team on to victory. MVP is the most valuable player to a team. To Team Brava, and to us, D Hindley deserved this honor.


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Silver Sorcerer
Player whose contributions, when at full strength, have the most positive impact on projects (a 'home run' hitter)

Winner - @Voxel

2nd Place - @Disney Dad 3000
3rd Place - @TheOriginalTiki

Setting the bar high for a classic Sorcerer's Apprentice Season with a custom website in Stanza I, a Swiss Proposal in Stanza II, and a custom website in Stanza IV - after a three year hiatus, Voxel came back with a vengence and cemented his legacy as one of the most talented imagineers the forum has to offer. When he's on -- your team has a great chance of winning, because his components tend to be overachieving 'home runs' like the 5-hour journey to design a Planet Coaster EPCOT Center attraction, or the countless hours coding a website. The Silver Sorcerer goes big or goes home - and that basically is Voxel in a nutshell. ;)


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Gold Ink Award
For consistent effort to produce artwork in the competition

Winner - @D Hindley

2nd Place - @Magic Feather
3rd Place - @Brer Oswald
Honorable Mention - @Skipper2

With incredible custom designs in Stanza I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, and the optional challenge, Douglas truly embraced his talent for artwork and used it to his and his team's advantage throughout the season. With an emphsis on custom designs, he not only did artwork himself, he pushed others such as AceAstro, DisneyFan18, and kmbmw777 to work on their own sketches and designs -- improving their imagineering skills in the process. That teamwork and compatability is infectious and your encouragement on top of setting the example with your art nets D Hindley the Gold Ink Award


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Reliever of the Year
Player whose contributions late in Stanzas tend to either save projects or help them become finished products

Winner - @Pionmycake

2nd Place - @Poe Dameron
3rd Place - @FigmentPigments

Throughout the first three Stanzas, Pi was a crucial member in helping the team formulate the final projects at the zero hour near the due times. Sacrificing his time and effort, he propelled the early projects to within range of victory, before heading to Brava in Stanza IV and utilizing his talents for consistent team play in the victorious Adventureland project. All in all, Pi has shown a propensity to always be available, despite any work responsibilities, and the sacrifice to do write-ups on his works breaks, or between family time, earns him - reliever of the year.


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Project Manager of the Year
Exemplifies leadership qualities and the ability to adapt to teammates to ensure a solid project

Winner - @AceAstro

2nd Place - @D Hindley
3rd Place - @Poe Dameron

Throwing him into the lion's den in the first Stanza, in his first major leadership role, Ace was able to manage the influx of talent from D Hindley to Vox to even the reappearance of englanddg - and was able to assimilate the varying viewpoints together as one into a successful victory during his first stint as Project Manager. In Stanza VI, the long-winded projects were cut short by a 48 Hour window, and Ace adjusted as a leader, running with the first idea and ending up creating one of the funniest projects of the season. Lastly, the only person to be Project Manager 3x (that was unintentional btw, it was more for availability sake) Ace used the final opportunity in the Muppets to use his knowledge of the Muppets to the team's advantage - earning him Project Manager of the Year


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Yen Sid Award
Player who best represents what The Sorcerer's Apprentice is all about

Winner - @DisneyFan18

2nd Place - @kmbmw777
3rd Place - @AceAstro

Check out that baseball card - there's really nothing on it! DisneyFan truly emerged through The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4 - into one of the most talented and engaged imagineers on the site! He embodies what this competition is intended to be. It's open for everyone -- you can be a first-timer or a 5 year veteran, and still have an enjoyable experience -- it's all up to you! DisneyFan was part of 2 teams, but it was really when he went to Team Brava that he became, in our opinion, the runner-up MVP. He learned to be more concise after getting critiqued in the early rounds for too much fluff, he learned artwork, statistics, how to be a teammate, all the things that we tried to encourage in this season, DisneyFan earned it.


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Cy Young Award
Best brainstorming 'pitches' throughout the regular season

Winner - @mickeyfan5534

2nd Place - @TheOriginalTiki
3rd Place - @Pionmycake

While timing and personal things have gotten in the way recently, it still has not stopped mickeyfan from being a catalyst in the brainstorming of every Castle project. As a 'classic' Castle player - mickeyfan began as the Project Manager in Stanza I - leading the charge on an 84 page project which to this day has not been topped (and I doubt ever will be in terms of length):p But otherwise - mickeyfan is always there for his teammates -- active on the forum, and always having an opinion, that in many cases really propels the projects forward.


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Rookie of the Year
Best newcomer to The Sorcerer's Apprentice and imagineering competitions as a whole

Winner - @DisneyFan18

2nd Place - @pixie_princess
3rd Place - @Skipper2

What more can be said - DisneyFan has truly been the Rookie of the Year - while there were great contributions and teamwork from both pix in the later rounds past Stanza IV and Skip for the first three Stanzas, DisneyFan has been around the whole competition, having 10 Stanzas of growth, maturity as a leader and imagineer, and ending achievement for The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4!


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Superlative Awards

Homecoming King

Homecoming Queen

Funniest Project of the Season
Heimlich Chew Chew Train Advertisement
Team Brava, Stanza VI

Honorable Mention
Kongo Bongo Bay
Team Castle, Stanza IX

Most Likely To Write 84 Pages
Team Castle

Most Likely To Enjoy a Cold Natty Light
Team Brava

Our Top 5 Favorite Projects
Team Brava, Stanza II, EPCOT Pavilions
Team Castle, Stanza VII, Paper Mario Lounge
Team Brava/Castle, Stanza V, Cedar Fair/Six Flags
Team Brava, Stanza III, Pahkope Ski Resort

Team Castle, Stanza IX, Kongo Bongo Bay

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