The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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Departing Osaka by train the teams traveled north en route to Tokyo for part 3 of the Briar Patch Brawl.

With unbridled enthusiasm as this was the first trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort for most in the cast, the train headed towards their destination, where they disembarked, boarded a monorail, and transitioned to Tokyo DisneySea.

"Oh Tokyo DisneySea, wonder if we will be staying at the Hotel MiraCosta?" asked @D Hindley
"It costa too much money" explained @spacemt354 trying desperately to be funny.



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Continuing our two-week Japan trip in the Briar Patch Brawl, we have been transported to Tokyo DisneySea. While Fantasmic was brought over to Tokyo from the continental United States parks, the show has been running for a while now and could use a new face-lift. In addition, given the reliance on backstory and the S.E.A. mythos to the park as a whole, story plays an integral part of the park and as whole, which should carry over into the nighttime show that ends your day at Tokyo DisneySea. With that said...

Your task is to create a new nighttime show at Tokyo DisneySea to replace Fantasmic!

- The nighttime show may involve Disney IPs, new S.E.A. characters, or even something completely new.
- Focus on what kind of story you are trying to tell throughout the show, it's not just a display of fireworks and/or water effects.
- In order to present the nighttime show, a video is not required, however this is a very visual-oriented project, so be able to 'show' your show in a creative way, with any descriptions serving to reinforce your overall narrative.

Project Managers
Castle - @Poe Dameron
Brava - @FigmentPigments

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, WowFactor, FireMountain, Sam4D23, gonzoWDW
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Friday May 18th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Thank you, best of luck to everyone, have fun, and enjoy!​
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To add on - I would like to give everyone a bit of a look ahead at the rest of the Briar Patch Brawl schedule. As we go on, we near the end of AP Exams, and come up on the final weeks of school, it might be helpful with these smaller challenges to have a schedule to glance at, so you can better prepare for the future rounds.

While not revealing exactly what the challenge will be, the titles as well as vague locations and tentative dates are listed below

Stanza VIII: The Fireworks Suite
Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort
Current time - Friday May 18th

Stanza IX: Night On Bat Mountain
Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando Resort
Saturday May 19th - Monday May 21st
(this is a very simple task, and sentence maxed at 15)

Stanza X: Meet The Muppets
Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort
Tuesday May 22nd - Saturday May 26th

And a bonus Fantasmic 2000! challenge
Boardwalks of America

Tuesday May 15 - Saturday May 26th

The bonus challenge is optional, and is provided as an opportunity if you aren't familiar with an upcoming project, to be able to still receive some participation recognition from us as we enter the Haunted Board Room session, to supplement for a Stanza topic you are unfamiliar with. Totally optional, but we'll provide reviews for it and more information when it is released tomorrow!

Hopefully this transparency helps a little when it comes to schedule planning. And if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask and best of luck in Stanza VIII and the rest of the Briar Patch Brawl!


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(Optional) Bonus Challenge

While the Briar Patch Brawl offers an opportunity for smaller-scale projects, quick-thinking, and a chance to learn some efficient presentation methods as we go on in the competition, sometimes those challenges can be too niche or way out of someone's comfort zone, leaving them feeling a bit on the outs.

To compensate for that - this bonus Fantasmic! 2000 Challenge provides those circumstances with an optional, alternative route of participation. Doing these challenges does not guarantee a spot in Act III, and not doing them does not prohibit you from joining Act III, it is simply an extra option for folks if they feel the creative desire in these next few Stanzas. And what is the challenge? In the spirit of the homecoming theme...

Your task is to design a new attraction for your 'home' amusement park

- The attraction itself can be anything from a dark ride, roller-coaster, boat ride, basically anything even as far as a simple walk-through
- The options for your home amusement park? It's up to you!

Choices include:
- Classic Boardwalk-style amusement parks such as the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or Coney Island
- Park chains such as Six Flags or Cedar Fair (remember those are 'Disney-owned' in our SA Universe from Stanza V)
- Other U.S. based or International parks such as Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Dollywood, etc that you consider 'home'

If there is something not on the list that you want clarification on, ask away, it's pretty flexible. The only parks it can't be for are Disney Parks & Resorts proper (excluding the SA Universe owned ones) or Universal Parks & Resorts.

This Project is due Saturday May 26th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

We will provide reviews of them but if there are multiple there won't be a winner - again, this is purely optional as described above. Thanks and enjoy!​

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Proudly Presents


Japanese Logo

In conjunction with the theme of nautical exploration that defines Tokyo DisneySea, Spirit of the Seas will expand upon those elements with an all-new nighttime show replacing Fantasmic for the park's 20th anniversary in 2021.

Join Mickey as he goes on a voyage to find the seven spirit gems of the sea. On his journey he meets different characters from the ports of DisneySea, climaxing in an encounter with a lava monster on Mysterious Island.

The spirit gems of the sea are seven mystical items that are isolated in different ports of call around the world. Centuries ago, explorers used these spirit gems for guidance when sailing the seas. They granted the sailors different perspectives of the sea, journey, whimsy, beauty, wonder, discovery, adventure, and mystery.

The Gem of Journeys gave its user an atlas of the seven seas, allowing the sailor the ability to roam freely. The Gem of Whimsy grants a fanciful nature of seafaring life, free on the open ocean. The Gem of Beauty shows the majesty that lies deep beneath the ocean floor in the city of Atlantica. The Gem of Wonder grants the sailor a look at coastlines and horizons to call home, such as Agrabah. The Gem of Discovery was given to sailors so that they can see and believe all the oceans have to offer them. The Gem of Adventure is given to fearless explorers to face any challenge the seas have to offer. The seventh and final gem, the Gem of Mystery, was the most powerful of all the spirit gems, giving the user the ability to see things unknown, beneath the ocean floor and above the stars, and harness the might of the ocean.

This type of power was felt to be too much for any one group of sailors to possess, so they were split up and hidden in places based on their characteristics, except for the gem of mystery, the last to be stowed away, which was buried deep on a volcanic island. Little did these sailors know, that a fire breathing lava monster would snatch the spirit gem of mystery and at any moment, could unleash its power on the seas. Mickey decides that he must set sail and find the other gems the sea, in order to take the Gem of Mystery and stop the monster once and for all.


Spirit of the Seas will feature 360 viewing locations from all around the lagoon. You can view the show from Mysterious Island, Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront and anywhere in-between. The harbor stages used for daytime shows, outlined in black, will also be used for viewing spots.

Show Elements

Color Key
Purple- (7) Fountain/ Mist Screens
Grey Blue- (4) Character Barges Foreground
Brown- Mickey's Ship
Blue- Beholder of the Spirit Gems
Pink- Mermaid
Lavender- Arabian Coast
Gold- Nemo
Green- Lost River Delta
Dark Blue- Duffy
Red- (2) Mysterious Island Barges

To tell the story of Mickey collecting the seven spirit gems, themed barges and floats will be present throughout the show, with characters from the places Mickey is sailing to. Fountains and water screens will help further detail the encounters and present the settings for the meetings. Projection effects will be used on Mt. Prometheus providing backgrounds for the characters. Light pyro will be added to enhance elements of the show, but the majority of the special effects will be water and projection based.

The show's original song, Journey On, symbolizes the heroic exploration of Mickey, and is played in several times throughout the 15 minute nighttime spectacular.

Mediterranean Harbor

Song: Journey On
Characters: Mickey, Gelatoni, Mickey's Friends
Floats: Mickey Mouse and Friends
Length: 2 minutes

The story begins with an instrumental rendition of Journey On, as Mickey, ready for his seafaring journey, waves to the crowd from his float. Fountains in the center of the lagoon, and to the sides, soar into the sky, as a mist develops underneath the fountains. Mickey's float travels around the 270 degree panoramic before meeting up with a second character float of all his friends wishing him good-bye. Their float comes from the Mediterranean Harbor and is led by Gelatoni, along with Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, and more characters waving good-bye to Mickey. At the end of the Farewell Celebration, Mickey is given the Gem of Journeys by Gelatoni and wished good luck on his adventure. The lights and fountains then stop and the lagoon turns to black.

American Waterfront
Song: Original Duffy Song
Characters: Mickey, Duffy, Shellie May
Float: Cape Cod Houses with lighthouse (retractable for storage)
Length: 1:30 minutes


Projection effects of an American seaside town are placed on Mt. Prometheus in the background. A Cape Cod lighthouse float gets into position as Mickey's docks nearby, and a short musical number of "My Friend Duffy" is sung between the characters, with jets of water dancing to the tune. Duffy and Shellie May greet Mickey and show him where to find the Gem of Whimsy. Through the power of friendship, Mickey holds the second Gem. Duffy and Shellie May wave good-bye to Mickey and their float disappears, leaving only Mickey's boat as he sails around the outer rim of the lagoon.

Mermaid Lagoon
Song: Part of Your World
Characters: Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, Mickey
Float: Ariel’s Grotto
Length: 1:30 minutes

Mickey dives under the sea. A grotto float enters the frame, and Mickey stops to greet Ariel, who is singing Part of Your World. Using the flying arm rig that Tinker Bell uses in the Paint the Night parade, Ariel is shown swimming in her grotto for the segment as she sings. Mickey sees a glowing gem at the bottom of the grotto, and Atlantica is shown on Mt. Prometheus behind them. Mickey holds the third gem, the Gem of Beauty, and ascends back to the surface.

Arabian Coast
Song: Friend Like Me
Characters: Genie, Aladdin, Magic Carpet, Mickey
Float: Transforming Arabian Palace
Length: 2 minutes

Light pyro transitions Mickey into the Cave of Wonders, to find the Gem of Wonder. He meets the Genie, Aladdin, and the Magic Carpet on their own float. Genie sings Friend Like Me. An incredible display of water screens and fountains shows the guests what Genie is changing, and Mickey's quest to use the Magic Carpet to fly deep into the Cave to find what he is looking for. Genie says Mickey could have wished for it, and the gem appears.

Port Discovery
Song: Big Blue World
Characters: Nemo, Crush, Dory, Mickey
Float: Steampunk Tank with open roof for Nemo Puppeteer
Length: 1:30 minutes

Caught in the East Australian Current, Mickey meets up with Nemo, Marlin, Crush, and Dory who are in a steampunk tank float. Puppeteers on the float create the motion of the fish. Big Blue World is sung, with projections offering the illusion of fast motion. Mickey sees the Gem of Discovery flowing along the current, and does a flip to get it, which Crush congratulates Mickey for. Mickey waves good-bye and gets out of the current, but stumbles into a South American jungle having been thrown out of the current.

Lost River Delta
Song: Indy Theme
Characters: Mickey
Float: Temple
Length: 1:30 minutes

With the float docked near a Temple float, Mickey jumps to the Temple float and works his way around the pathways. The Indiana Jones theme music begins to play, as a boulder rushes down towards Mickey. He dives out of the way, and grabs the Gem of Adventure. But as he approaches the gem, ominous music plays, giving off the impression that he shouldn't take the Gem of Adventure. Mickey does anyway, grabbing his sixth gem, but as he does fire roars from the top of Mt. Prometheus.

Mysterious Island
Song: Dramatic Music
Characters: Lava Monster, Mickey with the six gems, trying to get the gem of mystery.
Float: Lava Rocks
Length: 2 minutes

Mickey approaches a dark, red glowing rock form, with the Gem of Mystery clearly visible. Just as Mickey thinks he has it, the rocks shake, as the fiery lava monster emerges from the rock float. A fierce battle of the Gems ends when Mickey vanquishing the lava monster and getting all of the gems. Using the power of the gems, he traps the lava monster in a the rock form float, which shoots a spotlight up, then lasers all around, as the Lava Monster seemingly falls into its place.

Return to Mediterranean Harbor
Song: Journey On (reprise)
Floats: Every float (with a retracted lava monster) out.
Length: 1:30 minutes

Mickey returns to Mediterranean Harbor to be greeted by all of his friends again. All the floats and characters Mickey interacted with come out to congratulate him once more. Journey On plays, fountains shoot water up into the sky, the lava monster remains captured in the background rock float, and the characters celebrate the Gem of Mystery out of the monster's grasp. Mickey decides to give the seven spirit gems to Gelatoni to store away. In the end, all floats are present, with the final notes of Journey On synchronized with small pyro and water jets, on a scale grander than the Rivers of Light finale.


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Tokyo Disney Sea is one of the most unique parks Disney has ever created with not only original attractions, but implementing a strong foundation of storytelling and character in every design element. From day time shows and rides, to the wonderfully recieved nighttime show, Fantasmic, Disney Sea is truly the pinnacle of creative storytelling.

However, while Fantasmic has enjoyed over 10 years thrilling guests with its spectacular display of fireworks and special effects, it is time for Disney Sea to once again wow it's guests with an exclusive nighttime show not available in any other Disney Park and is more inline with Disney Sea's over arcing theme of nautical exploration and adventure.

It is with this in mind that Team Brava will introduce the new nighttime spectacular: FantaSea. Focusing on the history of the ocean and man's first's adventurous steps into a world that can be wild and brutal, but also filled with beauty beyond measure, FantaSea will incorporate the eye-popping effects of Fantasmic as well as the multi-sensory experience of Rivers of Light.

With the entire show experience focusing on the sensory experience enhanced through the music and effects, it will eliminate the need for extensive dialogue. This should appeal to all guests regardless of nationality and invite guests to put themselves into the show instead of just watching passively.

Running Time: 20 Minutes

Original Song and Lyrics: Wonders of the Sea by @pixie_princess and @Pionmycake

Show Effects:
Fireworks, illuminated floats, seabreachers, fountains, lasers, projection mapping, mist and water screens, floating lanterns, fog, LED Lighthouse stage, live performers, and small boats with convertible sails that use projected images and also serve as detachable "wings" to extend the lighthouse stage as needed.

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. But you can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. So how far will you go?"



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Thank you to both teams for the great nighttime shows! Reviews will be coming out within the hour, and thanks to your preparedness this round - Stanza IX will be released... right now! To give you a head start and a little extra time for this upcoming, brief Stanza - thanks and see you soon!


MonorailRed's Reviews


The logos were spectacular! :D Hats off for doing the logo in Japanese and in English! Great attention to detail. The artwork in general this round was great to see from this team! Keep it up! Great video as well! I think it added to the project.:joyfull:

I love the storyline to this, but I feel like it should have been more condensed. 7 Gems is a ton of content, and I’m not sure how the guests would know the storyline without an intro narrator beforehand, similar to Fantasmic or Illuminations. :bookworm: I do think that including characters from DisneySea’s lands was a nice touch. The custom music deserves an shoutout – awesome work @Magic Feather ! Journey On just sound s like a Disney-like nighttime song. I do question the amount of teamwork this round though, as it seemed to be a two-person project more than a team project.

I do like the choice of Mickey being a central character, :p I think that’s a great way to replace Fantasmic, without replacing Mickey. I wish there were more trials for Mickey in this, I was rooting for a large battle of sorts, :( it seemed more like a “get the gems” than “find the hidden gems” situation throughout the story. I would have probably had a few gems, that Mickey would have stumbled upon accidentally by going to the places mentioned.

All in all, great presentation. The artwork, the video, the content – it all added up to a great project. However, the teamwork was lacking for me. The storyline also seemed a little too in-depth for guests to understand without narration.


I really enjoyed your original song. It’s a great addition to DisneySea. :D The opening sequences reminds me highly of Fantasmic’s opening sequence. The searchlights are reminiscent on the lights in the show, which I think is a nice nod to DisneySea history, with the lighthouse being the central icon – and Fantasmic being the previous show. :bookworm:



Amazing team work this round guys! I’m happy to see everyone come together. :D

I think the biggest issue for me in this project is what the storyline is. It’s very confusing. :bored: One moment it seems very Fantasmic-like, another it’s World of Color, and another it’s Rivers of Light. The connections to the “mini stories” were broken up as well. I know these are all sea related storylines, but I wish there was a better transition from one to the next – the Explorer’s section felt very pushed.:bookworm:

To amp up the presentation, I would have had a full Japanese Version of the song, since DisneySea’s previous nighttime spectaculars have all been in Japanese. I also think there was a missing opportunity not having a flagship character for the show in Tokyo, since this is where Duffy originated, this is a prime park for original characters. :cool: I would have also made the show fit the story by looking at each component and saying “What is it’s purpose?” - Because that’s what Joe Rhode would do, and Joe is never wrong unless it involves a Yeti being structured in a building. :hilarious:


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spacemt354's Reviews

Spirit of the Seas
- The logos and title - love them both! I'd also like to point out the special consideration taken to make a Japanese logo for the show! A small detail, but something I remember I mentioned in the Stanza VII review about not having a Japanese menu, whether consciously adding it or not based on the previous review, well done!
- I like the backstory, though I feel it is a bit too densely written for a nighttime show. The overall concept of Mickey trying to find the gems is an intriguing concept, yet reminds me slightly, whether intentional or not, of Infinity War. And unless there is some form of pre-show or narration before the show begins, detailing exactly what you do in the backstory, I feel like the meaning of the gems will be a bit lost on guests. There won't be any emotional weight tied to Mickey collecting each gem.
- Elaborating on the story, it seems a bit too easy for Mickey to know exactly where the gems are, if they were hidden, how does Mickey know exactly where to find them and who has them? I know it's just a short nighttime show, and I appreciate the effort to try and go above and beyond with the story-telling, but something a bit less complex for the audience I think might have worked better, either cutting down the number of gems and/or putting emphasis on specific gems so we have a central mcguffin. That seemed to be the gem of mystery, could it have just been Mickey was on a quest to find that gem and didn't know a lava monster was guarding it? He could have still met all the characters in the show too with that as the main storyline. I know it sounds like I'm ragging on it, but I really do appreciate it, just a potential way to improve going forward!
- Really admire the effort and artwork this team has been establishing this entire Briar Patch Brawl -- I think you've all really grasped that we aren't asking for fancy designs, because if you're just starting out as an artist that's not possible...but continuing to practice and practice you'll get better and better - hats off to you all in that department! (this round Poe, Magic Feather, and IDI!)
- Speaking of @Magic Feather - wonderful job with Journey On! Such a nice tune, would love one day to hear the full rendition of the song!
- As for the show itself, aside from my suggestion earlier about potentially narrowing the focus of the spirit gems, I thought it was the perfect combination of a sailing adventure mixed with the Disney touch. There was talk of whether this was a spiritual successor to a way I can see the similarities, with Mickey battling a lava monster, the water screens like in the previous show, however I think there is enough here for it to stand on its own for the most part.
- As for the characters involved, most of the segments of the show I really enjoyed, and I especially liked how each was tied in with a port of Tokyo DisneySea that was so creative! Really blended a nice cohesive environment for the show, tying all the lands of the park together. The one I thought was a bit of an odd transition was....why did Mickey go under the sea to Ariel, then to Agrabah, then back under the sea to Nemo, then to Indy...I think those could have been better organized for transitional purposes. Stay under the sea and visit all those characters before going above ground, for instance.
Lastly, the video was a nice touch at the end. I was kind of glad you went with an I felt it would have been too top heavy with the backstory and an intro and stuff at the top.

Overall, while it wasn't the spectacular teamwork effort of Stanza VII, this was a worthy successor to that project, in the respect that several on Castle continue to improve over time...the whole point of the competition!


- This was a test challenge for Brava, coming off their first loss of the season. And as the challenge began and the team was dwindled down to a core few on the team essentially would had to step up and push the project forward throughout the week, I was very impressed with your ability to step into roles that you had never had to do before, and do them well!
- I lost count of how many times I read comments talking about how this was your first time doing this or that and you didn't know how it would come out, so now we find out!
- So while Castle had too much backstory I think this had too little backstory. The first slide is the main title page, then we jump immediately into the theme song, and then the first scene. What's the show about? What's the purpose of the show? Am I supposed to figure it out as I go? :p I feel like there was a slide missing from the title slide, transitioning to the theme song slide. It was an abrupt transition.
- Wonders of the Sea, the original music? Amazing! I loved it! Way to step out of your comfort zone and provide the theme music for the whole adventure - great job, Pix!
Man Looks to the Sea opinion

Additional thoughts are that it does remind me of Fantasmic in a way, but I think done better and a bit more mature of a beginning scene. The photoshop really is the selling point of this section. That is why we emphasized the visual nature of the project, so great job there portraying your thoughts!
- Formation of the Sea I thought was an excellent transition, and nice artwork from DisneyFan (trying for the first time, eh?) Great!
- Life in the Sea to me feels out of place with Nemo in present day. I felt like we were traveling through time, I would have personally, liked to see less of an emphasis an eclectic variety of IPs, and only use them if they can identify timeline storypoints. Though again, if that was a The Old Man and the Sea reference with the photo then I'll let it slide.
- I do like the transition from the Moana ships to the Viking ships, that would be neat to see.
- Okay this might be my viewing of it, but the Myths of the Sea and Adventure of the Sea seem to be locked out of order, slide wise. Something's up with that, I'm not going to dock it (pardon the seafaring pun) too much, but this should have been taken care of in your final checks. It would take less than 30 seconds to rearrange them back into the proper order.
- That being said, the pirate concept art (and all the concept art in general) was amazing! Great effort to try something new, like Roz, I'm always watching that.
- The finale with everyone united by the sea I thought was a brilliant message to end on. It calls back to the exploratory themes of DisneySea, yet also the unity of the sea, connecting distant ports of call together as one, resembling the message of Reflections of Earth.

Overall, I was very happy with how this team never gave up, despite multiple nearly absent members due to personal obligations. Others stepped up into leadership roles in ways I've been waiting to see all season, and I couldn't be more happy for you because, despite some flaws, I think this was a bold and incredible nighttime show!

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:: WowFactor's Team Castle Review - Stanza VIII ::

Nice work Team Castle!
I loved all the artwork and the high attention on the details. Bringing Mickey as protagonist also was very clever move due the fact that this should replace Fantastic. Was very good to see the terrific work with the original soundtrack and the Tiki’s video.

I felt the plot a little bit tough to follow, especially because we have just 15min to tell all the history of the seven gems (Harry have got two movies to seek a equal number of Horcruxes). I really was expecting to see the lava monster in a major battle on the end, I felt the climax, both of the show and presentation, could be improved.

After all I can say that I enjoyed this Stanza, especially the team's effort to bring the floats to live.

I’d enjoy watching this show.


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Team Brava Review

Great work team! This show promises to be spectacular experience, on par, if not, surpassing the fun and wonder of Fantasmic. Right away I love the opening light house scene using the 360 degree sweep. This builds anticipation and is a great start to the show. Personally I really like the entire opening sequence. It wastes no time pulling you into the show with full attention. The show continues by transitioning very nicely then instantly getting exciting with the surprise use of the Seabreacher water crafts! I love the use of themed Seabreachers as a segway into the films starting with the Finding Nemo. From here, the show takes on a traditional format akin to Fantasmic, by showcasing a montage of scenes from classic Disney films, and it's executed quite well. The choice of films to represent, the order in which they appear and the individual scenes, effects, all came together beautifully. The use of various traditional show effects is broad and well implemented. Nothing feels forced to me. I love the physical props and floats, the sweeps of fire, the water blasters, the fire works, water screens with projections and waves/splashes, etc - all of it. I love the dramatic, "Disney", feel to the narrative of this show. Great show formatting with the dark feel leading to a blast of light and an uplifting sense of excitement & adventure as the Nautilus appears and circles around. Finalle with characters is a must! All in all, great work team! This presentation feels right in line with your first 3 projects of the season. I've really enjoyed all of them. Keep it up!


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Team Castle guest review:

Like the concept, but would challenge the team to have some sort of action going on at a central location in addition to the "regional" bits that take place in each waterfront area. That's probably an easy enough fix. Using Mickey as the "glue" is a good idea, but an all new character could work as well... and give the show a bit of its own identity. Perhaps as Mickey/the hero makes their way from destination to destination, the area would be illuminated somehow to indicate the story's progression.

Dig the song!

Nice work!


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Stanza VIII Results

Thank you to both teams and to all the guest judges for your insightful feedback and effort! Very close once again this round, and really only one thing separated the teams in our perspective this challenge. With that said, the winner is...

Team Brava
This was a tight call but it ultimately came down to one thing and that was perseverance in the face of untimely hardships.
To both of us, Brava and Castle excelled at artwork and original music, both supplying those in spades. Both had exceptional leadership from their respective project managers, and both could have improved their backstories, with Castle telling a little less, and Brava giving a little more.

Nevertheless, as one after the other on Brava had important things come up that deterred their activity, a select few (most notably @pixie_princess @kmbmw777 and @DisneyFan18 who really held down the fort for Figment during the brainstorming, all tried new things, and put it out there as experience. For that level of determination and effort, that above mostly all else, got Brava the win in Stanza VIII.

For Castle though, this was a great project and it's really exciting to see how far individually you've grown and as a team, so keep your heads high and come back at it in Stanza IX!

Congratulations everyone and let's continue on through Act II to Stanza IX


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Catching a red-eye flight back from Japan to the United States, seeing their newly designed nighttime show light up as they took off across the Pacific Ocean, the teams noticed that the trajectory was headed towards Florida and not California where their hotels were.

"Why aren't we heading back to the hotel?" asked @kmbmw777
"We've still got 2 more stops in your Briar Patch Brawl" the pilot proclaimed "I have orders to take you to Orlando, Florida for the remainder of the Brawl, that's probably where your next two challenges will be"
"Oh gosh I hope it's not a water park" @kmbmw777 responded "I've never been any good at those challenges"


"Contestants, welcome to Volcano Bay!":p


Original Poster


To give some context to the title, in a December 2017 project, I accidentally had a typo of Volcano Bat when trying to spell Volcano Bay, and it has blossomed into one of the running jokes of the forum, even going so far as to form its own character, Volcano Bat himself! In the spirit of Volcano Bat, there are some factors for a Phase 2 of Volcano Bay that could enhance its story and impact as a 'theme park' more, giving it more of a central identity. With that in mind...

Your task is to create a new character mascot(s) for Universal's Volcano Bay

- It can be one central mascot, or a duo/trio/family mascot, but they must all be tied together within the same central story.
- For this project, a maximum of 15 sentences is the limit, focused specifically on the backstory of the new character(s) mascot of the park, the character's appearance and personality, and what the mascot's purpose serves to the overall narrative of the water theme park
- The character does not have to be tied into any specific attraction, but the goal is to be able to promote Volcano Bay to new guests based on your mascot. Tying back in with the promotional themes of Stanza VI.

Project Managers
Castle - @Brer Oswald
Brava - @kmbmw777

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, WowFactor, FireMountain, Sam4D23, gonzoWDW
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Monday May 21st at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Thank you, best of luck to everyone, have fun, and enjoy!​

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