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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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SAU All-Star Game

After the awards show the players headed over to the ESPN Wide-World of Sports Complex for an All-Star Game between the best players of the season.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice All-Stars

Team Brava
Batting Order and Fielding Position
1. AceAstro, SS
2. DisneyFan18, 2B
3. D Hindley, CF
4. Voxel, 3B
5. Pionmycake, C
6. Disney Dad 3000, 1B
7. pixie_princess, LF
8. kmbmw777, RF
9. FigmentPigments, P

Team Castle
Batting Order and Fielding Position
1. Brer Oswald, 2B
2. Poe Dameron, CF
3. Magic Feather, C
4. TheOriginalTiki, RF
5. Skipper2, 1B
6. mickeyfan5534, 3B
7. RMichael21, LF
8. IDInstitute, SS
9. DisneyManOne, P

*If you don't like or don't understand baseball, I'm sorry:p I know a few here like Ace love the game, and I do too, so after 10 Stanzas I decided to have a little fun with it:cool:
** Batting Orders are usually -- 1 and 2 get on base (so are active brainstormers), 3 and 4 drive in the runs (power players), 5 and 6 get on base and also power, 7 through 9 get on base so the team can get back to the top of the order) -- so I just had some fun relating the 10 Stanzas of activity to a potential lineup, they mean nothing though:hilarious:)​
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The New Teams
With the end of Stanza X, will come the end of the regular season of The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4 - yet the beginning of something new - the post-season!

The post-season is an evolution of the skills and tools learned from the regular season. Going along with the evolutionary theme, the remaining players after Stanza XI from Team Brava and Team Castle will evolve from Horizons to Mission: SPACE



As a reminder - Stanza XI is still going on and is one of the main contributing factors to who makes it onto the Orange Team or Green Team for the post-season!

Until 10:30 PM EST Sunday night - look for additional reviews of Stanza X from @MonorailRed and the guest judges!

Thank you everyone for an incredible regular season - hope everyone enjoyed it and good luck!
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MonorailRed's Reviews

Team Brava
- The teamwork in this was amazing! A bunch of people were not in tune with the Muppets or schedules didn't line up, yet somehow you were still able to come up with this! I believe that points to the great Project Manager leadership by @AceAstro ....fantastic job, Ace! :D
- The intro was nice and the idea behind the queue was bold! I was a little confused at some points of it, especially when you got into the description of the project manager (probably could have chosen a different term because when you say PM I think forum related)
- The premise of trying to pitch ideas though would go great in the SAU Muppets area with The Great Muppet Ride from SA3 right nextdoor and the inspiration of the Muppeteers in 2nd place:)...was to use the source material to your advantage!
- Amazing concept art by @Disney Dad 3000 of the queue layout though!:cool:
- Your project was hilarious as well...I thought many of the script sections worked well. The Electric Mayhem and Rizzo were two standouts for me.
Sesame Street was a nice idea again taking inspiration from the surrounding area of Muppets with the Sesame Street expansion in the Great Muppet ride...it's neat to see the crossover appeal coming to fruition!
- If I had one complaint, is that I like Slides > Doc for these projects.:oops:
- Overall though the teamwork was the standout here. My favorite part of Brava is that while we had our thoughts on who deserved the Homecoming Awards last night...really if anyone was busy or not familiar, this team rarely loses a beat! People step up and either do research or just step right into the spotlight in a project. Since Stanza III this team has really become one of the best I've seen in Sorcerer's!
- For a final time, Bravo Brava!:)


Team Castle
- There were some great aspects to this project! Despite the circustances, I agree with Space you should be proud of this, the people who contributed! :)
- The idea of going through the security gate where the 3D glasses were was genius! While I would have liked to have a bit more of a visual of the queue, the concept image by @Magic Feather stood out well.
- I also liked how you took the C-list Muppet characters and gave them the starring role in the pre-show, a risky take but effective!
- Like Brava, both teams I think have a propensity for comedy! Very happy to see humor being injected into these projects as of late! It reminds us that this is just a fun competition...I really would love to see humor in some capacity continue on into Act III, to keep a sense of fun to the projects wherever possible. ;)
- The Uncle Deadly section was probably my favorite, amazing banter and one-liners! :hilarious:
- For what didn't work, I really think that it was a combination of being unfamiliar with Muppets, and what Space mentioned, I mean players coming back from vacation as well as people leaving before the Stanza was even over, with no warning. That's not the best circumstance for a completed project the likes of Kongo Bongo Bay or the Paper Mario Lounge, probably the two greatest outings from Castle. :cool:
- But you persisted and got the job done so great effort in that department!​


President of Progress City
Superlative Awards

Homecoming King

Homecoming Queen

Funniest Project of the Season
Heimlich Chew Chew Train Advertisement
Team Brava, Stanza VI

Honorable Mention
Kongo Bongo Bay
Team Castle, Stanza IX

Most Likely To Write 84 Pages
Team Castle

Most Likely To Enjoy a Cold Natty Light
Team Brava

Our Top 5 Favorite Projects
Team Brava, Stanza II, EPCOT Pavilions
Team Castle, Stanza VII, Paper Mario Lounge
Team Brava/Castle, Stanza V, Cedar Fair/Six Flags
Team Brava, Stanza III, Pahkope Ski Resort

Team Castle, Stanza IX, Kongo Bongo Bay
YES!! I have achieved my High School Dream of being Homecoming King!


MonorailRed's Reviews - Fantasmic! 2000 Challenges

Wonderful work everyone on these and thank you so much for doing them! As @spacemt354 revealed....all of these are now a part of The SAU going forward!
@DisneyFan18 - Disney's Reino Aventura
Six Flags México

- Bold move going for a whole Billion dollar renovation! You really went above and beyond with this one than what was expected!
- Having never been to Six Flags Mexico, or Mexico in general, you gave a great overview of what to expect and why you were doing these additions.
- Woody's is a nice touch, which they were bringing that to Toy Story Land! :bookworm:
- Aquaman was another interesting choice, that I wasn't expecting you to go that route! With the DC in Six Flags it tends to be more well known characters but going this direction is definitely more original!
- Jungle Jeep is a great mix of all things Adventureland! :)
- Coco yay! A Six Flags Mexico project would not be complete without a Coco dark ride. Great work!
- El Templo is detailed and immersive, like the ride layout too!
- Shows how much you care about this competition to go above and beyond on an optional project! Great job! :D

@D Hindley - Soapbox Demolition Derby
Knott's Berry Farm, California

- Soapbox Derby would fit in well with the area you transformed it back into!
- Was very curious how you'd fit anything into Knott's and you really did put a lot of effort into trying to make it fit as realistically as possible, which is very appreciated and acknowledged! :)
- Mr. Toad and Radiator Springs Racers are both some of my favorite attractions in Disneyland so combining them sounds even better!
- With 4 tracks you'll have 4 different experiences basically, which reminds me of an evolution of Mr. Toad in the MK which had two tracks and RSR with 2 tracks! :cool:
- Having it all indoors, interesting move there! With the slow speed you could probably do a lot to visually make it seem like you're going faster, or have dark sections that feel faster. o_O
- Very nice addition to Knott's! You took the challenge and did it well!

@AceAstro - The Fantastic World of Flinstones
Calaway Park, Canada

- Wow! What a choice of parks, something as you even say nobody really knows of, so the links in the beginning were a helpful inclusion. :geek:
- Flinstones are a great choice! I like how you kept this simple and didn't go too crazy with it, you kept it in tune with what the park is all about.
- While not the most detailed, I don't think it had to be given the small scale nature of the park
- In the end, it was nice to see a variety like this and I'm glad you went for it! Nice work! :)
@kmbmw777 - Sakaar
Six Flags: Great America

- Nice use of the MCU and Thor, despite being right next to Metropolis it maybe sets up the potential for a Marvel DC Land in the future!
- Even when we were working on Great America, it's just a mess and Sakaar being a wacky mess would fit in very well! :p
- The attraction from the queue to the scene by scene breakdown was very well thought out! I would ride Contest of Champions!
- I also appreciated the effort to make the google doc a bit more presentable with the background than a regular black and white page like in Microsoft Word.:bookworm:
- Very nice work Kmb!

@TheOriginalTiki - Iron Dipper
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

- Really great (well sad but great) backstory about the wildfire and the origins of this coaster!
- The detail that went into it is awesome. Love the RCT3 images and the descriptions that go along with it!
- For a Boardwalk setting I liked how you kept the coaster contained, much like the Coney Island Cyclone, and didn't let the coaster space get too big. A nice job there. :cool:
- The visuals were what sold this for me! Very hard to get an idea of a roller coaster from just descriptions. When those descriptions are underneath images though, or just as a video itself, it's much easier to explain your point across!
- Wonderful effort here! :D


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:: WowFactor's Team Castle Review - Stanza X ::
No drums! No drums! Jack Black said no drums!

I liked the Big Mean Carl as a guard of the security check point (3d glasses) and felt it gonna be a success in a Turtle talk style. I loved the artwork of the area and laughed a lot with the lines, you guys got talent for joking.
The idea of a non-linear script also is a great point since there is a long window of entrance to the queue.
The best part is the Animal increasing irritation, its going to be very funny, love to see his madness.
It was a verry good proposal to the pre show and IMO will set the mood to the real show.
Congrats, after 10 Stanzas seems the you guys have got everything in control!



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Stanza X - Team Brava Review:

For starters, I really like the concept of lesser acknowledged Muppets pitching their own show ideas. Additionally, I really like the main pitch set being a recreation of the all so familiar Muppet's backstage set. From here, every aspect of this project is well though out, from design and implementation side, to the scripts and fantastic dialogue. I appreciate the updates to the existing show's queue as well, especially the interactive move posters. Those promise to be a lot of fun. I specifically want to give a shout out to the team for writing/creating these very fun and entertaining "pitches" given by the Muppets. Including the gang from Sesame Street is another fantastic detail I particularly admire. My favorite parts of the shows are the interruption from Yoda, and the pitch from the Swedish Chef. :)

Great work!


Original Poster
Stanza X Results

Thank you to both teams for an epic end to the regular season of The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4. Who will take home the crown for the final Stanza of the regular season? Let's find out...

Team Brava
Overall the teamwork and ability to use your eclectic skillsets in a variety of ways to help with visuals and scripts went a long way to ensuring the win this round. While Castle had a very strong proposal, even self-admitted it was a bit of a pitch more than a project. With a couple extra days to iron out the kinks it could have had a true shot at topping Brava - but still a good concept nonetheless.

Congrats Brava on another well deserved win though to round out the season!

Congratulations everyone on completing the regular season - now, onto the post-season and Act III!


Original Poster

Marveling at how much they had grown and improved since discovering their hotel location before Stanza I, the players looked back at this retrospective with pride and a sense of accomplishment.


Nevertheless, not all players present now were here since the beginning, as we've seen players come and go throughout the competition and make a name for themselves in the process. Being a welcoming creative environment and given the goal of providing an opportunity to everyone, all who have come and gone in The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition, are allowed to participate in this upcoming Stanza.

This Stanza will be a retrospective task, and the results will determine who moves into the 'post-season' of the competition, and ultimately, have a chance to individually be crowned the winner of Season 4.

These Stanzas in Act III are designed so essentially all players have an equally important role. Everyone, barring unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances, will be expected to pull their own weight, as these Stanzas ultimately determine the winner. Hence why we are looking for players who have best exemplified these traits during the regular season, through leadership, teamwork, enthusiasm, and effort, in order to have a fun-filled and successful Act III.

And as mentioned previously, for Act III, Stanza XI determines who moves on to be a part of Orange Team and Green Team -- an evolution from Horizons to Mission: SPACE



Original Poster


We arrive at an intermission, and the 5th symposium of The Haunted Board Room - the end of an Act and the beginning of another. As a whole, Act III is predicated on using skills and lessons learned throughout the first two Acts, and applying them to new imagineering scenarios. You may notice similarities to prior Stanzas or a combination of several Stanzas focal points, designed as an evolution of what you've been practicing. For those who have been trying new things and developing your skills consistently, hopefully you'll have the experience to help propel you forward and become an even better imagineer in Act III; which starts with this...

Your task is to reply to the following questions the best you can

1 - What was your most challenging Stanza this Season and how would you handle it differently in the future?
2 - Did you learn any new imagineering skills throughout the Stanzas? If so, what were they and did you feel it was worthwhile to try to learn them?
3 - In tandem with 2, Can you identify one (or more) ways in which you feel you have improved as an imagineer since your first Stanza in the competition?
4 - Any additional thoughts/comments?

This Project is due Sunday May 27th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

(This Prompt is currently underway in The Haunted Board Room thread)


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Stanza XI Results

Congratulations again to everyone and thank you all for participating in The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4!

Here are the results from Stanza XI - and those that are moving on into the postseason!​


Disney Dad 3000
Poe Dameron


D Hindley

With that said - let's get started with Stanza XII!
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