The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 1


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Sorry if you guys feel you have been using your Vacation Days forcefully due to a lack of of a proper due date. I know this contest isn't everything. So don't worry, this occurrence will be resolved soon... ;)


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Due to neither team posting by the the deadline, a free Vacation Day will be added. You must post by NOON ET tomorrow, or you lose automatically. No more extensions. If neither team posts by then, both project managers will be eliminated immediately. Good luck!


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Since @MA Screamin' is busy and couldn't post as our project manager, here it is:

Team Magic Presents Storybook Circus'
Mickey and Friends' Circus Spectacular!Once Challenge 3 was revealed, Team Magic started to think: how could we push the boundaries and create an attraction that helps the already good Storybook Circus?

After bouncing ideas back and forth, we felt that the beloved Fab Five would be a perfect fit. We thought that since they already had circus personas, but it needs an antagonist, but it shouldn't be too evil. So who better than Huey, Dewey and Louie? To learn more, watch the video below, and read the script!

<iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Mickey & Friends Circus Spectacular: Story</a> from <a href="">Zane Borg</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
With a great story, an attraction needs the appropriate technology. So we took time into deciding how we'd approach it. We decided to go with LPS vehicles and holograms to best tell the story. Watch the video below to learn more, and view our layout to see why this technology will best fit the ride.

<iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Mickey & Friends Circus Spectacular: Technology</a> from <a href="">Zane Borg</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>


We had concept art done, but our teammate never posted it so we don't have it, but we can share with you the poster and facade, to give you a better feel for Mickey and Friends' Circus Spectacular! We hope you enjoy!



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Congratulations Team Magic! You automatically win due to a lack of entry by Team Fantasy!
FANTASY - Some may say they were busy and whatnot, but Team Magic pushed to the end, and it seemed that Team Fantasy lacked adequate communication. You guys had 28 days to complete this, and you failed. Your project had potential though. Unfortunately we never saw it.
MAGIC - Great job this week guys! At first I was a bit iffy with a ride rather than a show, but you guys proved me wrong. You included great videos to explain your concepts, and your attraction poster was perfect for that circus mood. The acts were impressive and I enjoyed the tie-ins with pre-existing Storybook Circus posters, though this ride would be very AA heavy. The LPS was a nice choice, too. Overall, you did a mystical job this time around and the ride was extremely impressive. Kudos.

Now, @ctxak98 who will you be taking to the board room?


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The Third Amendment -
Vacation Days may no longer be taken out of hand. To prevent overly extended due dates, there will now be a limit to how many Days each team may utilize. For further challenges (unless otherwise noted), each team can use up to 5 Vacation Days. This rule must be followed to maintain a respectable competition.
The Fourth Amendment -
This new rule is an interesting one. From now on, if either teams' proposal is posted by someone other than the project manager that team will be penalized. Each contestant will have a Vacation Day taken out of their inventory.


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Bonus Challenge: Fifth Gate in 24 Hours!

Good job so far competitors! Today you must face an interesting challenge. No art, no videos, no maps. Over the next 24 hours, you have to develop a convincing concept with your team for a fifth gate at Walt Disney World. All you must provide to me are 3 descriptive paragraphs. Do what you may with them...

This time around there will be know project managers. Contestants must work together to complete this challenge in time for the deadline. You must figure it out!

The challenge is due tomorrow, August 27, at 9:30 PM ET. No one may use any Vacation Days for extra time!

This is an extra curricular challenge, so no one will be eliminated. Instead, the winning team will receive 5 Vacation Days. If Magic wins, their stocks will be fully replenished. If Fantasy wins, they will regain much of their momentum with some new Vacation Days.

Good Luck!


The quest for adventure and the thrill of adventure is just the beginning for Walt Disney World's fifth theme park, Disney's Atlas, a new kind of exploration park which will be filled with the sense of adventure of the many Wonders of the World, in such a way only Disney can bring to life. This new theme park will celebrate the Wonders of the Past, Mystical, and Present Wonders of our World.

Your journey begins as they approach the front gates, where they will be greeted by the imposing figure of the Colossus of Rhodes in the background. After purchasing tickets (or checking in) they will be offered a choice of classical transportation to a World long forgotten, except to legends.

Several themed attractions and/or restaurants based on the movies not seen in other parks, such as Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Hercules, and The Emperor's New Groove. There will also be Attractions based on Myths and Legends that relate to the land in the theme park, sure to become classics.

Disney's Atlas. A trip around ancient World Wonders in 90 days or less!



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Team Magic's Virtual Fifth Gate

Why settle for one theme when you can create thousands? That's what we were thinking while designing the Virtual fifth gate! We threw around some themes like History and Adventure, but in the end we realized it was all the same old stuff. What do guests really want? Well how about we let them decide!

The idea is simple. Guests design their own park through two different options. A simplified version located outside the Virtual Theme Park building, or a more complex version on their smartphone/tablet. Guests have the option to add current attractions, past attractions, even attractions that never saw the light of day. They can also customize layout, buildings, everything down to the smallest crack on the ground. It can be as simple or as complex as they like! If they don't find the time to design a park they can choose from multiple pre-built experiences.

After the park has been designed/chosen, guests go down to the Virtual Theme Park building next door to Disney Quest. Here they can have the chance to strap on a virtual reality headset, step onto a 360 treadmill and step right into their park. They can ride all the attractions, go into every building, even purchase souvenirs! This experience can last for multiple hours if guests please. They can even connect with their family members and experience it together!

We feel that his experience is unlike any other. It uses the amazing technology available today to allow guests full customization over their own Disney trip. We hope you like it :)

P.S. Sorry about being past deadline. Due to me being overseas the radical time zone difference made it quite difficult. Hope you understand.

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