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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 1


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Congrats Red! It's been an amazing experience working with you. You really have some great skills!

And of course... the obligatory dancing chickens.



One Little Spark...
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I thought I'd share @MonorailRed 's first PM post for the first challenge.

"Hey Guys! Sorry I made it late to the party! Haha

I think we should chunk this one step at a time... First Our Slogan. Which I think we should work on together...Then we incorporate that into the music, the commercial and the artwork. It'll all tie together perfectly.

For the Slogan and/or commercial, The one thing that pops into my head are those classic Disney World Commercials.

And who could forget this one?

Or even the Year of a Million Dreams Commercials

I really like the idea of this one

But then again, if we could fuse those commercials with some of today's circumstances and contemporary settings, I think we could make this campaign fantastic!

Does anyone have any other Slogan/and or Commercial Ideas?

Just so everyone knows delegations and can start on ideas, I have an idea on who can work on what:

@englanddg - Awesome Music! I REALLY Like both of them. I'd feel comfortable in using either depending on what type of commerical we want to convey with our slogan! Because of your talent, I'd really like for you to be in charge of putting the video together.

@ctxak98 - Your writing skills are very much needed! If you can work on Writing the script itself for the video, that'd be great!

@Zweiland and @pluto13 - I'm not sure how to delegate you guys. I haven't seen your work before. Would either of you be interested on the Posters? Ideas for Posters?

A question for @jdmdisney99 : Do we have to find someone to do a testimonial on the forums?

If so, @Zweiland and @pluto13, that could be a big help to this.

I can work on Posters or any of the other jobs as well.

If we need a testimonial by Wednesday Night along with the rest of the challenge pieces, we should try to get this done by Tuesday or at minimum Wednesday Morning, to give enough time for someone to give a testimonial."

She led us from the start!


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Congrats Monorail.

I apologize for being non-existent this final challenge, it's been a rough few weeks here at the 'bash. But I will say that I think that JDM and Sam made the right decision. Well it's bed time for me, but congrats again Monorail, and well done to all contestants this season.

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