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My boys were a little hungry so I ran into electric umbrella to get some chix nuggets for all to nosh on. There was a woman there who was in charge if a large group. Large group! 25 burgers and 30 chix nuggets large. She had a baby on her hip and would come to the counter and take one tray with about 4 or 5 meals on it at a time. Her group was close by, why didnt they help her?
Amazing, isn't it? :rolleyes: Thank goodness, at least the CMs were good enough to help her out. I don't know how her own group was so oblivious, that they didn't offer tray assistance. Fortunately, most people would have helped. (With the thousands of people who visit the parks each day, you're bound to see an occasional odd situation like this.)


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Haha that’s part makes no sense to me. The only reason I know it is because I watch it a few times a week as background music, and always wonder what is going on in that section!

I’m also really looking forward to this adults only night - seems like it should be fun!

Oh, and whenever there’s been a selfie, something seems familiar and now I just thought of it - J reminds me of Wilson from Home Improvement with only seeing half his face! If I ever ran into him (with how many small world moments you had and me being from LI I feel like it’s possible!) I may need to just look at his top half of his face to recognize him!
You crack me up!!!


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Amazing, isn't it? :rolleyes: Thank goodness, at least the CMs were good enough to help her out. I don't know how her own group was so oblivious, that they didn't offer tray assistance. Fortunately, most people would have helped. (With the thousands of people who visit the parks each day, you're bound to see an occasional odd situation like this.)
And she wasnt flustered or put off. She was very warm and thankful. I would not have handled the situation as graciously if I were her!


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Day 5/Feb 20 cont

We headed to England. Fish n chips is a must do for J (and me but it is his day!).
But first we stopped to get a 3 Daughters Strawberry Blonde Nitro. If I had 3 daughters I would probably brew my own beer too. 3 boys are rough, physically. 3 girls? I could not take the psychological torture!

It smelled so yummy. Tasty too.

Then L stopped at the deconstructed booth and got the Rueben. I am not a traditional Rueben fan, but this was really good!


I got the mushroom risotto. It was really good but not as good as mine. And it was $9 for this little portion which was smaller than it looks. I should have put a dollar bill in there for size reference. It might have been 2 ounces but my money is on 1 1/2 ounce.

Then to England. But first a detour to Canada for a Moosehead.356327


Then we had to sit to eat and drink. When you get old it gets harder to eat and walk at the same time.


Hey! You guys are not allowed to pose like that!!!


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Day 5/ Feb 20 cont



Then on to England. We got a couple fish n chips to share and waited for L and J’s friends from this afternoon.


Pictures were taken, including one with T so the boys must have come back as well. I think R and H did too. Dre, I am sure, was planted in his bed.
This is where I got to be right. (Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile) I had pushed for 3 day park hoppers. L wanted to do 4 days. I wanted 3 so we could enjoy the treehouse a bit and the park hopper so when the adults wanted to be adults, the kids could go be kids at a park of their choosing. L said in hindsight I was right. I will take it.

The four friends caught up and it was really nice. The six of us struck out to new lands in search of new food and drink. I stopped to get this for my bosses daughter. She loves Sorcerer Mickey! Plus she is always getting me good stuff, like my purple ears and matching purple Mickey tshirt. I couldnt resist!

We landed in Morocco next.

We got the spiced beef which was L’s favorite of the night and the flatbread which was good but a little bland. 356336

No spiced beef pix. L really liked it. Really.
I got a Casa beer and enjoyed it.



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Day 5/ Feb 20 cont

Next up was USA.
This was life changing:
It was a chocolate liquor flight. I, being a chocolate lover was in heaven!!!
L also got a Beef Wellington and everyone was working on that. I ran to Italy and got the beet salad which was my favorite of the night.
Those were goat cheese balls if Inremember correctly.
Peroni for me. Bourbon beer for J from USA and that beautiful and delicious strawberry drink for L (which I drank most of) from Italy.



Illuminations was starting and everyone started to close up shop.

We walked L and J’s friends to the international gateway.



Then we headed to the front.




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I am eating lunch and wanted to check something on the dvc website really quick. What do they have on the home page???

Bottom left. A special magic kingdom fireworks cruise. They havent listened at all!! They are doubling down with their marketing.


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Day 5/ Feb 20 cont

Earlier in the day it was decided, mostly by L, that we would rewear our blue line tshirts because it is easier to keep everyone together. I had suggested having multiple shirts made up but she told me J wouldn't want to do it. When we had returned for our mid day break L and the kids and I went to the pool. J gathered up all the blue line shirts and did a load of laundry. J and Ant eventually joined us at the pool but it took them awhile. We are about to find out why.
But first.
Can you believe NFL is actually being fun L?!

Ants ankle was killing him. Since returning, not only are the tendons still torn but he sprained the other side as well.

Ok. Honestly have no idea how or why.
But it is funny.
See. We are laughing.

On the bus back to SSR the boys told us this story:
After putting the shirts in the washing machine they decided to try their luck at fishing again. How did they know about that great path we walked earlier? Hmmmm
They went off path into the trees. A police officer or sheriff road by on his bike and stopped. J said, “drop it.” Ant throws his rod. (J is of course joking around. After being the cop he is playing perp. Ant has no idea). The officer asks, “are you two fishing?” Immediately Ant says no. J, not going to lie to an officer answers yes. The officer says, “ok, be careful of alligators.” And leaves. A disney security officer would have had them in disney jail so fast!!! Hold onto that soap @amjt660


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Day 6/Feb 21

Ant dropped something at 4:30 and woke me up. I finally fell back asleep about 5:15 or so then his alarm goes off at 5:30. Why? Then again at 5:39. Stop hitting snooze!!!!
Finally I gave up, locked myself in the bathroom and read trip reports until it was time to shower.
J was having a hard time getting up so L stepped in to make breakfast while I was showering. I really wish she hadn't. It was our last day so she cooked the rest of the eggs. She made them all over hard. I made my kids cup o noodles because I knew they would not eat that. I had a banana.

But look how pretty

There were some squirrels going nuts. (Sorry)



We missed the 7:20 bus. Not a great start so far.

But we got to the Springs bus just as the HWS bus was pulling up! Yay!!!

We arrived and lined up at 8:30.

They let us in at 8:45.

We went to alien swirling saucers first.
Does anyone see a resemblance between Ant and the space ranger named buzz?



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Day 5/ Feb 21 cont

Then we headed to Toy Story Mania. T, high off his galactic hero performance at MK asked how to score high on this. I told him teamwork. By working together on the same target or two the value goes up higher faster. Teamwork. Not interested.

Yes please!

Here AJ was trying to annoy Mr. Potato head by eating potato chips right in front of him. Oh the humanity!!!

In line selfie

No one else would stop. They dont get it.

We had a little time in our schedule so we hit up Star Tours. Ant and L sat this one out.
I dont think I ever did standby line. It is so pretty.

I think T is googling how to max out on toy story mania. Ha ha


The ride was fine. Dont ask me where we went because, although, I enjoy the Star Wars movies, if I took the time to learn all that stuff something else would have to vacate my brain. (I would be like Kelly Bundy)

These were at the attraction formerly known at The Great Movie Ride.
Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies. I couldnt see the remake. I consider it blasphemy.



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Day 5/ Feb 21 cont

Next was our FP for SDD.

Such a happy family.

It’s a cardboard box! That brings back such memories of when the kids were little and just wanted to play with the box.

Gum or that blue sticky stuff teachers use?

An erasure! For really big mistakes.

Hidden Mickey or palm tree? Either way I like.

Hit the weight room boys!


Ant and I were teying to do the pose that is not allowed.
We are making it look harder than it should be, that’s for sure.



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Day 5/Feb 21 cont

Time for ice cream.

T, R and Dre all really like star wars so we headed to the launch bay.

The movie was pretty interesting.


I encouraged the boys to line up for a meet and greet but they said pass.

Instead we headed to our FP for Rock n Rollercoaster. We had made the left turn off of Sunset Blvd and had just passed under the big RnR sign when I noticed we were missing J and R. I could see them, of course I could, J is so tall. R came running over. “Steve Young just went on Tower of Terror!”
Me, “WHAT!!!!!”
Runs to tower of terror. OMG! Steve Young!!!
I get goosebumps now thinking how close I might have been. Neither J nor R actually saw him. They heard a CM say to another CM that Steve Young had just walked by.
Ok, for all you ladies especially, but I dont discriminate, if you do not know who Steve Young is please google him. With his helmet off. You will understand my hysteria.
Steve Young. Imagine!

Alas, it was not meant to be for Steve and I on this day. No familiar face run in.

Dre asked if he could skip RnR and camp at the bottom of ToT waiting for Steve. I was a little proud as he has never shown interest in the 49’ers before. Except to make fun of me.

Here is a fun fact. Dre is named after the San Andreas Fault. My little earthquake.

What is Ant eating you ask? The lid fell off the popcorn bucket as we were securing ourselves in. I was able to put my foot on it but could not pick it up. Ant tried to “close” the bucket as best he could with his hand. I guess he got hungry.

After the ride L complained she got hit with something. Dont worry, it was just popcorn.


There are some rockstars that dont want to be photographed.


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Day 5/Feb 21 cont

Then it was time for lunch. We got a table where i could keep an eye on the ToT exit. Just in case Steve was still nearby.

Pluto’s dark side.

This was good. Chicken sandwich. Nothing fancy but still good.

The boys and their obsession with Disney’s chicken nuggets. I do think they are the best also. (But not for every meal!)

It had started to rain so we ate slowly as we were at a covered table.


It’s ToT time!
And doesnt AJ look happy.


Is this what my house would look like when I got home?



Lets discuss. Looks like L is concerned with R. T must be mad at AJ. Ant is making his patented ToT face.

Exhibit A:
From Christmas.


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YESSSSSS!!! It’s my third favorite Disney movie (behind The Little Mermaid And Beauty and the Beast) and that woman is NOT Mary!
(Fun fact- as I was typing this, an advertisement was on for the movie coming out to buy 👎🏻)
As I was searching for an older photo to post above, I came across this.
This was my seat about 5 weeks ago at an Italian restaraunt we love. Pretty much sums it up wouldn’t you say?
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