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Hi all. Just returned from our February break trip and I can’t wait to share it with you!
First things first.....

We have some friends we go away with every other February break.
In 2017 we did a Royal Caribbean cruise:

In 2015 we stayed in a grand villa at AKL:

And in 2013 we did the Disney Dream:
Sorry, no matching shirts. We were still feeling each other out😎

So who do we have?
( @Rista1313 pay attention!)

Son-AJ, 15
Son-Dre, 13
We have another son, X, who was at school and did not come with us but makes a guest appearance, or two❤

Our friends
J tall bald and male
L short blond and fun
3 out of their 4 kids
Son-T, 17
Son-R, 13
Daughter-H, 12
Their oldest is away at college.

We stayed in the Saratoga Springs Treehouse villas. Love them!!! More later!

I think that is all you need to know for now.



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I'm soooo curious about the treehouse villas!! I hope you took tons of pics! Following along for all of the antics. :joyfull:


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I'm soooo curious about the treehouse villas!! I hope you took tons of pics! Following along for all of the antics. :joyfull:
Yes and no wih the pix of Treehouse Villas. I will explain soon.
As promised I will follow you to the moon (and back)!!

Ha ha! No moon necessary in this trip. But glad to have you aboard. 😉
I'm in!! Can't wait to hear all the details!
The TR is in the details! Glad you are here.


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Day one/Feb 16

This TR could have been called THE ONE WITH THE FAMILIAR FACES IN FOREIGN PLACES, but that was a little dramatic sounding. Foreign? It’s not like we went to Timbuktu or Antartica or New Jersey!!! We did have several meet ups (not magical, unfortunately) along the way. The thing is, when you travel during the February break you end up surrounded by others from your region. You may think you are escaping to sunny Florida, but you are going with all your neighbors. Case in point, that Disney cruise pictured above, we were in the elevator heading to our room upon arrival, the doors open and who walks in? My florist!!!

Up at 3:30 for a 6:00 am flight! The day before Dre came home and told me his classmate was on our flight. And furthermore, he would be at X’s game. (X is my oldest son who plays lax in Fla). Great. He is ok. He has a brother AJ’s age (they are on the same travel lax team) and he is ok. The Dad is very nice. Do you see where I am going? The Mom, nice but she is one of those people that just say whatever and she can totally pull it off. Is that a blessing or a curse? Anyhow, I didn't want to deal with her or entertain her at X’s game.

On our way to the airport. Our friends just drove past us as we were stopped at a stop sign so we are all good and on schedule.

Airport picture
The “happy” family

Right after this Ant went to see if our friends needed help. They were still outside checking their bags. Who does Ant run into? Coach C! He is the owner/head of AJ’s and Dre’s travel lax club. He was heading down to West Palm to golf.

L had gotten B6-10. We were B28ish. There were so many preboarders! So many little kids! (Very different from our Christmas trip!) only about 5 people separated us from L’s family and there were only about 20 people to get on after us. 😳
The good news? All the exit rows were empty because you need to be 15 or older to sit there. Score!
My seat buddy AJ.

Southwest had sent me drink coupons that were getting ready to expire. I gave one to each of the adults. I asked the flight attendant not to judge me and ordered a mimosa. She was sweet as could be-definately not a New York based crew!


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I'm here!
Yay! Glad you could make it!
I’m so in!

I want to admit it took me a looong time to figure out what lax was. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Maybe it’s my lack of sleep this week or lack of sports knowledge.
Sorry. I guess LAX is not an approved magic acronym. I will tell you it does not stand for Los Angeles International Airport- at least in this TR!!!


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Day one/Feb 16 cont

There was a lady on the plane with an igloo cooler as her personal item under her seat. I tried to snap a picture of it but I was too slow. It was chock full of food! Was she afraid we were going down on a deserted island or something?

We landed and hit the restrooms. The boys changed and I took pictures. First the girls:

Then the boys:

Then we jumped on the tram

This is my youngest, Dre. He is 13 and boy is he 13!!! I can never get a picture of him, good or otherwise. I got one!

We lined up at magical express352915

We were actually in #8 but I had to take a picture of the #9 because that is my oldest, X’s jersey number. Same colors too! I sent it to him and told him we were close.

This is AJ. He refused to change into shorts or take off his sweatshirt and he was getting ripe! So he whips out his deodorant in line??? Ewww! First I had to document with a picture then I made him stop.

We were the first on the bus and since there were no handicap people to take the reserved first row, I took it!!
I never get the good shot. I got it this time!



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