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The Official 1971-1999 Picture Thread


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Here is a place to post your classic WDW pictures! Don't forget to let us know the year it was taken!

These are two of the same pics I had posted on a thread earlier but they're good ones to start it off.

1991 WDW



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I would really enjoy seeing old Parades and Shows pics!!

A little off topic but, since we’re asking for pics from 1971-1999:
If anyone has vids of old parades and shows from before WDW’s 20th Birthday, please feel free to post them on youtube!!! Shows like America The Musical and Sparkling Christmas Spectacular. Parades like MSEP (before Spectro even came to WDW) and the All America Parade. I think a lot of Disney History Buffs would really like them again! I would because I never got the chance. Born in 1985, First trip not till 1992.


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love these! i've been hounding my whole family to send me pics from when we went as kids. we first went in october of 72 and went with my dad and step mom a bunch of times growing up, grad night, and all that. still waiting and still hounding lol.


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These are all circa 1989-1991.

Horribly blurry but not a character you see around too much anymore.

My favorite fountain.

Some things just don't change...except my hair. It's gotten quite a bit better.

I have no idea why this is so small but it is awesome.


I'm not sure what I love more about this pic...the Ewok or the amazing fashion statement my godmother is making. :lookaroun



Franck is my spirit animal
You don't see the EWOKs much, if at all, anymore. As to the fashion statement, she could have at least worn a pink or black pack. lol

I honestly don't remember the last time I saw an Ewok. That picture was August 1991 and for all I know, that was the last time. Scary thing about the pack...I actually found it when I helped her move last year. I threw it out when no one was looking....:lookaroun


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Nice idea, but there are already hundereds if not thousands of old photos embedded in this forum. To really bump up the content of this thread try searching for them and embedding them?

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