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The Integration of Fox into the Disney Corporate Family: Parks, Movies, IPs, Studios


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So after 2024, Disney can't use Fox searchlight for example internationally? Or do you just mean the non-sold sport units?
International networks, specifically. That includes the non-sold international sports units.


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I honestly hope none of these happen. I just don't think they would very well.

I would like to see a land in DAK themed to the ice age though. Instead of cartoons, have it be Native American civilization 20kya that way you can have American fauna and more extinct animal representation.


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Interesting. This makes me wonder if part of this deal will eventually lead to a Disney/Comcast merger(which would cause a monopoly). But there's no doubt they'll find a way to pass all the approvals.
I think you will see comcast create their own "entertainment ecosystem" for lack of a better term. Further consolidation until there are 3 or 4 companies.
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