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Trip Report The Holiday Humdinger *COMPLETED*

I can't believe the Summer of @Tuvalu is over! Is there going to be a holiday humdinger trip report?!!

I couldn’t disappoint a very expectant mama-to-be, now could I? Especially one who was kind enough to provide the title for this trip report!

So here you go, @krisri18......and anyone else who’d like to follow along on yet another Tuvalu WDW adventure, HOLIDAY STYLE.

I plan on posting live updates and will write an expanded report (“Part Tu” @Tony the Tigger 😊) once I return home. After all, what else will I have to do in December? 😉😂

Who: Tuvalu and Woody


When: November 27 - December 3, 2018
Where: I shouldn’t even have to tell you. My 🎄go-to.

So be on the lookout for us, @DisneyShe, @slipperalwaysfits @mcstensrud. We’ve packed our sweaters and jeans for the chilly weekdays (highs only near 60, lows in the 40s ~ WTH??) and our shorts and tees for the unseasonably warm weekend (highs in the 80s). Yeah, that 30 degree temperature swing isn’t going to help the colds Woody and I are starting with.....

But we’re going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!


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The snow and ice up here in Pittsburgh is no joke right now 👎🏻 And I’ll take your 32 degrees....we’re at 28 but feels like 18!! Brrrrrr!!
All joking aside, that’s awful! I’ll try not to complain about the cold anymore. 🤞

Almost there!! Have fun! I’ll be following along.
Your trip’s getting close now too!

I'm glad I decided to sit down and read your report right now. Julia is flying home from Atlanta today and after reading your report, I checked the airline and sure enough, she is already on a 30 minute delay.
Bummer! What was Julia doing in our fair city?

@amjt660 Stop picking on @Tuvalu about the weather!

At least it won’t be as cold as it was at the beginning of the year... I would have had warmer temperatures had I stayed in Switzerland than I had at WDW!
Thanks for getting my back, @Swissmiss. That Max can sure be a bully! 😉😂

Yay! Holiday TRs are the best-can’t wait to see all the beautiful decorations at the parks and resorts!
I’ll do my best with pics!

I am so very happy right now!!!!!!!! You have to put a pretty picture up for my birthday on Sat since you are down there please!😊ps hope the colds stay away!
Will do! (And Zicam is our friend right now.)


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We’re supposed to be in the air now. However our plane was coming from Pittsburgh and needed to be de-iced, which is causing our delay.
I had a 10 minute delay this morning getting to work--I had to fight to get my car doors open b/c of the ice on them!!
The snow and ice up here in Pittsburgh is no joke right now 👎🏻 And I’ll take your 32 degrees....we’re at 28 but feels like 18!! Brrrrrr!!
I agree totally--it's pretty darn cold here today!! And I'm getting ready to head out for my afternoon walk:cold:

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