Trip Report The Holiday Humdinger *COMPLETED*


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I've had this happen a few times. The worst was at The American Adventure. The dad felt the need to teach his son everything he knew about American history, and talked all the way through the attraction: "When George Washington was voted at our first president, blah de blah de blah . . ." and "Chief Joseph went on to become gibber-jabber-gibber. . ." It was really annoying! I gave him the stink-eye a couple times, but he just stared back at me and then continued with the lesson.
Was his information at least accurate? I find a lot of times with the know-it-all types, they don't actually know what they are talking about and are just trying to sound like they do. Like, a friend of mine who was telling me all about World War know...the one with the Nazis. And when I told her it was World War II that had the holocaust and the Nazis, she said no, it was the first one...her dad was a history teacher, so she should know. :banghead: And another friend of mine informed me that Wyoming doesn't have any national parks, and I said yes we do, we have Yellowstone, and he told me that was in California. :banghead::banghead: No....that's Yosemite.
As annoying as it is to have someone doing a play by play, I'd be much more annoyed if the "facts" are wrong.


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I was trying to listen to the show, so I didn't listen close enough to History Dad to know if he was accurate or not.


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Em and I beat Woody to our dinner destination.

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We could not check in until he arrived, which was a few minutes past our ADR time. We got paged immediately and were led to the same 3-top table we always get stuck with at ‘Ohana ~ awkwardly in the aisle, across from the kitchen. I hate this table but did not fuss since it was Em’s birthday.

Before our server even arrived we had our bread, salad and appetizers ~ not because our server was slow or delayed, but because a runner literally dumped our food on the table as we sat down. This pretty much set the tone for the meal...rush, rush, RUSH!

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What made it especially ironic was that it looked like geriatric servers night at ‘Ohana. We didn’t see anyone working who was under AARP-age. So when the first skewer arrived before our drinks I wanted to scream, “SLOW DOWN!”

Our server wasn’t overly friendly and was bothered that we did not want any shrimp. She kept forcing the meats on us, as if she feared we were going hungry. (No, we would like a moment to digest our food, thank you!) The food itself was fine, though the Polynesian Twilight Feast Woody and I had delivered to our room in August was better.

Our plates were cleared and Em was surprised by the second cupcake of the day.
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We did not sing this time.

Knowing Em doesn’t share cupcakes 😉, Woody and I dived into the bread pudding.

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Like @LisaBelle, I’m not in a rush to return to ‘Ohana. While we’ve had some good meals over the years, more often we’ve come away, meh. And ‘Ohana is much too expensive for meh.

We took the monorail to the MK and were happy to find a bus waiting to whisk us back to the Lodge.

For the last time from our balcony.....Holiday Wishes.
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Thanks to a snow day I am finally getting caught up on my TR reading.
I loved the picture of the macaroni ornament at Toy Story Land! My class makes them every year!
I was surprised that you didn't get the steak at Mama Melrose :jawdrop:!
Sorry you had the same rushed experience at 'Ohana. You are spot on when you say that 'Ohana is way too expensive for meh!
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