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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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I just like it plain steamed with salt and butter. I haven't tried it roasted yet... I'm a cauliflower purist! My sister in law showed a failed attempt at cauliflower pizza crust the other day, and I wrote on her facebook, "Why are you ruining good cauliflower like that?" :joyfull:
Oops. I have made cauliflower crust pizza before. I even got my neighbor to make it too. :angelic:


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When I was at WDW in the Spring for a month I stayed a week offsite at Flamingo Crossing as I had 'other' things to tend in that area too plus Disney. Great, huge room with a kitchen, and a L Sofa. Clean. It is at the end of Disney's Western Way entrance. You go under the See ya real soon sign and you are there. About 5 minutes from Coronado. There bus is 3x to take you to the parks and 3x to take you back. $5 round trip. Very reliable. Often I'd just take an Uber if the times didn't work. Between $6-10 depending on where I was heading. I paid between $68-$89 a night for a Marriott not bad. You could just hang out at Disney. They have a real nice Laundry Room there so you don't have to fall behind.
Ooo nice! Unfortunately, I have a couple of appts this week so I need to stay in town. That would’ve been nice though. Thanks I will keep this info handy for future use!
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