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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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I will have to check that one out...I haven't read it. If I had to choose, I prefer Nora, but I enjoy Sandra Brown as well. My friend is an author and just got an agent, but she LOVES Nora/JD Robb and she got to meet Nora when Nora did a writers seminar in Ireland. She was so excited and I was jealous!!
This Nora Roberts book just came out and so cool that your friend got to meet her. It would be interesting to hear her story.


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OK, one of the crazy projects at the firm that wouldn’t go away finally did today...!!!!!!! :joyfull:;)
It’s for a builder from Alexandria, VA., with a client from same.
The neighborhood they are building in, on a body of water, is more traditional, but, the client is interested in more modern residential design.
The builder did his best design, but, was not able to impress them. He then started doing online research and found our firm, and he and the clients were impressed.
Had to totally (although there are very restrictive setbacks, easements, etc.) redesign about 95% of the floor plans...all 3 floors. :cyclops:
And, all of the elevations are exponentially more attractive...!!! :happy:
Score another win for our firm...!!!!!!!!!!! :joyfull::happy::)
@Goofyernmost , just an fyi about 192 -- looks like some of it might be turning the corner, with this new development. This caught my eye in the Everything Else forum. Really curious about what the rates will be for that hotel, when it opens in 2019.

Those are some beautiful concept art photos. I wouldn't mind living their. Looks so very Key West. Was it wrong of me to save one of the images on my computer?:angelic:
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