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I've literally had customers ask where the bathroom is or the returns desk underneath a giant sign indicating them. It's like those people who walk up to the credit only self checkouts with a giant credit only sign all over the place and try to use cash. But the whopper of them all was at Wal Mart when someone literally moved a Giant closed sign out of the way to put their stuff on the conveyer to check out. I don't know what that person was thinking. They spoke perfect English btw

Oh theyll do it to me all the way at the opposite end of the store near the back corner. "Excuse me where is your bathroom?" Well if you would had paid attention when you walked in, it's literally right there on the right hand side.


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Well, my flight back is 6:50 on Saturday. No travel alerts on it so far so I can't change it.
If you are stuck at MCO and can't get out, thousands of travelers are going to claim the couches in the main terminal for sleeping and or check in at the Hyatt inside Terminal B but weekend rates can be $400-500 per night.

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