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Ivory Tower Squabble EST 2011. WINDMILL SURVIVOR
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Simmer 1 lg bunch dinosaur kale chopped, 1 lg head escarole, 4 minced cloves garlic, 1 lg diced onion, 6 or 7 carrots diced, some chopped celery and sliced mushrooms in veggie broth (carrots, celery, onions, garlic and mushrooms) until everything is just about softened then add 1 28 oz can diced tomatoes and one pound dried white beans cooked heat through and add Mrs Dash and oregano to taste:hungry::hungry::hungry: Easy lazy cold day soup.
Thank you. Because of you I made
Chicken dumpling soup.

My DD made double glazed lemon drop


Tonight will be Mary Jane baked potatoes.

Very windy and rainy. Good day for comfort foods.


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So, earlier today we went to the airport...nope, not what y’all might her ol’ Pappy here, Emmy LOVES airplanes...!!!!!!! :joyfull::inlove::happy:
We started off with some great pizza at the east side viewing area, and then drove over to the west side by an old cemetery where there was more action because of the wind direction. Over there, we could hear the planes taking off, but, not see them, but, the landings were great...!!! :)
At one point, a T-38 came outta’ nowhere and did a coupla’ touch and goes...just weird, but, very cool...our current airport used to be an Air Force base...!!! :cyclops::)

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Looks like a nice time and that pizza looks amazing!

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