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Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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What's the chances of Disney pulling a limited and special admission ticket for the opening? I can see ppl camping in HS lot to line up the opening day entry.


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I wouldn't be surprised if there were paid preview days considering the fact that DLR tried it with Pixar Pier.

My wife and I are Silver Pass holders. I'm contemplating keeping her silver but getting myself Gold just for Memory Maker and the potential of GE AP Previews. She's not a huge Star Wars fan and won't be clamoring to see the land like I will, and I'll want to check it out with my fellow WDW/Star Wars nerd friends.


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WDW did do a one night Star Wars party as a sort of preview of the SW fireworks show. But that's it as far as paid previews. No paid preview for Pandora or Frozen or TSL.

DL did a one night paid preview for Mission Breakout and for Pixar Pier.

So, the history of paid previews doesn't justify the often made claim that there's going to be days', if not weeks', worth of SWL paid previews.

That being said, WDW does do a lot of paid access with before and after hours and special tours -- just almost no history of doing that as a preview.


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And nothing gets leaked. With 5,000 people worldwide working on this high profile project you would think that someone may snap a picture of something, including any of the set pieces various companies are working on, but nothing so far. Even with big movies like The Avengers you have pictures of the set leaking out every now and then, and those only shoot for a few months. This goes on for years and years. Quite impressive, I find.
Easy now. Remember what happened around here when a certain poorly lit photo of banshee came across here: Insanity.


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We got a good video on the way in today. Gonna post it tonight.

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