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News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date


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I wish I was at the shareholders meeting. I hear they do a Q&A at the end. I would have asked why do reservations at Disneyland and not disneyworld and why doesn't the disneyland version have early magic hours.


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I’m curious if all the shops and restaurants will be open for phase 1? Or if some of them will still need to be completed and held for phase 2?


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The term "soft opening" is for avid fans who are aware that sometimes an attraction opens early without any big fanfare. The general public wouldn't know what a "soft opening" was. "Soft openings" are also a bit spotty with no guarantee of being open from one day to the next or even one hour to the next. Unlike a soft opening, Disney is committed to everything except RotR being officially open.

Simply solved by calling it "previews". Xpectation is low and delivery is high.

Easy peasy


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Imagine this scenario:

It's mid-September. Our insiders tell us that SWL is ready to open except RotR. They say RotR will be ready at the time that everyone's been expecting, sometime later in the Fall, around late October.

You know there would be moaning and screaming...

"Why can't they open it without RotR?!"
"Why would they keep the Falcon ride away from us just for that?!"
"Why can't they do soft openings without RotR?!"
"If they open now without RotR it will help with crowds! All the looky-loos will get the shops and cantina out of their system!! So.. OPEN NOW!!!!!!!!1!!1"

So, I find all this hair-on-fire screaming and moaning about an earlier-than-expecting opening without RotR to be quite disingenuous.

Always fun to argue with future people who may or may not exist.


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Smuggler Run is next to the Toy Story entrance ( or FantasyLand entrance in DL) is set in the city outpost setting.
while The Rise entrance next to Muppets (or Critter Country entrance in DL) is set in a forest setting.
On May 31, in DL crowds will be entry and leaving the same entrance until Rise will become available. Same thing at Disney World on August 29 on the Toy Story side. I would not want to be anywhere near DHS on that date.


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I love how people are getting all bent out of shape that the land will open “half finished“ and “still under construction“ as if half the land will still be covered in scaffolding and stuff as opposed to the reality of the door being closed on a single ride.

I am super excited about the prospect of no FastPass. Make this a little bit less of a headache for the average Joe.
I am using English so anyone with a basic understanding of the language should understand.

Who cares about September guests? What about May guests? Should the open the land with no rides so they can experience some of the land.

They advertised late fall and now it is opening at WDW in the late summer. Are you going to WDW in September? It seem you really want it to be open then.

I believe they should open Galaxy’s Edge when it’s done

Scenerio 1: The complete land opens

People want to be the first to see this land and the opening is crazy busy, but the full land is open to spread the crowds around through out the whole land. Full capacity is achievable. Even still some guest are not able to ride both attractions
Media is able to judge the completed land as a whole

Scenerio 2:
One ride is open.

People who want to be first to see the land come and the opening is crazy busy, however there is only one ride open. This reduces the capacity of the land. Now there is not an additional attraction that pushes 20,000+ Guests through it a day. Due to capacity issue more people are turned away from the land. Everyone that does make it into the land will not be able to ride the single open attraction due to demand. People are upset they went to Star Wars land and couldn’t ride the ride. Since most people go to Disney for the rides they are understandable upset.

Media reviews Galaxy’s Edge with the caveat that is isn’t finished.
I haven't seen anyone acknowledge the chance that Galaxy's Edge might soft open in advance of Smuggler's Run being ready.
In addition, Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom didn't receive four of its major attractions until four years after the park opened.

Also, Mickey's Toontown didn't get Roger Rabbit for a year.

Also, New Fantasyland didn't open with the Mine Train.

It really isn't any more simple than if something is ready, you open it. You don't deny the experience to the majority of people who will appreciate it just because there's the selfish few people who will raise a stink just because they're not getting everything now now NOW NOW NOW.

How the entire SW universe feels about those announced dates..


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Many Bothans died to bring this information....

So, after talking with my insiders, WDI have planned ROTR to be opened later than the rest of the land for a while now. After having lots of problems, they knew they wouldn’t make the target date. The land opening way ahead of schedule was almost undoubtedly Iger’s handiwork as park attendance across the country has been low, plus the quarterly analysis. Likewise, operationally, they probably want to avoid a Diagon Alley incident. Simply put, Falcon has been very reliable in testing, but ROTR hasn’t been. From an operations standpoint, it’s going to be a nightmare to keep running before it breaks down, as well as the upkeep. They want to work out all the issues before trying to open.

That being said, if you’re visiting Disneyland late July, you may have a possibility of a soft opening for ROTR, but that’s one very big IF.


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So I might be crazy but my family and I had planned to go to WDW in 2020 for spring break to visit SWL (Star Wars Land). We’re still going to do that but August 29 was just too soon and still before school starts for the kids so I just had to book a 3 night jaunt down there. We know it will be insane but got a discount at Boardwalk about 2 minutes after the announcement and I’m looking forward to saying I was there opening day. As a geek in his 40s I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! I can’t wait!


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In the Parks
Can someone clarify this...

"During Extra Magic Hours guests staying at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels can spend extra time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios enjoying select attractions."

Do you think they are saying screw the peasants who are staying at the value and moderate resorts?
That’s always the wording. All Disney-owned resorts are included.

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