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Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread


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Which interview?
Michael Arndt did an interview with the Screenwriters Guild of America in December 2015 about the “process” of trying to write Star Wars for Disney. It was on their website.

It’s incredibly insightful...and any Star Wars fan should look at it.

I don’t know if you can get it on straight google search...but I bet it’s out there on reddit.


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The referred-to "YouTuber" is a patron saint in the Alt Trek/Fandom Menace community and is full of Bantha poodoo. I have seen these claims refuted by other more credible SW news sources who have stated there have been no public test screenings.
I believe everything you say about this clown...

...yet I still see a better than average chance this movie will be laughable.

Trailers look like a mess and they basically destroyed 40 years of canon with two nonsensical movies that had no plan to accomplish anything other than “reassignment” of the fanbase and 3 weeks of box office gross.


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