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The family has approved the use of existing footage, not CGI.


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Yeah that seems a little odd... :cautious:

Then again, Disney is also releasing GotG 2 and Pirates 5 within weeks of each other next month.
True. I guess we will see how well that test goes then. Disney really has a lot on their plate.


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'Star Wars': Billy Dee Williams Reprising Role as Lando Calrissian.
I'm a bit mixed on this one. Lando should have been there from the start or at least showed up in 8. Now it just seems like, well what do we do now? I really believe that if Carrie was still here, this doesn't happen. I hope JJ gives us a great reason for him not being there all along. There were some great opportunities to bring him in during 7 & 8, so this just shows how bad the fly by the seat of your pants mentality has been.


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The galaxy far, far away just needs to write-off that entire pointless side quest as 'Never Happened'.
Fortunately there are some fan edits underway that will do this and more. If any one of these can be made watchable, it will be my official version of TLJ.

But back to to Ep 9. It seems that killing off Lando in 9 is being talked about elsewhere.
So let's see. What's the sequel trilogy kill count of OT characters.
1) Han Solo Ep 7
2) Luke Skywalker Ep 8
3) Admiral Ackbar Ep 8
and now possibly this...
4) Princess Leia Ep 9 ??
5) Lando Ep 9 ??
Is Chewy on this list? R2? C3PO?

Man, Rian Johnson wasn't kidding when he made Kylo say, "Let the past die. Kill it if you have to."


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theres been a lot of people wanting to see lando including the cast. he is the only one out of the original trilogies not to appear... and you have to think maz would know him... and with leia han and luke being dead you can see him return even if just in a funeral appearance.


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Lando should’ve been in TLJ. I was excepting him to be the mysterious ‘hacker’ they were in search of on Canto Brite, would’ve somewhat saved the pointless foolishness of that portion of the film.

What could we possibly expect out of him in Episode 9? “Hey Ben! Come give you’re Uncle Pando err I mean Lando some love! Yeah baby!” Only to be slain by Kylo? Or participate in a catfight with General Hux? No, no... I predict his role as a simple one. As he’ll be nothing more than the offical spokesman of that nasty cow-alien breast milk... the equivalent of Colt 45 in the Star Wars universe.

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I'm a bit surprised how everyone is rushing to sulk over how he may be killed off, and overlooking the utter excitement of.... we're finally getting Billy Dee back as Lando!!! :cool::cool:

As someone who was letdown by TLJ, and having any enthusiasm of what happens next in Ep. 9 on life support... this Lando news helps. A lot.

And for all we know, he may not end up being killed off at all. He could very easily disappear into oblivion like he did after the big events in Ep. 6, and live the remainder of his years in intergalactic retirement. All I'm saying is wait and see. Disney and JJ are well aware of how TLJ ripped the SW fan base in half. I'm sure extra care is being put into the Ep. 9 project. Time will tell.

As for now, it's good to hear of our ole Cloud City gambler getting back into the action.
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