Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers)


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was an ok episode. next week looks like fun

Cesar R M

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There is one rumor that deals with this:

It‘s not the son of Soong, it’s Data’s evil twin brother Lore
makes sense he made...
the evil clone of Soji.
She has the "CONTROL" type behavior.

Makes you wonder, what if the federation of "AI" is actually CONTROL ?

Speaking of bad clones.. Its just me or the evil Soji got the romulan dude free, get one of the synths killed just they can convince the rest of the synths. So there is a good excuse for them to consider destroying all biological life.

In the other hand, Soji looks like she has reservations and is playing along but in reality sides with Picard.
Also, why would they need Soji to start the signal? wouldn't ANY other synth be able to do so? why is Soji the only key?

If she wasnt needed, then the evil Soji would have already called. There is something that is inside Soji that is special.
Perhaps if its Lore, he could not replicate Data's special thing, hence why he could not help Maddox finish the golem.

Wendy Pleakley

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I don't know how I feel about the whole cheating death thing. The entire ending was just waiting to find out how they were going to make Picard not be dead. It wasn't suspenseful, just waiting on an inevitable Deus ex Machina.

Overall, good finale that felt true to classic Star Trek. The story was ultimately resolved by good people doing the moral thing, instead of a big space battle, which I appreciate.
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