Splash Mountain re-theme announced


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Agreed. Love Splash, but am looking forward to this version of the attraction. As others have said, PATF is criminally underrated and deserves an attraction.
Disagree...it was not a box office smash and has never been that popular. Which makes this a cynical move.
This is horrible. So every ride needs an IP?
Apparently. And a price increase


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Wow my youngest is going to be so damn mad about this... It is his favorite ride... Loves the theming says it is one of Disney best and what has made him want to be an imagineer. I get the cast is from a bad movie but no one knows it... No one....


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Does Princess and the Frog really resonate and hold up with this age group now? I mean by the time this done that movie will be 12-13 years old already.
I mean... look at how many adults in this thread are gutted over a 1946 movie & 1989 ride... if it still means so much to them, I'm sure PATF will for years to come. Especially for young girls who see tiana as the only princess who looks like them.


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It doesn’t need changing. If they want PatF build something new.

Or spend the budget where it’s really needed and fix what’s broken elsewhere.


I wonder how well it’s diverting interest from other items.
I couldn’t agree more.
Won't be the same without "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah".
It’s not the ride without the soundtrack.

This is overcompensation on a scale even shocking for Disney


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The climax of the ride is based on one of the more controversial of the “Uncle Remus” stories.
Just do a google search for the line:
"Do anything you want with me – roas' me, hang me, skin me, drown me – but please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch"

to understand why it’s considered controversial by many.
Which is why they didn't use that quote in the ride. I am sure if we go back to the source material of many Disney films, we would find lots of objectionable material..... discrimination, misogny, obscene violence, etc. Should we banish them all as well?
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I guess this makes sense, the Twitter mob wouldn’t just want a Princess and the Frog ride to be built unless they can take away something almost universally beloved in the process because, otherwise, they couldn’t lecture and bully people that just enjoyed a ride about a rabbit, a bear, and a fox.
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