Splash Mountain re-theme announced


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Yuck. That is all I have to say.

Edit, well not quite all. Does anyone REALLY believe that there will be the same amount/quality of animatronics and show scenes that this classic always had? Because I certainly don't.
I'm more sad and angry since Splash Mountain was one of the last attractions that had good looking AAs that still hold up well.

Compared this from modern Disney attractions (in the US)

To this from the 80s



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I guess this makes sense, the Twitter mob wouldn’t just want a Princess and the Frog ride to be built unless they can take away something almost universally beloved in the process because, otherwise, they couldn’t lecture and bully people that just enjoyed a ride about a rabbit, a bear, and a fox.
Splash mountain is probably my favorite all time ride. The fusion of ride, sound and visual that Disney invented.

But that can’t be anymore. I shouldn’t feel guilty for accepting something and be adult enough to understand/explain that times do change and we can learn lessons from that.

You’ve failed, Disney.


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Honestly, country bears should have been gone a long time ago... COP too but thats another topic for another day lol
Country Bears could easily be re-imagined but still feature the Bears. Just slap on Vacation Jamboree and call it a day. COP isn't offensive. It's just worn out. lol. I love having COP in Magic Kingdom but I've always felt it belonged in Disneyland.


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I mean... look at how many adults in this thread are gutted over a 1946 movie & 1989 ride... if it still means so much to them, I'm sure PATF will for years to come. Especially for young girls who see tiana as the only princess who looks like them.
So since the ride is from 1989, every other ride from 1989 or earlier should be changed then yeah?


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It doesn’t need changing. If they want PatF build something new.

Or spend the budget where it’s really needed and fix what’s broken elsewhere.


I wonder how well it’s diverting interest from other items.
Never thought I'd disagree with you, @marni1971, but here we are. Glad there's room for that.

The current social climate (especially in the USA) has everyone reflecting on enduring symbols of racism. Disney seems to have identified this as one and is acting accordingly. I do love the current ride, but the storyline is a weak retcon of the racist original story.


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The frozen retheme turned out pretty good. So did Mickey & Minnie Runaway Railway. So why would this not turn out to be as good?
Those examples definitely aren't going to resonate with theme park fans. Both of those changes were tragic in their own ways. In both cases themed entertainment took a back-seat to IP and budgets.

Frozen should have gotten its own ride and left Maelstrom alone... ditto with Railway and GMR.


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This needed to happen. I pray that they do this very carefully and properly though. If this re-theme goes the route of nixing AA's and including screens, it will be an endless point of contention in the debate surrounding this ride. Personally, the IP is a great one to pull from and the ride space is large enough to do some absolutely incredible things with the advances in technology since this ride was first built.

This has the potential to be great; I just hope imagineering pulls in the right talent to pull this off. I especially hope they pull in diverse talent for this. The first treatment of "The Frog Princess," as the movie was originally called, was very tone-deaf. If the right people aren't designing this ride from the start, the re-do could come off equally as offensive.
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