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News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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Horizons had a massive sinkhole under it. It was getting removed, one way or another. (This has been confirmed by a certain military/sci fi author whose father was a concrete engineer, did a lot of work for the original MK/resorts build, was probably one of the most knowlegeable people in the world on dealing with Florida's tricky substrate, and was NOT consulted for Epcot.. till it came to fixing the problem that developed under Horizons.)
It never had a sinkhole!


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ok so they may not be able to name it Restaurant at the end of the Universe, but they could call it Big Bang and have a show displaying it. It would be a nice call back to the current energy ride.


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Interesting all the windows are going to be space viewing as are the star wars resort.same technology for the windows i think! Also that means they can plop the showbuildiny anywhere bsckstagr and not worry sbout what guests will see out the windows


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A space restaurant in Epcot...

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I wonder if they will have some sort of pre-show/Space Elevator Simulator (like the hydrolators or the elevators on Escape from Gringots) type thing that will take us from EPCOT's Future World into the restaurant, or if we will just go from the bright Florida sun directly into the restaurant...


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That's common knowledge about Florida, with respect.

Horizons had minor structural issues that were an easy fix. What it didn't have was a sinkhole to force its closure in 1994. For one, how could it have reopened just over a year later and remain open until 1999 if it had a sinkhole?

Would you build a ride system dependent on fast spinning vehicles with tolerances down to a few inches on the exact land known to be prone to sinkholes?

Energy has a sinkhole. There's one next to Odyssey. But there was not one between these two locations.

A third party wanted to build a thrill ride. Said party also offered to pay to take the thematically problematic 1983 Pavilion off the companies hands. Disney killed two birds with one stone. They didn't have to pay to update Horizons and someone else would pay them the privilege of removing the problem.
So...in other words:

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