News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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If this is going into the WOL space, do we have an idea if it will wait until after Food & Wine? They usually use that space as a Festival Center, I think - at least they did for Flower & Garden Festival.


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Martin said it would be attached to Mission Space, so I am guessing it will use this space...



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I'm curious what sort of menu this will have. The idea is great (and I love that it connects to the pavilion, which was originally supposed to have more to do there anyways), but I have no idea what 'Space Food' would be.

Maybe have a menu based on all the cool, unique stuff at LWTL and call it futuristic food?


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Maybe my hope for a modern Molecular Gastronomy inspired menu will finally come to fruition in the World!
Yes Jose Andres is coming to Disney Springs with his take on the style of food but he doesnt go as modern he tends to stick to more conservative applications in his menu.

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